Ways to lighten hair at home conditions

lightening hair at home

It was fashionable to be blonde at all times. Almost all women
at least once in my life I tried to dye my hair lighter
tones than nature gave them. After all, with the color sometimes changes the whole
woman’s style, and even lifestyle. And to achieve such a metamorphosis
can not only in the cabin. Brightening hair at home
becoming more popular. Today you can cook for
This all sorts of masks – based on chamomile, cinnamon, honey.
Perfect for this fit ordinary kefir. In addition, all folk
The ways are simple, convenient and safe.

Go to the salon or try it yourself?

After making the decision to lighten the hair, there is always a dilemma –
go to the salon for this or try it yourself. The first is
It means to completely trust the professionals. Pros – no need
than taking care, others will do it for you. Cons – can do
not cheap, and there is a risk of burning. Moreover, even professional
the hairdresser cannot guarantee that your hair is after this
procedures will not become dry and brittle.

Changing hair color at home also causes mass
questions. For example, you can do this traditionally with
hydrogen peroxide or try safer natural
facilities. True, it is worth making a reservation that when used for
becoming a blonde kefir or lemon will need much
more of these procedures than using peroxide. But
but you can experiment with different shades that
are obtained after each new procedure. And by sampling method
the most successful. Moreover, such a lightening hair mask
will only benefit.

Lightening hair at home can take a long time.
time. First of all, it all depends on their native color. Than he
richer, the turn into a blonde will be more difficult. how
As a rule, experts determine the color saturation in numbers from 1 to
10. It is not advised to “lighten” more than three tones per
every procedure. True folk remedies will not succeed.

How to choose a clarification method?

Get a lighter color at home can be different
in ways. Any hostess has the necessary funds for this
will be at hand. The list of these popular “clarifiers” is quite
Diverse: lemon, cinnamon, honey, chamomile, rhubarb and even the usual
kefir. All of them, with the exception of lemon, are absolutely safe, therefore
everyone can decide for themselves what to give

For example, cinnamon will not only make natural color softer, but also
perfectly strengthen the hair. Recipes for such clarification on the Internet
You can find a lot. Usually take 3 tablespoons of cinnamon,
they add 50 ml of melted honey and 100 ml of any
conditioner or hair balsam. The mask is applied on approximately 4
hour, then washed with water.

Brightening hair masks can be prepared on the basis of
lemon. But here you have to be very careful and cautious.
because the use of lemon will accelerate the natural burnout process
in the sun and may cause undesirable effects. Lemon mask
homemade variations are made simple: the juice of two fruits is mixed with
equal amount of distilled water, and this mass is applied to
hair for about 20 minutes. It is worth noting that in the sun
lemon-bleached hair may become “paler” by another tone,
therefore, the mask should not be overdone.

Kefir brightening mask

One of the popular ways to brighten up at home
conditions is kefir hair mask. Method
absolutely safe, cheap, simple. Besides this remedy
you can always use the word “natural”, which we love so much
in determining safety. The simplest is to warm up
half a liter of this product and put on hair at least three
hours In this case, kefir is better to take with the highest percentage.
fat content. Feedback on the use of this method is always

A lightening mask for kefir hair is prepared and more complex.
way, but the effect of it can achieve more. For this
It is necessary to mix 100 ml of kefir, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and
cognac (sometimes even use vodka), one protein (or a whole egg)
and a spoonful of shampoo. The resulting mass is applied to the net, necessarily
dry hair. Mask for lightening hair requires tight
wraps so that there is a warm effect. Usually head on
wear a bathing cap or just wrap it in cellophane.
After several hours, the hair is washed, and better than cool.

A lightening hair mask can be made from kefir with
adding cocoa. One teaspoon of powder is added to 100 ml
drink. Kefir in this case is better to take fat free. Then everything
as usual: apply on hair, wrap, rinse after a few
hours By the way, the smell of cocoa neutralizes the sour smell of kefir.
In addition, cocoa contains beneficial proteins, fats, polysaccharides.
Therefore, the brightening hair mask with the addition of cocoa is also
will benefit the body.

This mask perfectly stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp,
the hair itself is not only strengthened, but will grow faster.
The main thing – do not overdo it with cocoa and thus not achieve the opposite
to lighten the effect.

Options for all kinds of masks on the basis of kefir on the Internet can
find mass. For this it is enough to enter in search engines
requests for “lightening hair with kefir” or “lightening mask for
hair “. With modern capabilities this is not a problem.
The main thing is to formulate the question correctly, to represent the final
result and not be afraid to experiment.

Lighten and strengthen

kefir for hairBy the way, the lightening mask
for kefir hair is an excellent nourishing and firming
means. Even our grandmothers used it to make their hair,
in the words of today’s advertising, were “thick and silky.”
Kefir contains many useful substances that our
to the body. Lighten the hair with kefir is very useful, because
it contains vitamins D and E, as well as calcium, which will greatly strengthen
hair will make their structure more silky, will give shine, o
which all women dream of.

True, a lightening mask for hair, made from kefir,
suitable only for patient people. It will take at least 7-8
procedures so that the hair has become a few shades lighter.
Usually use this mask once a week. Too frequent
Kefir can make hair heavier. With
correct use of kefir hair color change at home
conditions necessarily occur, while the hair is enriched
essential micronutrients for their health and over time will become
look much better. And all women dream about it – and
brunettes, and blondes. Kefir Brightening Hair Mask
has another plus: it is unlikely to cause allergic
the reaction.

Kefir mask for lightening hair at home can
to be used not only as an asset but also as
additional after the use of chemicals. Especially this
suitable if the hair is dry and damaged. And if before
unsuccessfully selected color using ordinary paint, kefir is excellent
will wash it for several times. Therefore, a lightening hair mask
may bring additional advantages.

Be patient

Very often various essential oils are added to kefir masks,
which will also benefit by strengthening and nourishing the hair. Good
suitable for this oil of lavender or burdock, as well as pumpkin and
flaxseed Kefir clarification should be used no more than once in
week, because this product can slightly weight the hair.
Experts advise to keep such a mask on the hair no less
a few hours, you can even leave for the night.

Kefir-based lightening hair mask best
suitable owners of not too dark shades. it
natural remedy is unlikely to make blondes burning brunettes,
but on the other hand, brown-haired hair will perfectly lighten on several tones. true
Quick results should not be expected. To achieve the desired effect
It will take several procedures. In this case, the hair will not suffer, and
even on the contrary – strengthened. For more effect, you can add to
Mask decoction of chamomile. Those who have already tried this method always
leave positive feedback.

In recent years, many cosmetic products have become very fashionable.
procedures to try on their own, and lightening hair – one of
of them. The new trend “all natural” is gaining momentum in all
directions of fashion and beauty. And its main advantage – for very
a little money you can safely experiment with your
appearance, not worrying about what will harm her. the main thing
approach this issue with full responsibility, and the result
sure to please.

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