Wedding hairstyles with a veil – 8 fashionable trends

Looking through wedding hairstyles with a veil in fashion magazines,
brides often find themselves in a quandary without knowing
which model to choose.

Choosing a wedding veil

They come to the aid of wedding stylists who argue
that the hairstyle must be chosen not only depending on
length of hair, their thickness, but also on the type of appearance,
features of the figure.

And most importantly, each bride needs to consider that only
veil is the accessory that makes the wedding image
complete and perfect.

  • 1 Veil and her species
  • 2 How to choose a veil to the type of person, shape and hairstyle
    • 2.1 According to the shape of the face
    • 2.2 By type of figure
    • 2.3 Hairstyle
  • 3 Hairstyles with a veil on different lengths of hair
    • 3.1 Wedding hairstyles for long hair
    • 3.2 Hairstyles for medium hair
    • 3.3 Wedding hairstyles for short hair
  • 4 How to choose a veil and hair for her
    • 4.1 Wedding hairstyles with a veil and flowing curls
    • 4.2 Hairstyles with a veil and collected hair
    • 4.3 Wedding styling with bangs and a veil
  • 5 Wedding hairstyles with an unusual veil
  • 6 Hairstyles with a veil and a diadem: how and where the diadem is attached
    • 6.1 Diadem on top of the head
    • 6.2 Tiara lowered to the forehead
    • 6.3 Diadem behind
    • 6.4 Long tiaras
  • 7 Tiaras

Veil and its species

In anticipation of finding for yourself the best and most beautiful veil
the bride should not immediately go to the salon – she can
just get confused from the abundance of styles, go for
consultants (not always experienced) and make the wrong

Tip! In order not to spoil the pre-holiday mood
unreasonable purchases to get started, you need to understand
What kinds of veils do you have and which wedding
hairstyles they are most harmoniously combined.

The type of veil is determined by its length, the number of tiers and style.
Experts from the beauty industry advise brides in this
year to look at the most winning

  • classic – made of transparent fabric, medium or slightly
    more length, trimmed with satin ribbon and decorated with rhinestones,
    pearls or lace; Lace veil
  • Cathedral – a classic model for a wedding in a Catholic
    churches. It is about such a veil girls dream – it is collected
    thick on the back of the head, and its luxurious train can drag on for several
    meters behind the bride; Wedding Veil
  • Juliet is a fashion trend returning to the era of ladies and knights.
    The veil is made of lace, imitating handicraft, skillfully
    decorated with pearls and beads;
  • mantilla – a model requiring special
    mounts. On top of the head, it fits like exquisite
    lace scarf, falling on the shoulders. This veil must be
    light, weightless, only along the edge of the decorated lace embroidery.
    A hairstyle for such a veil is a sleek, stylish styling; Mantilla and Juliet
  • fan – a great opportunity for the bride to show off in veils,
    not hiding faces. Matte or translucent fabric of this style
    going from one end and mounted inside the hairstyle, which can
    be decorated with flowers, pearl beads or
    scallops with precious stones;


  • waltz – veil style, which consists of several layers and
    beautiful wraps envelops the figure of the bride. Such a veil
    the length can be flush with the dress, looks good as
    on the collected hair, and flowing over the shoulders; Fan and Waltz
  • veil – a small veil, completely opening the hair and slightly
    covering the face. Suitable for a wedding dress in retro style, and
    also for extravagance in any other image;


  • blush (blusher veil) – short transparent veil in
    one layer that covers the face. This is a veil of intrigue,
    because through her hairstyle only translucent, and the contours of the face
    acquire mystery, so relevant to the occasion.

Types of veils

Having an idea of ​​the typical styles of veils, creative brides
together with their couturier can create their own unique
a masterpiece and will look just immaculately not
only in the eyes of the groom, fashionistas, too, will be delighted.

How to choose the veil to the type of person, figure and

Wedding is an event when a girl as a bride is simply not
It has an error, just like a miner. The thing is that
if all the details of the toilet are chosen correctly,
especially the veil, the whole image will fit exactly the puzzle and everyone will see,
the bride is perfection itself without flaws.

Bride with a veil

No figure flaws will be visible, no one will guess
problems with hair – all attention will be taken away by the veil. This
the detail is able to emphasize dignity and veil
deficiencies only if it fits

Face shape

Chubby brides need to visually stretch their faces. It will help
make high hairstyles that open forehead or styling
casual chic with short temples, voluminous
back of the head and a few strands of bangs.

Hairstyles for the wedding

In this veil should be attached to the back of the head high
or low, have one tier and flowing texture.

Triangular face have thin boned slender girls,
which loose hair or easy styling with low
bunches, weaves. Wedding hairstyle recommended
as natural as possible, with no lacing and
constructions. Veil in this case can be of any style and
depend on the style of the wedding dress.

A square wide open face will look cute and gentle,
if you soften it with soft curls, easy styling
waves slightly raised and removed from the face.

The veil should pick up the length of the middle of the elbow, securing it
special comb or studs in the back. On wedding photos
The bride will look great.

By type of figure

Choosing a veil

Tall slender brides should not fasten a veil on top.
It will look more harmoniously low on the back of the head or in the form of
lace canvas on the head.

Fat girls fit this accessory made
in one layer, without additional details, simple cut, but
with exquisite rhinestones or lace.

Owners of wide hips should not hide them behind the length,
immense veil – on the contrary, it will further expand the bottom. To
balance the figure worth paying attention to
tiered product that is attached to a wreath or tiara and
comes to the elbow.

By hairstyle

Bride with a bouquet

Regarding the hairstyle there are no restrictions. Experienced stylists
manage to even ultrashort haircuts secure this
the symbol of girlish purity, thereby making the image fresh,
nice and defenseless.

Long hair can also be harmoniously combined as with
super long veil, and with a short veil.

Curls, slightly tidied at the temples can be covered
an item attached to a diadem or a wreath collected on

In this video, a wedding dress designer talks about three
the rules for selecting a veil under the dress.

Hairstyles with a veil on different lengths of hair

Stylists teach women to
natural beauty and offer bridesmaid on
wedding just such styling – they look natural,
well-groomed, expensive and very sexy. This trend is direct.
the opposite of curls, tight curls, correct and boring

It is important! Before the wedding celebration
you need to do a test hairstyle to make sure the right choice
and if necessary, make adjustments to the image.

Experienced creative masters can give invaluable advice on

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Hairstyle for long hair

Laying on long hair with a veil is just flying
fantasy for stylists. They can do the following

  • Hollywood waves – stretched along the length of the spiral;
  • braids – all kinds of weaving;
  • shells, bundles, tails – using additional

This video shows the step by step execution of the wedding hairstyle and
how to fix the veil.

Hairstyles for medium hair

Medium hairs usually do not cause
difficulties at the masters. This season brides can
to offer:

  • low bunches;
  • retro-style – combines a bun with a veil and hair styling along the face
    waves; Hairstyles for medium hair
  • Greek style – when the hair is removed from the face and waves
    fit on the back of the head;
  • French – smooth, like a lacquered hair with smooth
    waves along the ear and forehead; Style wedding hairstyles
  • casual chic – in this case, the effect of disheveled
    blown hair.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Short hair makes stylists creative
and depending on the overall concept of the wedding image do
styling. She can be in:

  • retro style – neat head with adjusted bangs and

Veil in retro style

  • boho style – with the use of additional
  • Bohemian style – exquisitely artistic stacked strands.

Hairstyles for short hair

How to choose a veil and hair for her

To make the image of the bride special, extraordinary,
touching and beautiful need to know the golden rules
the perfect combination of hairstyle with veil style.

Wedding hairstyles with a veil and flowing curls

Laying with loose curls

With flowing hair with a veil, beautiful images are obtained. For
wedding hairstyle hair can be as perfect
straightened and wavy. They are perfect
veil of elegant lace, lush multi-layered veil to the floor
Or a long canvas, fixed to the head with a whisk.

Hairstyles with a veil and collected hair

Hair styling with loose hair

Collected hair opens the face, neck, makes the image of the bride more
romantic. Monolayer or multilayer veil of medium length
– an excellent choice of the bride. The veil will also be suitable for such styling.
with a train that will give the bride real splendor.

Wedding styling with bangs and veils

Bangs in the hair can be straight, oblique, torn, set
– the choice of veils does not affect it and it is permissible of any length,
pomp and texture. The final choice of the veil depends on
image of the bride with bangs.

If he’s romantic, then it’s better to choose a long veil, with
lace and pearls, if cheeky – short on the comb
(it can be removed and put on again at any time),
classic – veil with satin or guipure trim to the elbow or
flush with the length of the dress.

Wedding hairstyles with bangs

Wedding hairstyles with an unusual veil

For girls who want to demonstrate their originality,
Fata-pirate suit. It covers the whole head and is fixed.
side, back, asymmetrically depending on
styling. Here fit loose hair, laid in
light curls.

Unusual veil

Hairstyles with a veil and a diadem: how and where the diadem is attached

Wedding hairstyles with tiara and veil look not only
Attractive, but also create a finished image. Diadem
is inlaid with rhinestones and stones
scalloped or fastened bezel

This element not only turns the bride into a princess, it helps
she plunge into a fairy tale, but also causes touching excitement inside –
the feeling that a childhood dream is coming true. These images can be created
attaching the diadem in different ways.

Diadem on top of the head

Diadem on top of the head

The tiara is mounted on the parietal part of the head depending on
styling – it can separate bangs from the main hairstyle,
located closer to the forehead or in the center
but do not reach to the nape.

Diadem lowered to the forehead

Unusual stylistic solution for weddings in ethno-style, and
also for a special treat. In this case, the tiara is
refined artfully made product.

Bridal Veil

Diadem behind

Mounted on the back of collected hair, giving the image
charm. In this case, the tiara wraps around one of the elements.
styling, emphasizes the solemnity of the event.

Rear Diadem Kit

Long tiaras

A kind of tiara that fits only long hair. She is
mounted on top and forming a pattern coming down
accordingly with the idea of ​​a stylist. Helps stress bohemian
exquisite image.

This video shows how to make a great wedding hairstyle with
tiara and veil.


Tiara – catchy detail, similar to the crown,
looks good on both collected and uncool

Fata with tiara

Every bride should know that she is unique. But to
really feel it, she needs to be confident
your wedding look at 100%. And maybe
it is only if the wedding dress is completed with a veil – chosen
true, with knowledge and taste.

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