Ways to straighten hair at home conditions

hair straightening at homeSeeking to make to your
the image of something new or change it dramatically, girls
often change something in the hair. This may be another haircut,
styling, color, perm or, conversely, straightening. Straighten hair
1 time and for a very long time is impossible, in any case
will have to resort to the services of a hairdresser-stylist. However, not all
may allocate a certain amount in the budget for such procedures,
nor will everyone consider it appropriate. But you can
do high-quality hair straightening at home for

Lamination of hair

Analyzing the reviews, it is clear that recently
the lamination procedure has become very popular and
in demand. The application of the lamination composition gives hair
attractive shine and gives them a more healthy look.
It’s easy to do this straightening at home,
mixing some familiar means. As an example
hair straightening at home – straightening gelatin, for
This will require:

  • gelatin;
  • shampoo or balsam;
  • warm water;
  • yolk;
  • olive or almond oil.

Lamination with gelatin at home is best
carry out in 2 stages:

  • Stage 1: dissolve gelatin in 5-6 tablespoons of warm water,
    the resulting substance is divided into 2 parts, one of which
    mix with shampoo or balm in equal proportions. Gelatin,
    mixed with shampoo we process the strands from root to tip,
    Then carefully cover with polyethylene and a towel on top. AT
    on average, you must wait 40 minutes, but the duration
    Waiting more depends on the length.
  • Stage 2: the remaining gelatin dissolved in water should be mixed
    with yolk and 1 spoon of butter. The result is not very thick.
    mask for hair straightening. It should be applied to the entire length of the hair.
    for 2 hours, and then rinse with warm water, without using shampoo. This
    The procedure is best repeated every 2 weeks.

Lamination with gelatin at home will save
a decent amount.

How to straighten hair using chemicals?

Chemical hair straightening is essentially similar to chemical
perm, requires chemical composition and fixation. but
small difficulty is that it will have to periodically
repeat the procedure to regrown roots. Straighten hair so
way possible and at home, but this does not require
only special means, but also sufficient patience and care,
otherwise they can be damaged.

To carry out such a procedure at home you need:

  • special chemical rectifier;
  • fat cream;
  • heat protection cream;
  • fixing agent or neutralizing agent
  • straightening iron with ceramic plate.

chemical hair straighteningWashed
hair from root to tip first of all should be evenly
apply a greasy cream as a base that will help protect them from
harmful effects of a chemical rectifier. Then applied by itself
straightener: separately for each strand, starting from the back of the head.
Be sure to ensure that the substance does not fall on
open skin.

After 15 minutes, the head must be carefully and thoroughly washed
warm water, dry, then apply a heat-shielding cream. By
the end of the strands are aligned with the ironing: separately and
evenly. Chemical hair straightening is completed by applying
substances designed to consolidate the effect of leveling and
neutralize the harmful effects of chemistry. A very important fact
uniform application of funds.

How to straighten hair by folk methods?

If you don’t want to risk spoiling your hair with irons, hairdryer or
chemical means or if they are painted (damaged) and
I want to give them a rest, you can hold a people’s hair straightening
funds. For high-quality straightening periodically worth
make masks from natural oils: burdock, olive, those
which are rich in vitamins. If you constantly apply masks from oils,
hair becomes more manageable, shiny and, of course, more
healthy. These masks are best left on the head about
half an hour. In order to enhance the effect, the hair should be wrapped.
thermal film.

Such masks are washed off with ordinary water and shampoo, after which
rinse with water, diluted with lemon juice or vinegar. On
complete hair straightening after such a procedure, depending on their
structure, will take about 2 weeks subject to regular
repetition. In addition to straightening, such masks have excellent
firming effect.

Do not forget about the great natural remedy –
colorless henna. In addition to providing a rectifying effect, it is excellent
cares for hair because it is primarily used in
therapeutic purposes. Henna acts due to the weighting effect on
each hair, improving its structure, gives volume, also
remains even after rinsing, which significantly prolongs
required effect. A similar hair mask should be applied.
regularly, about 2-3 times a week, to consolidate the result.

In order to properly straighten hair with brandy,
It needs to be mixed with chamomile decoction in a 1: 1 ratio. Need to consider
that brandy can give strands a darker shade. Therefore,
if you are blonde, best to use before using
test on the tip of one curl. The resulting mixture need
rub in the strands along the entire length of a cotton swab, leave for half an hour,
and after this time, wash it off. When using such
Masks, hair will be long and smooth and shiny.

Keratin hair straightening

Brazilian hair straightening at home (keratin)
restores their structure, gives shine and beauty. Like
straightening takes place under high temperature – about 230 ° C. Behind
due to this temperature, keratin liquid mass envelops each
hair, becoming a kind of protective layer. After committing
procedures, hair remains equal for 2 months if were not
damaged by perm. If they were, then the effect
remains up to 4 months.

Keratin use has a great advantage over
chemical straightening – no risk to damage the hair
aggressive chemicals. Also thanks
Brazilian straightening, hair becomes much more resistant to
negative effects of ultraviolet and some natural

First of all, the hair must be thoroughly washed and dried.
a towel and only then apply a special remedy for keratin
straightening. Apply thoroughly, then dry well with a hairdryer. After
This applies a special iron, despite the fact that
heats up, does not spoil the hair structure at all. Process
separate strands need such an ironing 3 to 8 times, after the hair
rinsed with clean water. This procedure at home will take about
3 hours. After her hair will look healthy and

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