Ways to rejuvenate the face: laser peeling

Laser peeling is a facial treatment based on
application of laser technology. Healthy and smooth skin is a dream.
every woman. Acupressure laser beam is
a painless procedure that allows you to achieve not only beautiful
oval face, but also young and elastic skin. This type of technology
has several advantages:

  1. Impressive ability to effectively solve defective problems
    skin allows you to get positive results after the first
  2. Jewelry accuracy of impact provides work with
    necessary areas of the skin, exfoliating around the lips and eyes,
    as well as in the corners.
  3. No discomfort during and after the laser
    peeling makes the procedure painless, because “cold”
    laser beam can not injure the skin of the face.
  4. The likelihood of side effects is quite low.


  • What is the difference between erbium peeling and carbon dioxide?
  • Description of the apparatus for laser peeling
  • Features of cold and hot laser peeling and
    preparation for procedures
  • What can be contraindications for laser peeling
  • Procedures for the restoration and care of the face after peeling
    by laser

What is the difference between erbium peeling and carbon dioxide?

Modern laser technology allows you to perform this type
procedures in two forms, the main difference of which is the type
used equipment. In one case, a laser is used, and in
another is the erbium type of device. First adaptation
works on carbon dioxide (CO2). The implementation of erbium laser
peeling is associated with the use of a chemical element that
involved in the work of the laser. Between them there are two main

laser face peeling

The procedure of the laser beam spot effect is
relatively young, but we can already talk about a number

The carbon dioxide peeling laser barrier is absent, therefore
considered deep. The laser does not just penetrate the skin, but
can even cut fabrics if limit settings are made
depths. This property of the laser beam allows you to apply it in
medicine in the implementation of surgical operations. Laser serves
replacement scalpel. However, the probability of scarring
after surgery is high.

The basis of erbium laser peels are more modern
technology. The passage of the laser beam through the structure of the chemical
of the erbium element is associated with the evaporation of only the upper cornified
cell layer without deep penetration. As a result, skin
integuments are restored at an accelerated pace, and on the renewed
skin does not have scars and other damage after the session

The main advantage of erbium peeling is its
safety assuming a gentle effect on the skin. If a
compare this type of peeling technology with a popular CO2 laser, then
such polishing suggests a shorter wavelength, about 5
nanometers. This allows point processing.
certain skin areas. Heating the surrounding tissue while
does not occur, and the procedure itself is carried out without general anesthesia and
anesthesia in general.

The recovery period lasts less than a week. Grinding
facial skin using an erbium laser can be produced
repeatedly. The risk of complications is excluded.
The procedure eliminates the following types of deficiencies:

  • allows you to remove tattoos laser;
  • eliminates postacne;
  • reduces pigment spots;
  • removes scars and scars;
  • treats spider veins.

As a result, the skin acquires a special smoothness, it becomes
fresh. For the purpose of rejuvenation, preference is often given.
fractional erbium laser used for the most gentle
skin areas.

Description of laser peeling machines

The way of facial rejuvenation based on CO2 is associated with a high degree
risk of burns. Treatment of the skin in the neck and
century requires special care. Carbon dioxide laser allows
produce effective grinding of scars and stretch marks simultaneously with
removal of tumors on the skin.

Laser peeling

Due to the absence of a laser barrier, CO2 laser
peeling is considered deep. Such a laser can not just penetrate
deep into the skin – with extreme depth settings it can
cut the fabric.

The use of an ER: YAG erbium laser involves
procedures of “cold” laser peeling, that is, processed
the zone does not heat up due to the use of such a tool.
This procedure is painful, but it is distinguished by the absence
risk associated with the occurrence of a side effect. Erbium
the laser allows with a sufficient degree of security to carry out
treatment of delicate areas of the skin of the face and neck.

The use of laser peeling machines can
provide a combination of a number of ways to treat the skin with a laser
one session.

Used erbium, carbon dioxide, fractional laser
peeling. This leads to improved results of the procedure, which
becomes effective and safe.

The use of modern devices for laser peeling
Provides precise control over laser power,
radiation penetration depth. It is important to achieve
required accuracy of removing dead cells. After the procedure
the horny layer is removed and the active mechanism starts
skin regeneration associated with its restoration and significant
improving its appearance.

Features of cold and hot laser peeling and
preparation for procedures

Modern technology of skin grinding includes two varieties.
laser procedure, that is, cold and hot. They differ
among themselves the fact that cold peeling provides layered
cell removal. The warming of the lower covers is not
going on. This type of procedure has the usual effect.

If there is a great desire to return the skin to youth,
contributing to the production of collagen in a natural way, and
there are no contraindications, then hot peeling is suitable here
the greatest way. Thanks to its use the skin is intense
warming, especially in its lower layers. Watch incremental
The effect can be about 2 – 3 months. This method is most intense.
rejuvenates the face if used regularly. This will allow
postpone possible plastic surgery for a long time
with rejuvenation of the skin.

Cold and hot laser

It is necessary to prepare in advance for peeling, considering all
recommendations of cosmetologists to be followed
on their own. Before the procedure of laser peeling is not
tanning, self-cleaning of the face or
peeling at home. Decorative cosmetics for 2
the day before the procedure should be used to a minimum
quantity. When preparing for a session, you need to ensure that
that the skin of the face was clean and without sunburn.

Additional cleansing of the skin is already done at the clinic.
a doctor who uses anesthetic to treat it. This
the substance may be a spray that has a short duration. With
need a doctor puts an injection if scheduled
most complex operations. Skin Treatment Procedure
the laser is quite fast, with eyes closed
the patient.

What can be contraindications for laser peeling

If keloid scars occur on the skin, the person is prone to
inflammatory processes, exacerbating chronic diseases,
tuberculosis, blood diseases, these problems do not allow
carry out laser peeling for skin rejuvenation. Main
contraindications to the procedure are its undesirability for
pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Contraindications laser peeling

Laser facial peels can cope with a multitude of
problems inherent in the skin of a person over the age of 25 years. it
hyperpigmentation, acne scars and traces, enlarged pores,
premature wrinkles and bags under the eyes. You can also erase
signs of photo- and biological aging of the skin, with loss of turgor,
improve the shape of the face.

If a laser face peel is scheduled after
passed the standard procedure of cleaning the face, you must wait
certain time. The time interval is usually about 2
weeks after the deep procedure
chemical peeling. Often, contraindications that prevent
laser facial rejuvenation procedures can be

  • acute stage of heart disease;
  • purulent rashes on the face;
  • hemophilia disease;
  • oncological diseases;
  • herpes and other infections;
  • flu, colds or just a fever.

It must be remembered that 3 days before it will be held
laser facial peeling, you can not do the steaming of the skin. Everything
contraindications must be considered before the laser
peeling, it is also important to ensure your own well-being,
so as not to harm the health.

Procedures for the restoration and care of the face after peeling
by laser

The term recovery of the skin after the procedure is not
exceeds 10 days. Reddened skin after the procedure
quickly return to normal, especially after treatment with an antiseptic,
which can be of different types. Laser Skin Care
grinding involves the use of an antiseptic, then
There is a skin treatment Bepantenom, Miramistinom, Chlorhexidine, etc.
This tool is applied 2-3 times in the first week.
after the procedure.

Peeling Result

Result before laser procedure (Erbium laser)
peeling and after.

After the laser peeling is absolutely impossible to visit the solarium,
enjoy natural sunbathing, swimming in salt water and
do peels at home. In the process of forming new
cells after the procedure, the face should rest. Laser face peeling
allows you to solve many problems that arise in people older
25 years. You may experience various defects of the skin:
scarring, hyperpigmentation, traces of acne, enlarged pores,
premature wrinkles, bags under the eyes.

The procedure eliminates the symptoms associated with photo and
biological aging of the skin, loss of turgor, deterioration of the oval
faces. For many clients, laser peeling allows you to get rid of
atrophic and hypertrophic scars and scars that are capable
harm the appearance of even flawless beauty. When running
skin repair processes guaranteed such damage
epidermis and dermis, which is photothermal.

The effects of the recovery process suggest a linear
reorganization of new collagen fibers that are located between
skin layers. It is on this site that the skin is aging in
first of all. As a result, trophic relationships become
weakened, and the metabolism in the epidermis slows down. it
leads to increased sensitivity of the skin to shear,
which causes tissue damage. Laser peeling allows partially
restore the basement membrane, which causes the removal of wrinkles and
other defects on the face with the subsequent formation of persistent
anti-aging effect.



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