We return dull, dry and brittle hair to life with mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise hair mask is an excellent tool for
Careful care for brittle, damaged and dry curls. If a
apply it systematically, it will help them acquire the desired
shine, and they shine health.

mayonnaise egg lemon oil hair mask Hair becomes
dry and brittle as a result of exposure to adverse natural
factors, frequent blow-drying, non-professional staining. AND
in order to return them to a normal fresh look, you can try
mask of mayonnaise.

It seems that such a useful may be contained in mayonnaise
for hair health sauce? However, if we consider the components of
which mayonnaise consists, you can see that it is a pantry
trace elements for their recovery and normal growth. What if
add more ingredients then the mask will acquire
additional useful properties.

The table below describes the main
mayonnaise mask components and what effect they may have
on the hair structure.
Component Hair benefits
Mayonnaise Eggs of yolks restore shine strands, strengthen them, make

Vegetable oil – the main source of vitamin E, which
makes strands thick, moisturizes the scalp, gives curls
extra shine.

Vinegar (Read more about vinegar masks) is able to close scales
hair soothe them. Thanks to this property strands become
obedient, smooth, they are easy | combed and perfectly
stacked in hairstyle.

Mustard Stimulates hair growth.
Rosemary and Mandarin Essential Oils Restore strands, make them smooth and obedient,
Avocado It nourishes, instantly refreshes hair, gives volume.
Garlic and honey Prevent hair loss, strengthen and repair
Aloe juice Moisturizes strands, prevents dandruff.

Important points when using a mask

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  • Important points when using a mask
  • Popular masks
  • Hair mask from mayonnaise, video
  1. After the mayonnaise mask is cooked, it should
    spread over the entire length of the strands.
  2. Carefully fluff the tips of the hair. They become brittle,
    dry first of all since the least get the nutrients
    substances and remain starved.
  3. To make the effect more pronounced, the head should be warmed when
    polyethylene and terry towel care.
  4. Keep the mask should be 40 minutes.
  5. In order to wash the mask from mayonnaise, you must use
    only running water, but by no means hot. Otherwise the mixture
    just roll up and have a very long time to comb out the remnants of her
    heads. By itself, cool water is good for hair and
    scalp. It is also better to wash your hair not with shampoo, but with balm for
    hair, only without silicone. Use it without regret
  6. It is better to apply not only shampoo after the mask from mayonnaise, but also
    balm conditioner. This will remove not very pleasant
    smell. In addition, this tool will help to better wash the hair,
    which are badly washed off after mayonnaise, otherwise they will simply remain
    greasy, lose their appeal.
  7. It is better to apply a mask based on mayonnaise 2 times a week, then
    the curls will shine with new power, beauty and brilliance.

Important! Best for mask use | mayonnaise
homemade, and not to buy in the store, as well as
beneficial substances in the purchase sauce contains many
preservatives, stabilizers, food additives, dyes, which
at best, they will have no effect on the hair, and in
worst cause allergies.

Popular masks

  • For dry hair

mayonnaise lemon hair maskTo start, prepare home
mayonnaise. You need an egg, vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice,
sugar, salt to taste. In a blender, beat the yolk, add | floor tea
spoons of salt, the same amount of sugar and continue to beat. Pour in slowly
in a beating mix half a liter of olive oil. Mayonnaise sauce
is ready. After pouring it, add a spoonful of vinegar or juice.
lemon. If in mayo | add mustard, then it is still optional
will stimulate hair growth. The main thing in the manufacture of home
mayonnaise is to mix the ingredients neatly and consistently,
to get an emulsion.

The tool should be applied along the entire length of the hair, wear a hat from
polyethylene, wrap your head with a towel. It is better to spend
such a procedure for the night, then it will be possible to get the maximum
Effect. And in the morning, wash off the mask with shampoo.

  • For lifeless, lost their strength, tarnished

mayonnaiseTake 200 grams of homemade mayonnaise,
slice into it the slices of special avocado logo. Mix everything thoroughly,
apply the product on clean and slightly dried curls. Through
half an hour mask should be washed off with the help of warm herbal

When making a refreshing avocado mask, you can use it as
the fruit itself, grated on a fine grater or avocado oil. If a
the fruit itself is applied, then the hair then | it will be harder to rinse.
Mayonnaise hair mask with avocado perfectly revives tired
strands and it can be used if emergency situations arise when
hair just need to quickly give volume and a beautiful external
view. Wash off the mask with cool water and shampoo, better.
repeat this process several times.

  • Restoring

essential oilsIf you mix mayonnaise sauce with essential oils
rosemary and mandarin, you get a beautiful regenerating
mask. All you need is 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise and 5 drops each | oils.
The tool is applied to the roots for 40 minutes, then removed.

  • From falling out

mayonnaise combTo protect your curls from excessive
fallout can do at night | next mask. Table spoon
mayonnaise mixed with egg yolk, two cloves of garlic, tea
a spoonful of honey and half a tablespoon of vegetable oil.
Ingredients, with the exception of garlic, mix. Only then
chop garlic and add to the mixture. Such a mask
It should be massaged into the scalp. In the morning hair
Rinse thoroughly with shampoo, apply conditioner.

  • Mayonnaise honey mask to restore

aloe hair maskIn the mayonnaise should add dining
a spoonful of honey and a few spoons of aloe. This mixture should be distributed.
through the hair, especially rubbing it at the roots. Then leave a half
hours and wash off. Honey will have a restorative on lifeless curls
action, and aloe juice perfectly moisturize them.

It seems that the idea with a mayonnaise mask | is something unusual and
even unexpected, however, this sauce is very widely used when
treatment, strengthening and restoration of hair. | Masks perfectly nourish
strands, give them a healthy shine and silkiness. Secret in this
there is absolutely no, just all the components of this harmful to
The figures of the sauce have a beneficial effect on the hair.

Hair mask from mayonnaise, video

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