Wedding hairstyles – what to do with short hair?

In the midst of preparing for the most important day for girls with short
hair there is a serious problem – what about the hairstyle?
Hair cut and build a masterpiece with a shock
scattered curls to the waist just will not work.

Laying for the wedding

And now what? Stay in your everyday role? Save on
hairdresser and do nothing? In no case! Wedding
hairstyles for short hair are not only possible, but also
are needed.

  • 1 Flowers and wreaths
  • 2 Fashionable wedding hairstyles for a short square
  • 3 Short and ultrashort hairstyles
    • 3.1 With bangs
    • 3.2 no bangs
    • 3.3 With a veil
    • 3.4 Without a veil
    • 3.5 With a crown
    • 3.6 With diadem
    • 3.7 with a rim
  • 4 Wedding Retro Waves
  • 5 Accessories – hoop, headband, headband, large hairpins
  • 6 Hairstyles with a wedding veil
  • 7 Full-side styling
  • 8 Glamor for short hair
  • 9 Partially or completely shaved head

Flowers and wreaths

Classics of the genre, glamorous, crafty innocence is a combination
sexy expressive makeup and flower wreath.
Boiled white large or scattering of small buds in
a short hairstyle will make the bride an attractive one for the photographer and
envious glances of female guests.

Large white lily or pastel well
contrasting with the hair color will make the whole hairstyle on
ultrashort length. The only problem is her well.

This video shows how to make a very lightweight wedding.
hairstyle for short hair with an iron and decorate it with a flower.

Flowers living and artificial
well complement styling with an abundance of varnish and sparkles.
With a short length (if the hair can be collected at least at minimum
a bunch on the back of the head) a flower sprig will look good,
leaving the node.

It is possible to fasten on the nape long floral decorations in
direction of the face, this design will successfully replace
mini hat or veil.

One-piece wreaths of natural flowers fit well on any
length of hair loose, but with short should be traced
volume. Refined symbolic wreath with a small amount
flowers and greenery can serve as an improvised
crown and well emphasize direct aristocratic
facial features.

Important! Chubby girls with short riotous
strands should not be ordered for the wedding thick wreaths with an abundance
colors. It’s cute, it’s beautiful, but only if there are many
freckles and rustic weddings.

Fashionable wedding hairstyles for a short square

Wedding hairstyle

A short square is an inexhaustible number of options.

Its definite plus is that there is enough length for
partial ornaments of braids, you can beat the amount of curls,
tearing in all directions and falling asleep with flowers, easily attached
headbands, veils and other large parts, with full preservation
slices smooth hairstyles.

With a good wizard, styling can be a key.
in the whole image of the bride.

This video shows how to make a beautiful festive hairstyle.
on a short square.

Short and ultrashort hairstyles

In general, short wedding hairstyles are divided into several
categories. And each has its own obligatory nuances, which
should be followed strictly.

After all, wedding photos will have to show many people to post in
social networks and, in general, “report” on this day to the masses of the people.
And yes, many photos will be left to the guests.
celebrations. It is necessary to take care that they were not

Listed below are what not to do in each case.

With a bang

Hairstyles with bangs

The main rule – bangs should not interfere, climb into
eyes or force your head down for better

Otherwise, the photographer will definitely catch the moment when the bride poses
mugs trying to blow annoying nasal hair in a partisan manner
peeking out from behind a bang in one eye or constantly bowing his head
to the shoulder.

At the wedding the bride has so many activities
that there will simply be no time to follow your own reflexes.

No bangs

Laying without bangs

Laying without bangs is not necessary with a large volume
the back and the presence of a high forehead of the bride. Head will be
visually “roll up” back on the photo and look

Here salvation can serve as a high hair and contrast
with skin on the hairline or tilted veil

With veil

A veil can be long, short, white, colored, absolutely
any, the main thing that the cosmetics has not got on it. Stains
lipstick on the veil will be noticeable worse than red

Veil on very short hair should not be overloaded
related decorations or fasteners. Otherwise it will look
as a volume hat from tulle.

No veils

Wedding hairstyles

It plays a role solely respecting the proportions
the whole image. The bride should not look like a cake with a very
small head. Therefore, with a voluminous dress instead of a veil
should use any decoration for the head.

With a crown

Here you need a volume, at least the minimum. Or hair color is strong
contrasted with skin. With artificial lighting abundance
varnish on a smooth hair and glitter crown can merge and
In some angles, a crown will appear on a bald head.

Important! Even with a cutting length of 1.5-2 cm under
crown should put hairs on end or take care of the contrast.

With tiara

The tiara automatically classifies all girls in a fairy tale to
princesses. There can be only one problem with it – weight. She doesn’t
should slide off the styling with bows and sharp
movements as well as fasten too close to the front
hairline (although some are very coming here

With rim

Diadem and rim styling

The rim thickness is important here. The decoration is assigned to
ears and can them sticking out. If such an embarrassment
Happens to close these places with hair does not work – from the rim
better to give up.

Wedding Retro Waves

Retro style is now especially in fashion. But for short hair it is
no longer pure symmetric waves of America of the fifties.

Today we need jewelry: a veil, a flower pin or
mini veil, feather lining. Need glamor and glitter.
Strict waves under a playful hat, the glow of Swarovski crystals and
rabies tenderness multilayered veil.

Today leads a combination of rigor and puritanism and chic
theater and cabaret sexuality.

Wedding Retro Waves

Accessories – headband, headband, headband, large hairpins

On the short hair came up with a lot of wedding jewelry from
voluminous and bright to just noticeable. Some of them
perform a purely decorative function, and many
it is an honor to become a stacking holder

Important! For the aristocratic kind there
only one rule: the shorter the hair, the shorter the decorations,
“more expensive” shine metal and stones. Playfulness, ease and
some, carefully thought out, tousled styling attached
rather massive options.

Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding veil often replaces the veil and symbolizes
innocence and freshness of the bride. By choosing such an accessory
need to be approached very carefully.

  • Vualetka often closes the review. Of course, a large grid is not
    hinders, but you need to get used to it.
  • Short hair can go completely without
    styling if the bride plans to spend all day with this
  • The veil is attached to caps, hairpins, rims or other
    Enough “weighty” accessories, and the length should be enough for
    reliable fixation.

Hairstyles with a wedding veil

Such a small touch in the image always makes a woman
a bit of a mystery. Half eyelashes, look through
white haze of the grid, modesty and glitter of the eyes, a symbol of some mystery,
prize, which will get only the groom.

Fluffy laying on one side

Asymmetrical hairstyles in wedding dresses are usually
provide the presence of jewelry on the side of a smaller volume. it
most often fresh flowers or massive hairpins. On
a short haircut with a volume on one side will not look
tiara or crown (any symmetrical decoration).

Asymmetrical hairstyles

Glamor for short hair

The glamor of short haircuts today in naturalness,
naturalness and freedom. No smooth, complicated or not.
measure disheveled strands, do not need to millimeter adjusted sections and
geometrically rigid forms.

The softness of the lines, the natural color transitions and
a little bling is the perfect look.

Partially or completely shaved head

Haircuts shaved head

It is very difficult to choose a special hairstyle for a wedding at
presence of shaved places on the head or the complete absence of hair. The bottom line
shaving itself reduces to maintaining a certain
shape and simultaneous use of hair to

But decorations or unusual uses can help.
classic tricks.

Beautiful hairstyles for any hair length –
important, necessary and necessary. Not for guests or groom, this
need for the bride herself. For that sense of serenity wedding
the day you understand, everything is perfect, I am the queen.

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