Volumetric haircuts and styling for long hair

Volume creation methods can give shape to thin
hair, and effectively present thick.

In the modern beauty industry, there are secrets of how
give volume to long hair:

  • haircuts having a special shape;
  • styling with means for fixing;
  • hair care products;
  • waving;
  • corrugation at the roots.
  • 1 Volume haircuts
    • 1.1 Cascade
    • 1.2 Aurora
      • 1.2.1 Technique
    • 1.3 Long bob car
    • 1.4 Cap for long hair
    • 1.5 Italian
    • 1.6 Asymmetric and torn haircuts
  • 2 Bangs to create volume
  • 3 Coloring for volume
  • 4 How to make basal volume
  • 5 Means for hair care
    • 5.1 Oil for volume
    • 5.2 Masks
      • 5.2.1 Honey Brandy Mask
      • 5.2.2 Honey mask for all skin types
      • 5.2.3 Gelatin mask with lamination effect
    • 5.3 Herbal medicine
  • 6 Styling products

Voluminous haircuts

Haircuts in the style of the 80s will make hair more
voluminous, because they provide ample opportunities for


The peculiarity of the technique is the formation of a rounded shape with the help of
bring the hair to the length of the control strand, which creates the effect

Secret: strand strata allows for
styling create a spectacular framing of the oval face, curls of different
lengths easily fit into the shape of a ball, thanks to milled tips.

The cascade is conveniently laid using curlers or
hair dryer. One of the advantages of a haircut – despite the clear
structure, voluminous hairstyles for long hair looks
Naturally, if you do not fix the curls with lacquer and do not use
strong bouffant

Strands, falling on the face, will help soften the sharp form, and
diagonal bangs – to emphasize the cheekbones.

Color solutions:

  • Drawing each curl can create highlights on dark
  • Light brown and blond hair with a haircut look unusually stylish
    with a large curl, natural shade is emphasized by an elegant
    shape curls.


A hairstyle can correct different face shapes:

  • Square face: strands frame the face around the contour, creating
    impression oval.
  • For a round face, you should choose a version of a haircut with a ladder,
    starting from the jaw line, it will make it more
  • Sharp cheekbones can be masked by volumetric oblique


The hair is divided into the temporal-parietal and occipital zone.
Temporal parietal shear ladder. Fundamental difference
Aurora from a haircut-cascade: in a cascade strands fall from the top of the head, and in
hair cut aurora more pronounced steps and rather short
strands on top.

On the occipital zone, the hair is equal in line to the control strand.
Filirovka tips contributes to the fact that strands slightly
rise and, falling, keep their shape.

Tip. You can apply haircut with
create basal volume mousse in combination with stretching
strands ironing.

The hairstyle looks good both in a single-color version and on
melirovannyh hair.

Long bob car

This type of square creates volume not by creating a cap from
shag, and with the help of graduations. it
step-by-step cutting from bottom to top with decreasing length of each
strands of 2-3 mm. Large filigree tips causes their smooth

Bob-caret can significantly shorten long hair, but
necessarily adds volume to the hairstyle:

Color solutions:

  • The trend of the season is a bob car on platinum and wheat hair
    tones. Fashionable styling beach wave makes haircut especially
  • Brown-haired haircut is suitable with highlighting ombra that
    allows how to lay with a large curl, and wear
  • Ash shades with an elongated bean look gorgeous to
    smooth the strands with a flat iron.
  • The girl with regular features, rich shade of red
    will emphasize the shape of the caret.

extended bob

Long hair hat

Owners of thick hair need to be prepared that the length below
neck can be removed by half, this effect allows you to attract
attention to the lush hat of hair.

To haircut to create an interesting image choose
ombra staining, contrast highlighting.
Monochromatic or natural hair with such a hairstyle will turn into
teenage girl, and highlighting on black hair in a rock star

Haircut looks airy with blond curls with a diagonal bang
and bulk hair cap.


Sexuality haircut occurs due to careless
bedding strands.

Technique haircut is like a cascade, the hair is divided into two zones –
parietal and occipital-temporal, begin to cut off on the principle
cascade nape, on the parietal zone the master creates a multi-level
hat of hair.

Secret technique: hairstyle feature in
the ability to create caps of various sizes and lengths in
depending on the thickness of the hair. Filirovka causes a smooth
flow levels into each other.

Laying allows you to create several options for the image:

    • Natural blonde look on blonde or blonde
      highlighting. A variant on long ones – this is Hollywood chic that allows
      do styling that creates an air cloud and gently lying down

  • A red-haired girl with a bright personality will appreciate the combination
    fine-cut haircuts, color depth and shine.
  • Negative light-red image is obtained by playing
    strawberry and caramel shades.
  • On dark curls, the combination of close tones is good.
    emphasizes the depth of color.

cascade for long hair

Tip: with a hairstyle for blonde is excellent
Looks fashionable makeup in natural tones, it balances
creative form.

Asymmetrical and torn haircuts

Bulk haircuts for long hair with asymmetry and
ragged edges allow you to create bright or innovative
style, coloring individual feathers will add zest

Such forms on the head are based on classic haircuts:
bob, square and cascade. Asymmetrical haircuts options:

    • Cascade on one side;

  • Bob-caret, extended on one side, suitable for any type
  • In the haircut, the cap hairdresser can play with the shape of the temporal

Bang to create volume

To form a volume, the bangs must be wide and thick,
Cutting the bangs with a ladder will allow you to create a volume when laying. Kinds
thick bangs:

    • Bangs from the top;

    • Oblique bangs ladder;

oblique bangs ladder

  • Divided.

Coloring for volume

The lighter the hair, the more volumetric they look, blondes
no need to paint to create an airy look. Visually you can
achieve volumetric results using interesting color

Attention. Highlight with a step of 2-4 tones on dark and
light brown hair creates not only a natural look, but also adds

Matte black hair looks thinner to create
depth can be used large contrast highlights,
where light strands are well drawn. Ombre, Shatush and Balazh techniques
– a great way to achieve volume, especially in conjunction with
radical fixation with mousse.

Interesting overflow of shades and brilliant color in which
I want to peer, it turns out when coloring in several

But the thinning black red, red, purple, blue
visually reduces the volume.

How to make the root volume

In order to create a basal volume on long hair
You can use different methods: styling a hair dryer or styler,
brushes, crimping tongs, special powder. Details about this
in this video:

Hair care products

Cunning with form and color is interesting, however
a natural increase in the amount of hair can be achieved
using special care products.

Oils for volume

Essential oils for skin care can be bought separately and
add to masks and shampoos. The density of the hair depends on
scalp condition, oil improves skin blood circulation
scalp nutrition of the hair follicles contribute to better growth,
hair smoothness over the entire length and shine.

Dosage: in shampoo 2 tbsp. spoons per 1 liter, in a mask – 5
drops of ether and 2 tbsp. spoons of transit oil (olive,

Essential oils for density:

  • Juniper;
  • Ylang-ylang;
  • Tea tree;
  • Rosemary;
  • Patchouli.


Regular use of masks is not only hair care,
but also improve their appearance. In order not to spend money on
expensive mask, you can cook it yourself.
To withstand masks need 40-60 minutes.

Honey Brandy Mask

Cleans the pores and strengthens the roots. Cannot be used for
sensitive or allergic skin

  • Honey – 100 g,
  • Cognac – 50 ml,
  • Shredded sea salt – 50 g

All ingredients mix and pour into a jar, leave
infuse for 2 weeks. The composition can be used several times.
Rub the mask into the scalp, spread over the hair, wrap
head with polyethylene and wear a warm hat.

Honey mask for all skin types

3 tablespoons of liquid honey, castor oil and cinnamon
mixed until smooth. To use the composition is ready immediately.
Use of the mask:

  • bleached hair becomes more lively;
  • scalp becomes less oily;
  • hairstyle becomes thicker and more voluminous.

Gelatin mask with lamination effect

Volume can be achieved by giving each hair a gloss
not only by salon lamination, a simple mask at home
conditions will make hair shiny. Gelatin envelops hair by
the entire length, thickening it, the effect can be observed immediately after
application and drying.


  • 2 tsp of gelatin,
  • Boiling water – half a glass,
  • 1 tsp. Burdock oil,
  • 2 tsp of yogurt.

The proportion can be increased depending on the length and thickness.


  1. Gelatin submerged before swelling.
  2. Preheating the mixture in a water bath, but not boiling,
    add butter and kefir.
  3. Apply to hair, pre-cooled.

See more about masks for hair volume:

  • Hair mask with egg and honey: proven recipes;
  • 6 best hair masks with cognac and egg;
  • Gelatin mask: shine and lamination of hair.


After washing, loose hair can be rinsed with herbs.
It is a simple and cheap way to care, it has a beneficial effect on nervous
system and just enjoyable. Compositions from chamomile,
lemon balm, pine.

Styling products

Various styling products in the art of hairdressing
for giving of volume are used in a complex with the hair dryer, nippers for
curls, curlers.

Mousse is a well-known remedy, it has different degrees of fixation, its

  • easy to apply
  • does not spoil the structure of the curl,
  • leaves a natural smoothness.

Volumetric styling for long hair is formed by
combing with mousse round comb, with deep warming
hair dryer

Lucky can be dry and liquid, liquid varnish more sticky,
however, they are targeted to the strand and do not settle in the respiratory

styling products


Council Dry lacquer is better to fix the entire volume, and
liquid is used for individual strands.

Thermal sprays have come into use using irons,
which quickly heat up and can ruin the curls.

Many well-known brands produce sprays for basal

  • Loreal;
  • Nexxt;
  • Matrix;
  • Sim Sensitive;
  • Revlon.

It is an alternative to lacquer, leaves hair soft and supple,
it keeps its shape well.

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