Voluminous tail: fashionable hairstyle options with step by step instructions

Bulky tail does not require much time on
styling, and looks fashionable and fits almost
for any occasion of life.

Volumetric tail

Among the various options it is easy to choose a hairstyle for
work, and for a bright party.

  • 1 How to make a beautiful tail
    • 1.1 The tail is exactly in the center
    • 1.2 Classic high
  • 2 60s style
    • 2.1 Low inverted tail
    • 2.2 Classic surround tail
    • 2.3 Waterfall from an inverted tail
    • 2.4 Asymmetrical tail on side
    • 2.5 Careless
  • 3 plus
  • 4 Options for school
  • 5 Options for garden and school with weaving
    • 5.1 Tied up strands
    • 5.2 With classic French braids on the sides
  • 6 Hairstyles with a tail for work or school
    • 6.1 Volumetric tail with weaving
    • 6.2 High tail with spikelet
  • 7 Hairstyles for dating
    • 7.1 Iroquois with Dutch weaving
    • 7.2 Textured low tail
    • 7.3 High tail in retro style
  • 8 Hairstyles with a tail for training
    • 8.1 Tail with square braid
    • 8.2 Tail bundle
    • 8.3 High tail with weave
  • 9 How to decorate the ends of the tail

How to make a beautiful tail

Create a beautiful tail can any girl, having at hand
Only comb and gum. It is advisable to have in stock more
several invisible and transparent elastic bands for variations
classic styling.

It is important to monitor the health of hair, especially their
tips. Even the most fashionable tail will look sloppy if
curls are dry and devoid of luster, and the ends are split.

The tail is exactly in the center

Tail in the center

By collecting hair in the center, you can get a neat haircut.
To choose a place for the base of the tail, you need only
own palms. They need to be attached to the back
head from the base of the ears to the back of the head. Place them
touch and be the center line.

Tail options:

  • high, located at the crown (the transition point
    upper head);
  • medium – on the line connecting the tops of the ears;
  • low – on the border of the hairline near the neck.

Classic tall

Classic high tail

High tail has become a classic and is considered
universal. With this hairstyle you can go to the store
and go to a social event.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Clean the hair thoroughly with a comb.
  2. All hair to comb over the top and tie a tight elastic band.
  3. On the side of the free stacks, separate the thin strand and wrap it
    gum bottom fasten the tip of the invisible.

To add volume to the styling, you need to make a comb.
loose hair, dividing the whole mass into small pieces.
It is better to start from the bottom, discarding the upper curls to the forehead. After
all hairs should be gently smoothed over the top with a thin
comb and fix varnish.

60s style

Low tail

Instructions for weaving:

  1. To split the combed hair with the sharp end of the comb on
    several zones: from the forehead to the top, from the sides and on the back of the head.
    Temporarily fasten each part with a clip or
    rubber band.
  2. The occipital part of the collect rubber band in the center.
  3. The owners of thin hair side curls should be slightly
    comb, and if you have enough thickness, then you can not do that.
  4. Alternately wrap the base of the tail on the back of their heads, securing
    tips invisible under a rubber band.
  5. Top of loose hair combed, ranging from
    crown and moving to the forehead line. Extreme strand to leave
  6. Bundle gently lay on top and fix varnish.

Low twisted tail

Low inverted tail

The hairstyle (in the photo) is easy to perform, the main thing is to try
do everything neatly so that the strands do not get out of

Step by Step:

  1. Clean hair to collect a thin rubber band on the back of his head.
  2. Under the rubber band from bottom to top, pass the index and middle finger
    right hand.
  3. Use your left hand to lift the free part and grab it.
    with your fingers.
  4. Stretch the tail down.
  5. Divide hair into 2 parts and pull to the sides so that all
    strands lay exactly.

If desired, decorate the base with hairpins or screw

Classic surround tail

Classic surround tail

Volumetric version of the classic hairstyle combines
high tail with pile on crown. For this
need to:

  1. To separate from the mass of the hair part from the forehead to the crown, secure
    temporary clip.
  2. The rest of the hair to collect in the center of the vertex.
  3. Remove the clip from the left hair, divided into small strands and
    make bouffant thin comb.
  4. Lay on top of the tail and wrap the tip around the elastic band,
    securing invisible.
  5. The free part of the hair can be laid any
    way: straighten the iron or screw on curling,
    Bundle up or braid a voluminous fishtail.

This video shows how to make a beautiful lush tail.

Twisted tail waterfall

If the classic version is boring, then diversify
the image will help create a waterfall of inverted tails:

  1. Divide the pile into 3 horizontal pieces.
  2. Top to collect on the top, as for malvinki, tie a thin
    rubber band and turn inside.
  3. Assemble the middle section below the first by attaching
    the tip of the upper third, also turn over the second rubber band.
  4. Repeat with the rest of the hair on the back of the head.

Waterfall from an inverted tail

Asymmetrical tail on side

Performed in the same sequence as low inverted.
tail, only hair is collected not on the back of the head, but behind the ear. With curls
This hairstyle will emphasize femininity and
romance The option is convenient for mastering the principle
styling, since the whole process is easy to control in the mirror.


Even if you can’t tame all the strands and lay them
exactly, you can safely call this hairstyle a careless tail and be
among the first fashionistas. To create such an impression,
from the finished hairstyle you need to pull a few
strands, the main thing – do not overdo it.

Types of tails

With fleece

The most popular and fashionable way to achieve hair volume
is a bouffant, with which many variants of the tail are invented.

For example, glamorous makes an impression of easy
tattered and feminine at the same time
attractiveness. Great option for dating or working
meeting in a relaxed atmosphere. Step by Step:

  1. Head down and comb all hair forward.
  2. Make bouffant back and middle parts.
  3. Knock the hair back and carefully collect everything on
    top of the head.
  4. If desired, the gum can be wrapped in a thin curl for
  5. Fix hair with lacquer.

For a romantic atmosphere, an option with a low

Low tail version

How to braid:

  1. Separate from the top most of the stacks (along the line connecting
  2. Brush it with a small amount of locking
  3. Lay the pile on the back of the head and connect with the remaining hair,
    pulling into a low tail.
  4. If necessary, lift the comb up with the sharp end of the comb
    or by hand.
  5. Wrap curl gum and secure the tip of the invisible.
  6. From loose hair to form curls.

Options for school

Tails for school

A simple way to make a beautiful hairstyle for study:

  1. Divide the hair horizontally by 2
  2. Assemble the top half rubber band as high as possible.
  3. Secure the second half under the first, leaving a couple of centimeters.
    between the rubber bands.
  4. To disguise the first elastic band with a curl, and hide the lower one under
    free top strands.
  5. For larger volume, free curls can
    comb or twist curling.

Options for garden and school with weaving

Weaving adds to the simple tail of refinement and charm, and
for little ladies it will solve the problem of falling out on the eyes

This video shows several options for making beautiful
tail to school.

Tied with strands

The original and simple version is tied up

2 options:

  1. Leave the temples on a small curl, and the rest
    I collect in the middle tail. Left strands
    cross over the rubber band, as for tying shoelaces. Tips
    hide under the gum and secure stealth.
  2. The second method involves a more extravagant image. To
    create it, you need to split your hair in half and twice
    tie up at the level of the head. Remaining
    loose curls fasten a thin rubber band under the formed
    a knot.

With classic French braids on the sides

Tail with braids on the temples

Great hairstyle option for long hair.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Separate from the sides to a quarter of the width of the hair and braid out
    each classic spikelet, moving to the crown.
  2. Gather the whole shock in a high tail, attaching the ends of the braids, and
    tie a rubber band. Then you can turn the tail or leave

Hairstyles with a tail for work or school

When there is no time in the morning to pair up or work,
help out hairstyles with a tail that will keep a well-groomed look in
throughout the day.

Bulky tail with weaving

Volumetric tail with weaving

Step by Step:

  1. Part on the side.
  2. Mostly braided french
  3. At the top of the head to gather all the curls together with a rubber band
  4. Slightly stretch the spike coils to the sides for volume.
  5. Wrap the gum in a thin strand and secure the tip

High tail with spikelet

If you add an ordinary spikelet to the crown and tie it with an elastic band, then
get an original hairstyle for school or

Dating hairstyles

For a date, choose a romantic hairstyle or simple
performance styling with a mischievous mood.

Mohawk with Dutch weaving

Spit mohawk with a tail

This hairstyle is done on medium hair. She definitely
will impress the satellite.

How to make a mohawk with Dutch weaving:

  1. Select the central zone from the forehead to the top even
  2. Remove for the time the rest of the hair.
  3. Separate one row of strands from the forehead and divide it into 3 parts.
  4. Weave a spikelet around it, swiping
    side strands below the middle.
  5. Make grabs for remaining hair, dividing the following rows
    in half and weaving into the braid from the corresponding side.
  6. Stretch coils for volume.
  7. At the crown, collect the remaining hair with a rubber band with the end

Tip! For maximum height
Iroquois in the root zone, you can use the tongs corrugation.

Textured low tail

Textured low tail

To make the tail structured, you will need
laying time.

Step by step scheme:

  1. Curls curl on a large curling iron or curlers.
  2. Comb curls and spray them with styling spray or gel
    for hair.
  3. Collect all the strands on the back of his head, disguise the gum.
  4. Fix hair with lacquer.

High tail in retro style

High tail in retrostyle

Steps to create a hairstyle in retro style step by step:

  1. Make a side parting.
  2. At the forehead line to separate a wide strand from the side of the greater
  3. Apply mousse or styling foam on it and twist with a shell,
    starting from the tip.
  4. Secure at the base of the invisible.
  5. The rest of the hair to collect at the crown and twist a thin strand
    gum, securing the tip.

Hairstyles with a tail for training

Keeping your body in shape, do not forget about the hairstyle. Cleaned up
in the hair will not interfere even during very intense

Square braid tail

Tail with a square braid

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Collect all hair with a rubber band.
  2. Divide the free shoal into 3 parts.
  3. Split the first into 2 halves and thread between them.
    second strand, connect the half of the first part.
  4. Now split the third curl and thread through it the middle
    strand, connect the tips again.
  5. Repeat weaving along the entire length.

Tail bundle


The sloppy variants of this are popular.
hairstyles, especially among young girls. Laying fit
owners of medium hair length, so how to make a volumetric bunch
for short hair is not easy.

On a note! The secret of creation is that the last
the coil is not passed through the gum to the end, but left in the form
loops. The tips can be left hanging freely, and if desired
twist them around the beam and secure the invisible.

High tail with weave

For training fit all sorts of options with weaving that
emphasize the femininity of the image. Hair can be added
classic spikelet or catchy mohawk make
several side braids or braid the whole free part

How to decorate the ends of the tail

Smooth strands and corrugation

As a note of diversity, the ends of the tail can be
lay in several ways:

  • straighten forceps, creating perfectly smooth strands. Fits
    for classic horse tail or pile options;
  • curl curls that blends beautifully with twisted
    hairstyles, especially from thin hair;
  • spit from the tail will serve as a sophisticated addition or will be
    the main part of the hairstyle;
  • handle the ends of the tongs corrugation that will create a spectacular

Bulky tail looks appropriate in any situation, and therefore
This hairstyle will never go out of fashion. Mastered
several options, depending on your mood, you can create
any images.

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