Wedding hairstyles on the car: a review of current styles with photos

Foursome hairstyle is popular among girls of all ages for their
self sufficiency. This haircut attracts attention, highlights features
face and highlights the eyes. But in preparation for the solemn
events the question is, what to do hairstyle
short length

Hair caret wedding It is especially important to choose an option for
weddings, because every bride wants to look irresistible in the most
exciting day.

  • 1 For a haircut of different lengths: ideas with photos
    • 1.1 With lengthening
    • 1.2 On the bean
    • 1.3 For short hair
  • 2 Style
    • 2.1 Retro
    • 2.2 With braids
    • 2.3 In Greek style
    • 2.4 With a diadem on the car
    • 2.5 On the side on the square
    • 2.6 High wedding hairstyles on the square
    • 2.7 Shell
    • 2.8 Romantic Curls
    • 2.9 Spit
  • 3 with bangs
  • 4 With veil
  • 5 Accessories
    • 5.1 Flowers
    • 5.2 Tiara
    • 5.3 Other

On a hairstyle of different length: ideas with photos

Wedding hairstyles on the square depend on the source
haircuts Fashion trends do not stand still. Many
prefer trendy hairstyles and coloring that
it is important to emphasize styling and not to disturb the visual proportions

Tip! Creating a wedding image should be charged
professional stylist. They discuss it beforehand or
make a trial version of hair, based on the length of the caret.

With lengthening

The hairstyle has long strands near the face, reaching the chin or
shoulders, and curls, gradually shortened to the back of the head. On
kare with lengthening can make a lot of variety
hairstyles, as the length allows you to put your hair in a braid
or collect beam.

Car with lengthening

The classic styling for the car will be curled locks.

How to create a hairstyle:

  1. Screw hair on the curling iron with the use of means
    with thermal protection, or suitable for diameter
  2. Lay the waves back (asymmetrically or leave
  3. To fix a hairdress a professional varnish which is not sticking together
    hair. If necessary, fix the accessory or veil.

Romantic look large waves throughout
length. The highlight of the image can be pinned up on one
side of the hair with beautiful decorations or flowers.

Laying on the caret

If you make the volume from the roots using a pile, then twist
only tips. In this version will look beautiful
asymmetrical parting.

Hairstyle with curls actually looks at weddings of all styles,
suggesting a gentle and simple image of the bride:

  • rustic;
  • Provence;
  • vintage

Important! Long bangs will serve as an additional
decorating a hairstyle neatly tidied up or styled
careless curls near the face.

Short hair with the hands of a good master can be laid
even into a bulk bundle. To do this, raise the front curls
up, and the rear is collected on the back of your head or the top. Volume is reached
using fleece or large waves.

This video tutorial shows how to make an air texture
a bunch on short hair up to the shoulders.

On bob

Bob car makes perfection in the form of a haircut and condition
hair. Putting it in another hairstyle means losing
charm bean and bring disharmony to the facial features. Caret in
bob style enough to highlight the accessories. For example, a veil or
barrette with feathers – and the image will sparkle with new colors.

The main thing for this haircut – styling, able to hold
perfect shape late into the night.

On short hair

In this case, help out and hats. Individuality
a young girl will highlight bright flowers or a lush wreath. For brides
more mature, elegant combs, hats will do
with feathers or hairpins with semiprecious stones.


Modern weddings are divided into many styles. Selected
the direction should correspond to the image of the bride, as she –
the center of attention of guests.

The image of the bride

The hairstyle should be harmoniously combined with all the details.

  • a dress;
  • make-up;
  • decorations.

Advice! It is better to choose a hairstyle under a dress,
After all, to lay hair in any style is easier than choosing an outfit.


The retro style suggests smooth curls laid in a wave of
which not a single hair gets out. This image originated in
mid-20th century and now is increasingly gaining
popularity among brides.

Hairstyles in retro style

The wave frames the face, and the rest of the hair is collected from behind.

Brides with bangs will need to grab her into the main
a lot of curls and lay appropriate
in a way.

Bright hairstyle in harmony with the same style of makeup:
expressive eyes with arrows, scarlet lips.

With braids

According to old traditions, the braid symbolizes girlish beauty and fits
for the gentle image of the bride. On the square to make a magnificent braid of
natural hair does not work, but put a few
variants of cute braids are quite capable.

With shoulder-length hair, you can weave a wreath around the head with braids.
Weave better from two temples to the back of the head, since a small length is not
allows you to get a neat weave on one side.

A basket of two braids

Spit will be a great addition to the beam. For
the volume of the strand should be screwed on large curlers, and before laying
tuft braid classic or reverse spike from the forehead to the back of the head.
An additional decoration of this hairstyle will be easy negligence.
and a few small flowers.

In greek style

The style of the Greek goddess, descended from the Olympus, attracts many
brides. The components of this image are light curls, with
carelessly falling on the face or gathered in a bun.

Decorated with Greek styling headbands with stones and
rhinestones, ribbons and matching dress style and
accessories. The length of your own hair can be up to
chin, then they are easy to assemble with tape around your head
or invisible. You can experiment with shoulder-length
creating more complex styling.

This video shows one of the options.
wedding hairstyle for short hair.

With diadem on the square

Turn into a princess from a fairy tale will help the tiara. Winning
This accessory is combined with a bundle or assembled in
greek styling.

Even simple curls festively will play under a bright tiara.

On the side on the square

Asymmetrical hairstyles add elegance to the image of the bride.
The easiest option is to stab hair from one side with an ornament
or flowers.

It will look great braiding through the whole mass
hair on one half, with the transition to a low beam on
side as pictured.

Spit on its side on the car

High wedding hairstyles on the square

Brides who prefer a strict style should pay attention
On the hairstyles collected on top. Most of them
suggests crisp lines, smooth hair.

Securely fixed styling will suit owners
naughty hair, not amenable to a long perm. It is better
to collect hair in a bun, than to lose appearance
hairstyles by the middle of the evening or even earlier.

In addition, high hairstyles visually slim the bride,
seductively open the neck and face.

High hairstyles on the car

A popular option is to place a wedding car in
babette style when all hair goes high
top of the head.

A smooth bundle will turn out on the bob with lengthening.


An aristocratic cockleshell hairstyle created for an elegant

Strands are placed in one or more shells and
fasten with pins. Decorations of this hairstyle should also
be concise. For example, studs with pearls or small
hairpins with stones.

Romantic curls

Romantic curls

The basis for many styling – curls, but they can serve
self hairdo Even a short square can be twisted.
small curls out, creating a playful and easy

Curls for the wedding is better to choose large, able to give
volume without changing the shape of the face.

Classic curls on loose hair are designed to
romantic image and perfect for young
brides. Women can elegantly collect curls in the openwork

This video shows how to make curls with an iron on the square.


On the length of the hair from the chin as decoration
It is possible to create many types of braids:

  • classic french;
  • inverted spit;
  • fish tail.

This is not a lush spit, but a decorative addition to the main
styling. Weaving begins in the forehead,
passing along the entire hairline or about one of

Hairstyles with braids

The tip of the braid is hidden in the base of the beam or fixed under

With a bang

Bangs – an important element of haircuts, visually changing the shape of the face.
Wedding hairstyle bangs also makes a harmonious,
being a kind of accessory.

Important! The bangs are best cut to the desired length.
in 1-2 weeks from a proven master. Should not experiment
with her before the wedding, because with a bad experience for regrowth
take a long time.

Straight bangs in a festive package can be slightly raised in
according to the volume at the crown. If the bang is long, then her
curl and clean into the total weight of the hair or leave gently
frame your face.

With veil

The classic image of the bride is associated with a white dress.
with veil. There are different options for attaching an accessory to
hair: hairpins or comb.

Hairstyles with a veil

The veil is combined with any hairstyle of the bride,
the main thing is to fix it well so as not to lose while walking or
while dancing.

Tip! Multi-layer veil adds volume
hairstyle, which can be used with insufficient hair length
for fluffy styling. For high hairstyles, on the contrary, the choice should
do in favor of a thin veil.

On the square with a veil, it is permissible to use other accessories.
For example, a tiara or wreath. The main thing is their harmony among themselves and with
other attributes of the image.


Wedding – suitable event to use the brightest
accessories that in everyday life do not look appropriate.
The main thing to choose jewelry in accordance with
outfit and their preferences.


Fresh flowers are very beautiful in hair. Can be used as
single and large buds and woven into a wreath

Flowers in her hair

It should be borne in mind that on short hair flowers will be
drag all the attention. Should be carefully
relate to the choice of large flowers. Harmony decoration
hairstyles with the design of the main bouquet of the bride – a pledge
harmonious image.

Unfortunately, fresh flowers in hair are relevant only in warm
season. But the imagination of designers knows no bounds, and already
produce jewelry from polymer clay, which
hardly distinguishable from the original flower. Such an attribute can
use in the winter, if you really want summer mood
in the middle of cold.


Classic bridal accessory – tiara. Her different styles
differ in size and design.

Wedding hairstyle with diadem

You can choose the appropriate jewelry, guided by the following

  • The size of the tiara is chosen according to the volume of the hairstyle.
    In the lush hillock a little accessory is just
    will be lost;
  • massive tiaras should not be worn with brides too
    small or deep-set eyes;
  • rhinestones and beads on the diadem should be combined with the decoration
    outfit For example, if the dress has a decorative beading
    or sequins, the presence of such
    items. A strict dress without jewelry fit
    laconic tiara. You should not choose a large and colorful
    accessory, because everything in the image must be in harmony with each other.


In the arsenal of brides still many options for jewelry. Are popular
among the women of fashion are veils and little hats. Short veil
blends well with a small long square, emphasizing

Hat, veil

A hat is needed to complete the corresponding
image, combined with the style of the wedding. She’s great
will fit into the style of Chicago, but will look ridiculous on the traditional
celebration Among the decorations of wedding hairstyle you can use
The following accessories:

  • feathers in the design of extravagant hairpins;
  • threads of stones or pearls;
  • headbands;
  • fancy studs.

There is a wide variety of haircuts.
wedding hairstyles. With any choice of the main decoration
the bride is a happy glitter of eyes and a radiant smile.

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