Wedding hairstyles for long hair – classic and avant-garde

The center of attention of any wedding is always the bride, therefore
her image should be perfect. With many pre-wedding troubles
to decide on a hairstyle becomes almost the most

Wedding hairstyles

Owners of long hair presented a large
variety of images for any style solemn
of the day

  • 1 Laying without a veil
    • 1.1 Beam and weave options
      • 1.1.1 High beam
      • 1.1.2 Low beam
    • 1.2 Loose curls for long hair
    • 1.3 Wedding hairstyles with fresh flowers and wreaths
    • 1.4 Hairstyles with beautiful hairpins and decorations
  • 2 Hairstyles with a veil
  • 3 Vintage hairstyles for a wedding in a modern style
  • 4 Laying bride with a crown
  • 5 Hairstyles with collected hair
    • 5.1 High beam
    • 5.2 Bridal hairstyle with weave
  • 6 Wedding hairstyles with bangs
  • 7 Wedding hairstyles with their own hands
  • 8 Extravagant Hairstyles

Laying without a veil

Modern girls are increasingly abandoning the traditional
bridal jewelry, replacing the veil hairstyle with a diadem or
fresh flowers.

Beam and weave options

Bundles of varying heights open back and shoulders, showing
dress in all its glory.

This image is especially relevant in the summer season for hot
weather, removing the thick mound up.

Variants with a bunch and weaving

The combination of the beam with weaving will add hairstyle
originality and solemnity. For more pronounced
the volume of thin hair strands are pre-wound better avoiding
smoothness curls.

High beam

Hair smoothly combed and fixed on
top of the head. A beam is made on a special foam rubber sponge.
The base of the beam is attached with hairpins or a comb. Winning will be
stare the frame of a classic bundle openwork oblique or
crossed strands.

This video shows how to make a wedding hairstyle with high
beam and tiara.

Low beam

With thick long hair, a variant of smooth curls is possible.
For the festiveness of the image, you can add a bundle to the French
spikelet from the forehead to the back of the head or two braids over

Pre-curling hair will add volume to the hairstyle, while
In this way, it is better to fix the beam more freely for the feminine and
gentle image.

Low tufts of hair

Loose curls for long hair

If you want to create a romantic image of the bride, you should
pay attention to the hair with curls.
Loose hair to wind along the entire length or only at the ends,
fix well with a professional varnish that does not stick together

Attention should be paid to the structure of natural
hair. Such hairstyle is undesirable for owners.
straight strands, because the curls will disintegrate in a couple of hours and
turn into untidy icicles.

Loose curls

Wedding hairstyles with fresh flowers and wreaths

A wedding can not do without flowers, but if weave them in
hair, you get a truly feminine image.

Important! You can choose any hairstyle, but beautifully with
colors will emphasize the length of the hair, folded curls or
asymmetrical weaving on the side.

The wreath of living is a popular trend of wedding fashion.
flowers, especially suitable for the summer celebration on
open air.

Hairstyles with fresh flowers

Care should be taken of the freshness of the buds and the combination with
wedding bouquet, which in this case should not be catchy
and switch attention to yourself.

Hairstyles with beautiful hairpins and decorations

Wedding hairstyles for long hair are beautiful in themselves and
festive, but you can add it with more hairpins and jewelry.
Among the accessories are popular combs,
tiaras, pearl threads and studs.

Hair ornaments should be harmoniously selected to the earrings or
necklace, as well as to the decor of the wedding dress.

Wedding hairstyle with decorations

Hairstyles with a veil

Holding a traditional wedding is not complete without a bridal veil,
personifying purity and tenderness. Regardless of the choice of hairstyle,
the veil must be securely fastened and hold out
throughout the whole celebration.

Classics are flowing hair, curled in locks, under
veil to elbow. For very long hair may need
veil in the floor, closing the tips of the curls.

Various bundles are decorated with a veil of any length,
matching the style of the dress, attaching it from above and below

Hairstyles with a veil

Any other accessories are combined with the veil.
hair is important to know the measure. For example, popular
combining a veil with a diadem that adorns a bundle or
braiding hairstyle.

Vintage hairstyles for a wedding in modern style

The basis of hairstyles in the modern style are:

  • Low bunch on a nape;
  • Short bangs or strand laid on the side;
  • Veils, dressings with ornaments.

This choice should be combined not only with
appropriate dress and makeup, but with style throughout

Vintage hairstyles

Laying bride with a crown

The image of the real queens of the evening can not do without
the crown. Such a bright accessory is selected taking into account
some nuances.

  • The shape of the crown should be in harmony with the oval face.
  • Crown jewelery should be combined with other accessories in
    matching colors. For example, pearls in a crown,
    necklace and earrings.
  • The crown is already a bright accent, so the styling is chosen laconic
    only emphasizes it, other decorations are not required.
  • When buying, attention is paid to the attachment to the hair, because
    Wearing a crown all day is not easy, keeping flawless
    kind of hairstyle.

If the bride uses a veil, then she should
blend in with the diadem. It combines with a long veil
high and bright crown, and with a thin lace – more modest,
small tiara.

Brides with a crown

Hairstyles with collected hair

Choosing the assembled version of the installation will have less
worry about appearance during the day because
the hair will not be worn out and will not lose its shape.

High beam

The high beam is suitable for brides of medium height, and tall
girls more harmoniously looks hairstyle with a low beam.

The beam became a classic of strict style, allowing wedding
decoration veil or tiara.

High beam with diadem

Hairstyle for the bride with weaving

Stunning possibilities for weaving give long hair.

French braid, hair on the side with curls, openwork
weaving is just some beautiful styling for

Weaving is also an attribute of the Greek style of styling, in
which are used braids in the form of a wreath around the head.

This video details and shows how to properly
to make a Greek braid from the French braid

Simple hairstyle done by
type malvinki with openwork weaving.

  • Hair is wound along the entire length.
  • Weave small spikelets on the sides with pulling thin openwork
  • The tips connect at the back of the head and are decorated with hairpins or
  • By the same principle, you can make a high beam,
    gathering the rest of the hair upstairs.

Wedding hairstyles with bangs

Brides with bangs, especially thick and long,
It is recommended to stop the selection on the collected
hairstyles to open your face and not get lost on the memorable photos.

It looks more romantic bangs on its side, and initially straight
hair in this way should start to be laid in a couple of weeks
before the celebration.

Hairstyles with bangs

Wedding hairstyles with your own hands

The image of the bride for one of the most memorable days
better to entrust the professionals to confidently
look at the photo and video.

Important! If the decision is made to do the styling
with your own hands, then you should choose simple options and in advance
good to train.

The easiest hairstyle – curled curling curls on
loose hair.

  • Apply mousse or styling foam to clean strands;
  • wind large curls from the neck to
  • fix varnish.
  • Take advantage of the decorations to complete the festive look.
    for brides or fresh flowers.

This video shows three very simple wedding hairstyles,
which can be done independently.

Greek styling with diadem
step by step:

  • Clean hair divided by parting by 2
  • Separate the thin strand from the forehead and start weaving the spikelet.
  • Pick up thin strands only from below, freely weaving them into
  • Secure the tip with a rubber band and repeat
    symmetrically weaving on the other hand.
  • Separate another strand next to the spikelet and braid the second row of topics
    the same way from two sides.
  • Screw the rest of the hair on a large curling iron.
  • Raise the curls at the crown and secure
  • Hide the tips of the braids under the curls of invisible and complete
    stacking varnish strong fixation.
  • Secure the tiara.

Laying with curls

Extravagant hairstyles

How to make an unusual hairstyle for a wedding think
extraordinary and bold brides.

Important! Interesting and popular is
Chicago retro-style: large waves with glossy shine, decorated
feathers or brooch.

The most usual styling will make a unique refined veil or
even a hat. The main thing is that the general genre of wedding and outfit
the groom was in harmony with the image of the bride and reflected the style and
character pair.

This video shows how to make luxury expensive
wedding hairstyles.

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