We learn to weave braids! To create beauty is simple and fun!


In the world there are a huge number of happy owners
long hair. However, most of them want to cut them,
so as not to suffer with daily styling. Take care of short
hair is definitely much lighter. But, having saved hair, having passed
learning from professionals and mastering independent weaving
braids, you can daily give to your image
individuality and charm.

What are braids and is it possible to learn how to weave them?

Scythe is the youth and the best decoration of a woman. Inexplicable
magnet that attracts the attention of others and does not give to take away from you
sight. This is your self-confidence, because with them you are extraordinary and

It is no secret that professional braiding braids can
hairdressers-stylists, but everyone can learn this skill
wishing Many dream of it, but cite the absence of
talent for weaving. Undoubtedly, the presence of talent is a great success for
you, but even those who have no talent, learn to weave
chic and diverse braids are quite capable. What for this
need to? Need a wish!

If you have such a desire, to weave braids
will be useful:

  • hairbrush;
  • elastic bands, hairpins;
  • a daughter, granddaughter, sister or girlfriend;
  • time for learning;
  • patience.

Modern moms who daily braid their daughters
braids, learning to braid comes in any case. And at
little girls, due to the structure of hair, pigtails often
unraveling, therefore, by braiding them several times a day, the chance
quickly master the various techniques at mom is quite high. Eventually
weaving of braids can quite develop into creativity or a hobby.

Basics of braiding

Start to master braiding preferably from the basics – the most simple
braids that are basic for various complex styling and
hairstyles While you are with “eyes closed” do not learn to braid
basic braids, more difficult to start does not make sense.

As a rule, the basic braids are the usual braid in several
strands, “French braid” and “harness”.

Multi-strand weaving

Three-spit braid is familiar to us from childhood. She weaves
respectively, in three strands, which are evenly divided
combed hair. Strands intertwined alternately among themselves.
Each time the extreme strand is placed in the middle of the braid. Turns out
The usual “Russian” braid.

If you add a fourth, fifth, or even sixth to the three strands
strand, spit will turn into an extraordinary creation that is perfect
suitable for owners of thin hair. Due to the large number
strands it will look volumetric and “rich”.

Of the two strands braid spit “Fishtail”. Despite its
intricacy, it lags easily enough – by crossing
two outer strands of the same size, which are taken from the total
hair bundle.

“French” braid

This braid is familiar to us under other names: “dragon” and
“spike”. It weaves close to the head and looks very impressive, even
in its basic version. Beginners weave this pigtail on yourself
It is quite difficult, because at the beginning of the movement uncertain, weaving
drags on, during this time the hands begin to bleed, and is lost
quality. To learn the technique, start learning how to weave on
anybody For example, paired with a girlfriend it will be easier for you,
healthier and more fun.

It is woven quite simply. Gather the hair from the forehead, crown
and sides in a bun. Divide into three equal parts and begin to weave.
in the usual way. When it comes time to weave strands on the second
once, grab loose hair on the left and right and add to
corresponding strands. Thus, by the end of weaving all the hair
will be assembled into a braid, and you can finish it with a regular braid or
tail. The “French braid” looks very romantic, ending
which is turned inside.

There are interesting modifications of the French pigtail. She can
weave, twisting the other way around – it becomes bulky and unusual;
enhanced effect, if you specifically pull out of her side

From this braid you can spread patterns and curls on the head,
which will decorate your hairstyle with your intricate pattern.

Spit “harness”

This is an original weave that allows hair to be
more relief than with ordinary braids. The flagellum is created from two strands.
It is usually weaved out of hair gathered in a ponytail. If your
“harness” crumbles, you just need to twist each strand along
seperately, and then twist them together.

Increase skill

From the above basic braids, you can make various
variations, combine them with each other or with loose hair,
getting awesome hairstyles.

Weaving braidsIn order to learn
combine styles, beautifully braid various types of braids, and
also create new images and even repeat your favorite
hairstyles stars of the screen, you need practical skills, knowledge
weaving techniques used by craftsmen.

Braid weaving lessons can be found in various women’s magazines,
specialized literature or master classes that
pass in your city.

Modern computer technologies allow learning, not
leaving the house. Online courses, author discs with lessons on weaving
braids are very comfortable. Watching or downloading an instructional video in
on the Internet, you can quickly and completely free to master weaving
braid You can watch the video as many times as you like.
necessary, besides there is always the possibility to stop it
the moment that interests you.

The time spent on the lessons will be returned to you by the skill that
you will be able to use for the joy of yourself and your loved ones.

Useful tips for beginners

  • Try not to weave braids on yourself at the initial stage. You will
    get tired quickly, you will not achieve much skill and mood
    will be spoiled.
  • If the process of weaving will seem difficult to you, do not
    worry! A little practice – and you quickly learn everything.
  • Patience and accuracy during the work gives a guarantee to get
    the hairstyle you need.
  • If you want the spit to be tight, constantly tighten
    strands. If you need a more casual hairstyle, braid freely. AT
    This season is very fashionable deliberately careless weaving with elongated
    side strands.
  • Do not forget to decorate the braid with various decorations for
    hair: hairpins, springs, ribbons, laces, etc.
  • Use weaving patterns – they allow for unmistakable
    understand the actions and create any hairstyle for the complexity.

As soon as you feel that you can easily weave basic
types of braids, you will definitely want to try something such!
And you will definitely succeed! Include imagination and imagination, but
Do not forget the sense of proportion. It happens that simple and
simple weaving is the best option for
your image.

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