Ways to restore hair after washing

Changing the color of dyed hair is quite difficult. Decide
problem will help a special procedure – paint remover. Have
Hairdressing clients often have a question: what is it and
Do I need to restore hair after washing?

Washing as a cosmetic procedure

The content of the article:

  • Washing as a cosmetic procedure
  • Care after washing
  • Professionals say – briefly about the wash (video)
  • Overview of the remover (video)

The procedure is intended to remove the coloring pigment. With
This should keep its own shade. Natural dyes
not amenable to flushing. These include henna, basma, paint on
based on herbal dyes.

Before and after washing

But the wash can be bought in the store. Therefore many women
decide to experiment and try to get rid of unwanted
shade yourself.

Hair Mask Sometimes the procedure has to be repeated not
once. The exposure time may take up to several hours.
In addition, to fix the result after the end of the wash
it is advisable to use a special deep shampoo
cleaning up.

All these operations lead to the fact that hair
degrees lose their natural moisture and smoothness. therefore
have to seriously do hair restoration after

Care after washing

The rinse is softer than brightening or decoupling, but all
worsens the condition of the hair. The specialists
recommend after washing to use special shampoos
for dry and damaged hair. hair products

To detergent need to find the right
balm and rinse mask. The best effect means having
from one series, they complement each other. Useful to use
moisturizing indelible sprays with the effect of recovery.

Hair restoration procedures are performed in salons and
hairdressing. However, good results can be achieved in
home conditions.

Folk remedies for recovery

Beauty hairstyle can be returned using homemade recipes.
The best hair repair products are tested by time and
Suitable for any type of hair.

folk remedies for hair

Consider a few recipes:

  • Mask with gelatin: soak gelatin in cool water, after
    swelling dilute using warm water and oil. Put on
  • Heated on a water bath burdock oil. It needs to be rubbed into
    scalp, and then spread on the hair.
  • A mixture of mustard powder and vegetable oil. Apply to skin
    head and hair.
  • Honey-lemon mask. Dilute honey with lemon juice in
    ratio 1/2. Carefully distribute and leave for half an hour,
    then wash it off.
  • Mask of kefir and aloe. Apply before washing the head on 15

Repairing agent on its own

Mixtures of different oils have a good effect.
plant extracts that you can compose yourself.
Ingredients for such mixtures are sold in a pharmacy.

girl and fruit

Having picked up various combinations of the substances listed in the table,
can get a good recovery effect damaged

Desired result Oils Plant extracts Vitamins
Structure recovery Orange, jojoba, flaxseed, poppy, sea buckthorn, shea The sequence, calamus root, mint, horsetail root B9, B12, B1, C, E, PP
Strengthening the hair follicles Burdock, thyme, ylang-ylang Rosemary, horsetail root, A, B9, B5, E, PP
Hair growth stimulation Argan, cinnamon oil, almond Chilli, basil, burdock, rosemary A, B1, B12, PP
Removal of itching and irritation of the scalp Calamus roots, burdock, sage, oak, aloe, lavender E, PP, H
Prevent hair loss Coconut, avocado oil Chamomile, nettle, aloe, basil, sage A, H, E, F

Fast hair restoration after washing is possible. Combination
Modern tools and folk recipes will help restore the beauty and
health hair.

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