Volumetric haircuts for short hair, 40 a photo

Hair is almost the most eye-catching part.
image. In modern society, many girls prefer
short hair – they interfere less in everyday life, for them
easier to care for, and the fashion industry offers many
creative solutions.

One of the main problems faced by owners
short hair is giving it volume. Of course, you can
use varnishes and mousses, but usually nobody spoils the hair
does not want. An excellent solution to this issue will be the selection
haircuts, visually giving extra volume.

The first thing you should pay attention to before going to
a hair salon is, of course, on the shape of a face. Even
you can spoil the most beautiful appearance unsuccessful
a combination!

The secret of success is quite simple – you need to choose the right one.
hairstyle by type of face. Photo 135

    • Owners of a round face afraid of short
      haircuts are not worth it. Many stylists have proven that there is
      enough options. The shortest – pixie haircut, a little
      longer – square or bob. Little trick – elongated bangs
      Visually “stretches” the face. Photo 136Photo 137


    • Girls with oval faces fit
      almost any short haircuts. The most interesting of them –
      sesson, resembling a hat. Photo 138Photo 139


    • Rectangular faces require special attention.
      in the selection of hairstyles. The best option – a haircut that falls
      “Layers”, for example, an asymmetric bean, which is visually slightly
      will soften facial features. Photo 140Photo 141


  • For a triangular face, real salvation
    become curled from the middle of the head curls, visually a little
    chin augmentation Photo 142Photo 143

A little advice. Any of these haircuts can be
make a little more volume, just adding paint. Various
highlighting, alternating shades of light and dark certainly
will play into the hands.

The second important criterion for choosing a haircut is, of course,
hair type. Does not play a special role, they are curly by nature.
or straight – much more important, they are thin or thick, grow thickly
or rarely. Each of these combinations has its own options.

  • 1 thin hair
  • 2 Rare hair
    • 2.1 Haircut for short liquid hair, photo:
  • 3 thick hair
  • 4 Asymmetrical haircuts

Thin hair

Thin hair – the most difficult. They differ
softness, brittleness, can be pushed, and, often, completely
refuse to keep the volume, therefore, require special techniques.

The best way is to give preference to asymmetric and
“Layering” hairstyles. The shorter the hair on the top, the
better – they will reduce the weight of hair, and, moreover, they will visually
“Lift” the next layer of slightly longer hair. Complement
a haircut with a ladder going down to the cheekbones – and behold, soft and
neat image ready.

Photo 144

Photo 145

An important clarification: pay attention to the tips of the hair.
Their refinement can lead to a loss with such difficulty
volume, therefore it is recommended to shear them regularly.

Speaking about styling thin hair, it should be noted
use hair dryer and round brush. Easy curl hair
the roots will create a real miracle with a haircut.

A few examples of hairstyles for thin hair:

  • pixie with torn bangs. Suitable for both direct
    hair for curly hair (in the latter case, it is recommended
    lay it on one side); Photo 146
  • hairstyles in the style of “rock and roll” with highly combed
    bangs. Warning: for fixing, you should only choose
    very light means; Photo 147
  • bob with an asymmetric edge. Photo 148

For fine hair is very important care: regular use
vitamins and hair masks use:

  • Homemade masks: 5 best recipes for fine hair.
  • Five super-masks for the beauty of black bread hair.
  • Panacea for hair – vitamin E.
  • Glitter in the eyes, health in the hair: a useful vitamin B6.
  • Aevit for hair – two beauty vitamins in one bottle.

Rare hair

Sparse hair has always been considered a reason for
concern, but now should be moved away from
stereotype away from yourself. Over the years of battles and experiments
stylists have developed an incredible number of ways to hide this
a little flaw, and even expressively play on it, especially –
in short haircuts.

The best choice for rare hair will be:

    • Any hairstyle with the effect of negligence.
      Carefully verified, of course. Raised and neat
      fixed tips layering on each other but clearly
      structured strands are a great way to divert attention from
      thick curls. With proper skill, styling takes no more
      quarter of an hour;


  • Pixie The more creative, the better –
    comb upstairs or add neat weaving by making on it
    accent is a beautiful trick that adorns any image;

Haircut for short liquid hair, photo:

Photo 149

Photo 150

Thick hair

Owners of thick hair waiting for their difficulties.
It takes a lot of patience to put all the hair in a beautiful
hairstyle, which is why a short haircut, giving volume, will be
real salvation.

The most interesting haircuts:

    • Classic “under the boy”. Does not require
      great effort in laying, suitable as business women who have
      every minute counts as well as romantic girls – in their image she
      add lightness and touching; Photo 151


    • Round bean Suitable for both direct and
      for wavy hair – strands literally will lay down as it should,
      adding the required volume across the top of the head; Photo 152


  • Hairstyles with milled ends. Will give
    image easy playfulness and turretless. Kare with milled
    ends – an unusual and very bright short haircut. Photo 153

Asymmetrical haircuts

Hair asymmetry is another universal way
add lightness and volume. It should be noted, however, that
to them with some caution should approach the girls with thick
hair (a playful hairstyle can easily turn into just
untidy), as well as owners of a round face. Additional
emphasis on the level of the cheekbones and cheeks hardly benefit them.

Photo 154 Perhaps the most interesting and, at the same time, the most
The radical version of an asymmetrical haircut is a shaven temple.
To decide on this, of course, quite difficult, but the result
often exceeds all expectations. Photo 155 Laying on one side, elongated bangs,
twisted inside or, on the contrary, from the face the tips are solid
space for fantasy. Short hair is also important to lay.
In this video, 2 different options for laying one short

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