Weave braids with ribbons – original and fashionable hairstyle

Braids with ribbonsBack in antiquity
young girls braided braids with ribbons. Decoration it was
a symbol of girl’s readiness for marriage. Ribbons of various colors not
only decorated the hair, but also served as a talisman, symbolizing
health, love, happy marriage, welfare and wealth,
loving and handsome husband and other girlish dreams.

How to use ribbons when weaving braids

Today weaving braids with ribbon is still
quite relevant when creating a holiday or ordinary
everyday hairstyles. These items, although they lost their
symbolic meaning, however, give the image of the girl a special charm
and mystery. If the curls are long or their length is medium, then
the girl definitely needs to try putting her hair in braids with
tapes. Braided pigtails remove the strands from the face area and their
very easy to wear.

Since ancient times, thick hair was considered a real decoration.
women. Therefore, it is important to correctly and correctly emphasize the main
the dignity of the girl through the original braids, in which
You can weave a beautiful braid, laces or beads.

Such a hairstyle, no doubt, will give the image a novelty,
mystery, femininity and special charm.

Today, there is a wide variety of braiding patterns with
tapes and without them. Especially popular are the French braids, which
You can weave not only on long, but also on medium hair.

However, without assistance to make such a haircut is enough

But there are types of braids that a woman can do with her own hands.
for a couple of minutes. Of course, weaving a braid with ribbons needs
a certain skill. But experience comes in practice.

Hair, made of braids, looks gorgeous. But even more
various accessories woven into the hair decorate the hair. Such
Hairstyle is perfect for any occasion. Instead of tape
You can use a thread of beads. With a similar addition spit
becomes a real work of hairdressing.

For those with short curls, before weaving
a pigtail with ribbons, you can grow hair. Today braid with ribbon
– This is the best way to focus on the beauty of hair. Via
braiding can emphasize the dignity of the appearance of a woman:
long neck, beautiful oval face, small ears.

The main types of braids

When deciding how to weave a braid with a ribbon, you need to decide
with color and kind of braid. The tape is better to choose a bright, contrast
colors. Creating a hairstyle with ribbons woven into the hair can
start by dividing the tail into two equal parts, and the braid will
serve as the third missing part without which
start weaving a braid. Then this braid is necessary to braid
the usual method, which is known to all since childhood. You can also
weave a braid of four strands, where the three strands are hair, and
the fourth is to make the tape.

Braids with ribbonsVery beautiful
french braid with ribbon. But to braid it yourself is difficult.
The best option would be to ask someone – a girlfriend or sister. For
First you need to make a diagonal parting. Then begin to weave
braid, taking into it gradually strands along the length of the parting. All strands
you need to weave in a braid quite tight. Also in the braid is necessary
weaving a ribbon: this will simultaneously give strength to the hairstyle and
decorate it. At the end of weaving braid and hair ends need to hide
under the hair so that it was not noticeable, and the hair got
complete look.

The simplest and at the same time unusual view of braids with ribbons
is the “fish tail”. Weave braids by this method using
braid begins with the fact that the hair is divided into several thin
strands. Then one by one you need to cross the strands on
established scheme depending on how many strands
weaving is done (five, six, seven, etc.). You can add to
weaving different ribbons, and their ends to let out of the braid.

Especially popular is the Greek braid, which
supplemented by a ribbon. The main advantage of this type of weaving
is that the Greek braid will be the perfect solution even for
very curly hair. In order to create a similar hairstyle,
it is necessary to make an even parting, thus dividing the hair on
head into two identical parts. After which you need to start
braid braids with one and the other. In the middle of the neck two
side braids are connected into one, which is weaved in the usual way and
stack depending on the length of the hair.

Braids, which are woven into a different color braid, you can
bind and stack on the head in the form of baskets or a crown.
Young girls can be woven high on the head, close to the crown,
two pigtails with ribbons. Then tighten them, securing
invisible or stiletto. Using hairspray or products for
styling, you can fluff braid, giving hair volume.

Even a simple braid can serve as a wonderful decoration. Need to
just show a little imagination and skill.

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