Weakened curls – causes and methods treatment

Brittle, lifeless hair that needs treatment
This is a pressing issue for many women

pensive girl A similar state of hair due to
insufficient production of sebum, which leads to loss of gloss,
softness, elasticity and increased hair loss.

Causes and factors

The content of the article:

  • Causes and factors
  • Brittle hair ends treatment. General recommendations
  • Medical care at home
  • Ampoule hair treatment

Excessive hair loss and brittle hair bother many women
which is not surprising – the structure of the curls and their health affect
many factors:

  • In the first place – this is the wrong choice of tools for
    care that can very quickly turn a luxurious head of hair
    in the likeness of tow;
  • Further, the palm holds the use of pleyok, irons,
    hair dryers. Daily thermal effects on curls inevitably
    leads to negative consequences;
  • Also do not forget about the effects of adverse
    environmental factors, unbalanced nutrition and daily
  • Brittleness can be a sign of chronic gastrointestinal diseases,
    infections of nasopharynx, dermatitis;
  • Frequent dyeing and perm;
  • Avitaminosis.

Therefore, treatment should begin with the abolition of procedures, negatively
affecting curls, replacement caring means and correction
health conditions.

Brittle hair ends treatment. General recommendations

The restoration of the hair requires an integrated approach. Required
consult a doctor to determine problems, undergo a course of treatment and
of course, change your lifestyle:

  1. To improve metabolic processes need a balanced
    good nutrition. From the diet should be excluded fatty, sweet,
    fried, baking, smoked meats. Eat vegetables fruits, cereals,
    oatmeal and buckwheat are especially useful. Do not refuse meat –
    it contains fats and protein, necessary for healthy hair.
    Prefer poultry meat, fish and dairy

  2. Take courses vitamin-mineral complexes, especially in
    late winter and spring.

  3. The best stimulator of metabolic processes are physical
    load and here can not do without visiting the fitness club.

  4. With the help of a specialist – doctor or cosmetologist, pick up
    caring tools that help restore structure

Table of essential vitamins for a particular type
The name of the vitamin Hair type Products containing the highest qty
vitamin A
Contents in pharmaceutical preparations
E To stimulate hair follicles of all hair types Olive, pumpkin, sunflower and other vegetable oils
of origin
In oil solutions and complexes;
Vitamins of group B Oily and dry hair type Bran, legumes, cruciferous, nuts, oatmeal, buckwheat Brewer’s yeast, group B vitamins in pills or ampoules, Pentavit,
BUT Dry and mixed type Yolk, cod liver, carrots, butter Retinol acetate – oil solution and in various complex
with For all hair types Vegetables fruits Perfectil, Aurita, all vitamin complexes for pregnant women

Medical care at home

Usually, increased fragility of hair occurs on the background of dry skin.
heads. Dry scalp requires extra care and nutrition.
The best means for local treatment are masks.

Hair Mask

The stores feature a series of well-known cosmetic care products.
firms, such as mask Absolut Repair from LOreal. Composed
care products are healing oils, silicone and wax,
which cover the hair with a protective layer, protecting them from negative

Absolut Repair

Very effective masks, cooked at home. What is called:
“cheap and cheerful”, and the therapeutic effect will exceed the most daring
waiting Return hair elasticity and elasticity will help mask on
oil base:

  • Kastorovogo – improves metabolic processes in the scalp,
    helps to enhance hair growth;
  • Burdock – stimulates and strengthens the hair follicle;
  • Olive – nourishes and smoothes the curls, makes them shiny
    and elastic.

Mask for brittle and thin hair:


  1. Lemon juice – 30 g

  2. Castor oil – 10 – 15 g

  3. Birch sap – 50 g

  4. Burdock oil – 20 g

Mix all ingredients, apply on hair, wrap them
a towel. Leave for exposure for 40 minutes. Mask is fine
strengthens and nourishes the hair.

Mask to eliminate the breakage of the tips:


  1. Olive oil or castor oil – 30 g;

  2. Shampoo for dry hair – 40g;

Sour-milk – queen of masks:

kimlolochnaya mask

  1. Kefir – 120 ml;

  2. Raw yolk – 1 pc;

  3. Steamed oatmeal – 50g;

Spread the yolk with flakes, add kefir and mix.
Apply the finished composition to the roots, gently rubbing into the scalp, and
then spread evenly over the entire length of the hair. In 30 minutes
Rinse with a warm decoction of chamomile without the use of shampoo.

Novelty – nut mask:

If you do not want to bother with the preparation of healing compositions,
or there was no professional carer at hand,
then you can warm up any of the above oils and
Apply to hair under a hat and towel for 40 – 60 minutes.

Please note that for lasting effect
cosmetic masks must be used several times in
a week

Ampoule hair treatment

Very often the usual care in the form of cosmetics and masks
not enough, and then many turn to more radical
methods, namely ampulne hair restoration. Procedure
can be held in the cabin, as well as use of remedies in
home conditions.

Ampoules contain a concentrated combination of active
components – biostimulants, vitamins, amino acids and minerals.
Also in the ampoule means is a cocktail of oil
plant extracts, collagen, keratin, silk proteins. Ampoule
treatment helps to deal with brittle tips, loss,
get rid of dandruff, regulates the sebaceous glands, returns
curls elasticity and natural shine.

There are no difficulties in applying this method of hair treatment –
it is enough to apply the contents of the ampoule on wet clean hair,
rub into the scalp and leave to be affected
next wash. For a sustainable result, the procedure
recommended daily for a few weeks.

ampoules The cost of ampoules is higher than usual care products,
so in order for money not to be wasted, you should
get advice from a specialist. Cosmetologist or trichologist
will select the ampoules taking into account the individual characteristics of the state
body and hair type. For the improvement of hair is worth a closer look.
to the means of well-known manufacturers:

  1. L’Oreal Professionnel Cristalceutic – Serum Penetrates
    cuticle and maintains the brightness of the color and density of the hair.

  2. Dikson Structur Fort – serum for brittle and chipped

  3. Londa Anti-Dandruff Serum – Active Serum
    antifungal component.

  4. Bottega Verde Bio-Krin – sos – with s for weak, brittle

Ideal composition of concentrated products will provide
absolutely accurate complex effects and medical care, day after
day restoring weakened hair.

Proper care of curls, healthy lifestyle and
rational nutrition is the recipe for beauty and

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