What are hair masks for the night?

Night hair mask is the perfect solution
healing hair, as it is enough to apply before bedtime, and to
morning just wash it off. And voila – hair will gradually begin
restore. During sleep, they self-strengthen and
improve their structure. Every woman had such situations
when hair needs attention and decisive action for
restoration: perm, coloring and highlighting have
strong negative impact.


  • How does the mask work?
  • Rules of the procedure
  • Best Night Mask Recipes

How does the mask work?

Night hair mask is a unique way to
procedures with prolonged exposure. While you sleep, great
the amount of micro and macronutrients through the skin of the head
enters the bulbs and blood, and the oils that make up
means provide maximum protection. Enough to hold
several such procedures – and the hair will find a shiny shine.

However, it must be remembered that not all ingredients
suitable for masks with long exposure. For example, mustard
It should be used only for short-term masks, as its
the goal is to increase blood supply and blood flow to

Rules of the procedure

First, it should be noted that any night mask
must be tested in advance, especially on the eve of an important
developments. Until you are sure about the result,
do not use a mask. Experts advise such a way out
positions: first try to keep the selected mask
several hours. In addition, such a rule should be observed when
the presence of hypersensitivity of the skin of the head. it
due to the fact that the discomfort of the ingredients
masks may appear not after direct application, but
some time later.

Do not use masks that strongly stimulate blood circulation, and
with a persistent smell. The burning components include mustard,
pepper and alcoholic beverages. If you can not do without them, you can
use only a very small amount, and the mask is not
It is worth rubbing into the damaged head cover. Hair tips strongly
dry out, so you should protect them with oil.

Mask for the night should be applied in about 30 minutes, and not
right before going to bed. Hair must
adapt a little to new conditions, sensations, and you should
make sure the mixture does not flow. In addition, the mask should be applied to
dry, well-combed hair.

The greatest emphasis needs to be placed on problem areas. In the process
applying a mask for the night should take into account the type of hair. How
protect the tips of the hair, it was said earlier, but not necessary
apply too much mixture for dry strands if
Your skin itself is oily.

It is necessary to use a cloth dressing or an unnecessary towel. After
the mask is applied, the head often turns around food
film. Experts advise not to do this, as the scalp
in this case will not breathe, that is, automatically created
Greenhouse effect. Thus, the procedure will carry little
useful. It is better to remove the hair under a thin fabric, tied up
a knot.

Do not forget about the protection of pillowcases for pillows: on the pillow
an extra pillowcase is worn or a terry is put
towel, with a fat mask under the fabric is put oilcloth.

The mask is washed off only with warm water. First you need to completely
wash off the mask, and only then use baby soap or shampoo.
It should be noted that some night masks require repeated
washing. It should not be forgotten about the use of rinse.
Lemon has a special benefit: it is enough to add fresh juice
lemon in pure boiled water. Due to this hair will get
shine, obedience, while neutralizing unpleasant odor.

And finally, you should consider the length of the hair. When applied
recipes that are described below, as well as other folk remedies,
It is worth considering the length and thickness of your hair. For long hair
used multiplied by 2 the number of ingredients, and sometimes by
3. But short hair may require half
prepared mixture.

Best Night Mask Recipes

Very nutritious and easy is a mask of honey. She happens to be
an excellent solution for the scalp: oily, normal and
weakened hair. For its preparation, 30 g of honey are mixed with
whipped egg yolk. The skin is well impregnated with the mixture.
head, and the rest is distributed along the length of the hair. Wash off in the morning
warm water.

To get rid of dryness and damage to hair, the best
the agent will be a mask of oils. For this you need to take the following
oils: burdock, jojoba, almond and pink. 30 g burdock oil
mixed with 15 grams of almond and jojoba and at the end add 5 g
pink. The mask is evenly applied to the hair, with attention
given to the tips. In the morning, rinse with shampoo.

To prepare a fortifying agent, you need to take an apple
and carrot fresh juice, then mix in equal
quantity. For average hair length, 30 ml each is enough.
juice. To the mixture is added 15 ml of aloe juice. It can
cook yourself by grinding and squeezing the juice from a pair of leaves
or simply purchase at the pharmacy. In the process of applying attention
given to the roots. In the morning, rinse with plain water.

But masks for strengthening on the basis of herbal decoctions are excellent.
fit any hair. Herbal decoction is allowed,
used to rinse the hair. For light tone hair
The use of chamomile flowers is recommended, and for dark
animal leaves. The broth is prepared in accordance with the calculation of 15
g of grass per 125 ml of boiling water. It is necessary to insist about 30 minutes. 30 ml
decoction mixed with 1 yolk. The night mask is rubbed into the roots, and
residues are evenly distributed throughout the hair. Rinse need warm

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