We turn matted hair into a cascade of even and perfectly smooth locks


You have dry, matted hair that creates a general impression.
untidy? We will tell you what to do in this situation:
find out and eliminate the cause, provide competent care, pick up
means, contact the salon to the master. Or regularly do
homemade masks and sprays.


  • The reasons
  • Hair care
  • Salon procedures against hair tangling
  • Top hairbrush rating
  • Home remedies for matted hair

Many women suffer from being confused.
hair that is very difficult to comb through because they
tangle, closely intertwined with each other. It happens
and in the morning, after sleeping, and after washing the head, and after windy weather.
This creates a general impression of neglect, complicates the process.
combing and forcing the owners of such a problem to draw
special attention to this cosmetic flaw that is easy
can turn into a disease. So the sooner you start
this, the fewer complications and side effects awaits you in
the future.

Care for matted hair

The reasons

First, try to figure out why you have
problem of tangled hair. Only 10% of people have it.
due to the natural feature. In other cases, this
the phenomenon is dictated by the impact of various negative factors –
both external and internal. Will be able to detect them and eliminate –
gradually cope with the disadvantage itself, providing troubled
Curls appropriate care. Among the most common
The reasons are the following:

  • dry hair;
  • their fragility;
  • multiple split ends;
  • the use of poor-quality cosmetics for hair;
  • abuse of thermal appliances for styling;
  • static electricity accumulation: light, fluff
    the hair is quickly attracted to each other, forming mats that
    then it is very difficult to unravel;
  • loosening of curls due to avitaminosis or viral
  • hereditary or natural predisposition to confusion:
    she usually suffers from curly beauties;
  • external negative factors: prolonged stay without a headache
    a dressing on the sun or on a frost;
  • frequent exposure to saline and chlorinated water.

There is another very interesting version explaining why you
matted strands of hair. Domestic Energy Specialists
human claim that they indicate confusion in the head, in
thoughts. Confusion in life, confusion in relationships, problems with
making and making a decision – all these experiences are displayed on
shag So look for the reasons for the confusion of your hair, by
Opportunities eliminate them – then the process of recovery will go
much faster.

Through the pages of history. Before the peasants,
often suffering from tangled hair, against the background of rule violations
hygiene and lice developed a disease – koltun. Sebaceous glands on
head strongly inflamed, strands stuck together into balls, pigtails, kosma
and formed a stuck mass, very similar to felt. In her
gradually accumulated dirt, dust and even insects.

Why there was a problem of matted hair

Homemade hair treatment with masks with herbs, oils and
vitamins will solve many problems.

With vitamin B12, the heels of your hair will become a reality.

Hair care

A few helpful tips on what to do if
Your hair will be tangled, they will help to ensure their competent care.
home conditions. Try to stick with them and notice yourself
how much the curls have improved. In some cases
will have to spend, but it’s worth it. So what’s needed

  • once in 2-3 months to go to the master to cut hair, preferably
    – hot scissors;
  • before washing the head to carry out the procedure of aromatherapy:
    put on the comb 4-5 drops of essential oil and comb tangled
    strands as follows;
  • after washing you do not need to rub the locks and twist: slightly
    squeeze between palms and blot with a towel;
  • for rinsing, use herbal teas or water,
    acidified with apple cider vinegar / lemon juice;
  • after water treatment, strands can only be combed after
    how they dry out;
  • pick a special comb for matted hair (the most
    the best models are presented in the rating below), regularly behind it
    take care (wash once a week with a mild shampoo);
  • do not go to bed with loose curls – so they will be confused
    even more, but it is also not recommended to make a tight braid;
  • to choose the right series of tangled care products
    hair: soft shampoo, and under it – balm and conditioner; will be
    better if these are professional series that act
    quickly and permanently;
  • once a week (and even more often) to use masks for matted hair,
    easy to do at home;
  • You can also make special sprays from your own hands.
    natural products that are applied before combing;
  • do not use tight rubber bands, invisible hairpins and hairpins;
  • try to protect the nervous system, avoid frequent and
    undue stress.

If you are looking for a particular tool for confused
hair – shampoo or medical ointment, such
exists. In this question, you can focus on passing
problems: as a rule, confusion is accompanied by a check or
dry strands, but for them it is already possible to easily pick up
line of professional cosmetics. If you still do not have enough
specific, cardinal measures – go to
hairdressing salon.

Curious fact. Some people in antiquity
specially brought the state of their hair to the mat, which
was considered a kind of talisman against evil forces and otherworldly
evil spirits.

What if hair is matted

Salon procedures against hair tangling

In the salons there are many procedures that will significantly improve
condition of matted hair. They will become smoother and
silky, will cease to stray into mats, it will be much easier
to comb. We recommend you pay attention to the following

  • biolamination;
  • glazing;
  • cautery;
  • keratinization;
  • lamination;
  • polishing;
  • hot scissors
  • shielding.

There are expensive procedures, there is a budget. Anyway master
will assess the condition of your hair and will be able to advise something
specific. If you cannot entrust your treasure to the master,
You can do tangled hair yourself. For this you
you will need to purchase the appropriate comb and regularly do
home medical masks.

Well well. Koltun hit first
peasants and poor. However, met among representatives
more affluent and higher social classes. For example, the king
Denmark and Norway, who ruled in the seventeenth century, Christian IV. His koltun in
The pigtail-shaped form hung from the left side and was always decorated with red

Procedures in the salon for matted hair

Top hairbrush rating

Many manufacturers produce special combs for
matted hair. They have such qualities as
antistatic, heat insulation, antibacterial properties. Have them
flexible bristles and wide platform. And they also collect a lot
positive reviews. The rating below will help find
to you your magic wand.

  1. Compact Styler Gold Rush – professional miniature
    comb for matted hair. Tangle teezer. Great Britain.
    $ 29.2.
  2. No tangle brush – comb for disentangling hair. Macadamia.
    USA. $ 17.4.
  3. Detangling Hair Brush – comb for matted hair. Michel
    Mercier. Great Britain. $ 15.2.
  4. Hair Brush Original Pink-Silver – comb for matted hair.
    Dessata Spain. $ 14.8.
  5. Wet Brush – professional brush for matted hair. China.
    $ 12.7.
  6. Tangle angel – professional brush-comb for tangled and
    wet hair. Great Britain. $ 8.6.
  7. Tangle Pink – a professional brush for matted hair. Salon
    Professional. Great Britain. $ 7.7.
  8. Hair Bean – comb for tangled hair. China. $ 6.
  9. Beauty Essential – comb for tangled hair. China.
    $ 6.
  10. TM Affectionate – comb for matted hair. Ukraine. $ 3.

Any brush for matted hair, presented in this top,
will please you with good results. And if at the same time you take care
home treatment of strands with masks, soon you will forget
about your problem forever.

Scientifically. In Russia, the scientific
the study of the fellet was done by the famous physiologist A. P. Walter,
who in 1845 defended his thesis “Microscopic
study of the mechanism of hair plexus in koltun “.

The best hairbrushes for matted hair

Home remedies for matted hair

So, what kind of homemade sprays and masks for matted hair you can
cook it yourself?

Masks for matted hair

  • Corn Tomato

For the preparation of this mask for matted hair dissolve
tablespoon of corn flour in 200 ml of tomato juice. Put on
wet hair for half an hour. Rinse with shampoo. Apply twice to
a week

  • With nut butter

Mix 2 raw egg yolks with a tablespoon of peanut butter
and 2 drops of lemon essential oil. Until the mask dried, quickly
apply it on wet hair for 40 minutes. Not wetting with water
lather on the head with shampoo. Apply once a week.

  • Night mask

Mix 2 tablespoons of castor oil with a tablespoon
olive (unrefined), add 1 raw egg yolk.
Beat the mixture in a blender. Apply to lightly moisturized hair on
all night long. In the morning wash the night mask with shampoo. Do time in
a week

  • With vinegar

Mix 50 grams of pear puree with 2 tablespoons of apple
vinegar. Dilute with boiled water to form a soft paste.
Spread over the entire length of the wet strands. Leave for 20 minutes.
This mask for matted hair is washed off with plenty of water.
without shampoo. Use no more than 1 time per week, as vinegar
tends to overdry strands.

  • With soybean oil

Mix 100 ml of soybean oil with a glass of warm water. Abundantly
wet the resulting solution with dry hair and leave it at 10
minutes Rinse with cool water. Such a mask for matted
hair with soy oil is done once a week.

  • Cognac

Mix warm almond oil (30 ml) with brandy (15 ml),
raw egg yolk, lemon juice (15 ml). Apply for half an hour.
Wash off with a mild shampoo and herbal decoction. In this
lemon juice recipe is easily replaced by grapefruit, and almond
jojoba oil. Do no more than once a week, so as not to overdry

  • With avocado

Mix 30 g avocado pulp with 15 ml of fat sour cream and 15 ml
unrefined olive oil. Beat the mask in a blender.
Apply for 20 minutes. Wash off with shampoo. Do twice a week.

  • Fruit

Mix 30 grams of peach and banana pulp. Add the same
amount of fat cottage cheese. Beat in a blender. Apply to 40 minutes.
Rinse in running water. Do twice a week.

  • With henna

Dilute colorless henna powder boiled or filtered
water to make a creamy mixture. Add to mask
several quail eggs (by eye). Brush over matted hair
the entire length. Leave on for 30-40 minutes. Apply every 7-10 days.

  • With oils

In equal quantities mix the oils: avocado, jojoba, broccoli.
Liberally moisten strands, leave as a compress for the whole night.
Rinse dry with shampoo, then abundantly with vinegar or water.
herbs. Do such a wrap once a month.

Sprays for matted hair

  • Citric

Squeeze out 1 medium-sized lemon juice, mix with a glass
distilled water. Place on the stove, warm to boil.
Make the minimum fire, wait for half the liquid
evaporated. Remove from heat, cool and strain. Pour into bottle with
spray gun. To spray on hair before combing.

  • Egg

Grind 2 raw yolks of eggs. Dilute with a small amount
water. Enter in a mass of 15 ml burdock oil. Shake With
need to add more water. Pour into bottle with
spray gun. To spray on hair before combing. Keep
no longer than 4 days.

  • Herbal

Mix 10 grams of nettle, string, hop cones, chamomile
and green leaf tea. Pour a glass of water. Put liquid
on the stove, simmer on the weakest fire for 20 minutes. Remove from heat
cool and strain. Pour into a bottle with a spray. Spray
on hair before combing.

All that matted hair requires is regular and proper.
care. Be sure to listen to our advice, try
perform them regularly – and then you will certainly become
owner of a smooth, silky, smooth cascade of flawless

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