What are hair masks with oils?

Hair masks with oils are a daily care for any
curls. The long and magnificent braid was once a distinctive
feature of a Slavic woman, so who, if not our grandmothers, is better
everyone knows tips on caring for curls. In those days there was no
shampoos and conditioners, so women had to use
gifts of nature. Nowadays, it makes no sense to prepare burdocks
plantain and burdock to get a healing tool. AT
Pharmacies have a huge amount of ready-made ether mixtures from
medicinal herbs, plants and fruits.

Due to adverse weather conditions, improper
food and constant exposure to hair dryers and pleyok our curls lose
your natural shine and natural beauty. Modern
cosmetology offers a huge amount of care products, but
as a rule, they are all based on chemical additives and
synthetic substances.

If you understand in detail, the ether mixture consists of substances
which modern science gets through research and manipulation
with natural ingredients. As for the cooking method,
The most effective method of producing ether components is considered
technology which consists in the imposition of pork or beef tallow
on the glass surface. On the fat impose jasmine petals,
roses or other plants from which to make oils.
After the fat absorbs all the necessary properties of the plant, its
mixed with alcohol and insist for the necessary
of time.


  • How to choose the essential components?
  • The most popular masks to restore
  • How to cure brittleness and split ends?
  • Peach and grape oil
  • Bergamot oil and sunflower
  • Technique of using masks with essential components

How to choose the essential components?

Essential masked ingredients are required to be used in
depending on the cause of the problem. If you have normal hair, then
for purification and prophylaxis, extracts of such plants are suitable:

  • geranium;
  • eucalyptus;
  • lavender;
  • rosemary.

To solve the problem of dry hair are well suited:

  • pink tree;
  • orange;
  • sandalwood;
  • chamomile;
  • mandarin;
  • peach;
  • apricot;
  • cherry.

From excessive hair loss will help oil verbena, cedar, pine and
mint. To completely get rid of dandruff, you can make masks
with eucalyptus, millennial, tea tree and lavender extract.

Dilute essential supplements can be in the usual sunflower oil or
in aloe, lemon, apple cider vinegar, brandy, yolk and even clay.
The exact amount of ingredients for the mixture directly
depends on the length of your curls.

The most popular masks to restore

Indian tribes used the jojoba plant extract in many
purposes, the main of which was treatment. To date
The ingredients of this plant are actively used for cosmetic purposes.
Jojoba hair masks have an incredible effect.
which is the complete restoration of the ends of the hair. The thing is
that the composition of the above plants is a huge amount
amino acids and beneficial vitamins that renew the structure
curls. It can be used as an independent tool, and
can be used in the composition of ready-made masks and shampoos, from this
it will not lose its useful qualities.

Jojoba goes well with the rest of the ingredients, as it does not
has a smell. For the manufacture of self hair masks with
the participation of essential oils in this case jojoba you need
warm in a water bath. Spread evenly all over.
hair and leave for 1.5 hours. After the expiration of the specified time
hair masks with essential oils wash with shampoo. Applying recipe
2 times a week for a month, you will get amazing
shag without damaged tips.

Oil hair masks stimulate nerves very well
endings in the head area, which accelerate hair growth. No less
An effective remedy is a mask with shea butter. Hair mask
Shea butter can be used at home without much effort,
all you need is to pre-purchase the tool in
pharmacy. It can be used on the same principle as
the above mask with jojoba, and can be combined with other
ingredients. For example, a combination of 1 tsp will be very effective.
burdock oil, castor, mixed with shea. In order to
keep bright and shiny hair color masks with essential oils
should be done 2 times a week while keeping it curled
half an hour.

Masks with argan oil are recommended if
hair needs moisture and nutrition. In the cold season
hair mask with argan oil acts as a protective
agents from excessive exposure to low temperatures. Argan
oil can additionally be used to protect against
adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation during hot seasons. Use
hair mask with argan oil is necessary with a mandatory check
on sensitivity. The composition has a number of elements that can
cause allergies. Recommend to use in conjunction with the finished
cosmetic mask. As for improvised means, then oil
Argans can be diluted in egg white or lemon juice. Apply
hair masks with oils can be both clean and dirty

How to cure brittleness and split ends?

Many women face the problem of brittle hair and
split ends, in search of a wonderful means they are completely
they forget about the medicines that nature itself presents.
Fruit masks have repeatedly proven their effectiveness.
For example, such:

  • peach mask;
  • hair mask with avocado oil;
  • mask of grapes.

Peach butter can completely eliminate split scales on
hair. If you have an essential oil, you can add it to
egg yolks. If it is absent, but there is a peach, then it
required to grind, mixed with milk, put a slurry and leave
for 30 minutes. Peach oil hair masks are great
for loose dry curls. The peculiarity of this mixture is
pleasant smell and a huge list of vitamins:

  • vitamin A;
  • B vitamins;
  • E;
  • WITH;
  • R;
  • fatty acid.

Peach and grape oil

Peach oil hair mask is used as
self-therapy and in combination with egg white. Special
Popular peach in combination with mayonnaise. At 1 tbsp.
l mayonnaise need 3 tbsp. l peach butter. Amount of mixture
calculated depending on the size and thickness of the curls.
The mask obtained after thorough mixing is heated on
water bath, impose on the hair and leave no less than 1

Hair masks with grape seed oil give the result
thanks to 3 basic properties:

  • warn fallout;
  • strengthen the roots;
  • control sebum secretion.

Grapeseed oil, like a number of other essential
oils, extracted by pressing. This method allows you to save all
important vitamins and amino acids that are in the fruit.
The mask of grape seeds is very easy on the hair and does not give
unpleasant feeling of heaviness and fatness, which is inherent in most
oils. This type of essential components is applied exclusively on dry,
pre-washed hair. Otherwise all the fat that
accumulated on the curls, absorbed the skin with a mask.

Hair masks with grape oils can be prepared at home,
using products that are in the pantry and refrigerator. For
cooking mask you need 2 spoons of oatmeal porridge
mix with 3 tablespoons of vinegar and fill 100 g of grape oil
bones. This manipulation can also be carried out in order to
prevention of dandruff or seborrhea. As a treatment
Mask should be done 15 times a month.

Grape seed essential oil is recommended to combine with oil
wheat germ. Add to the wheat mixture required egg
yolk, and you can oatmeal flakes. The composition must be distributed by
hair evenly and leave overnight, and in the morning necessarily
rinse with shampoo water.

Bergamot oil and sunflower

For sweaty and oily skin is very effective in applying oil
bergamot It normalizes the activity of the sebaceous gland and significantly
tightens pores, helps reduce acne and pimples.
The effect of bergamot tones and illuminates the skin a little. Each of
the above substances has its effect, but in a complex, if
to combine the ingredients correctly, you can get a remedy for
many hair problems.

The benefits of sunflower oil have been known for a long time, and not only
in the field of cosmetics for the face. Hair Mask with Sunflower Oil
has a beneficial effect on the scalp and on the very
hair structure. It is better to make hair masks at home with
unrefined option. A spoonful of the mixture is diluted in a spoonful of juice.
lemon, put on 20 minutes. Enough conducts such a manipulation
once a week, and you will become the owner of a spectacular head of hair.

If you are faced with the problem of brittle hair, then oil
Sunflower can be combined with chopped burdock root. Root
Pour fat mixture and leave in a dark place at night. After 2
day, the mixture is heated in a water bath and applied to the entire length

There is another recipe for the preparation of masks from vegetable
oils, it was once used by our grandmothers. Massage
apply crushed onion, honey and
sunflower oil. If you feel a tingling sensation, then this is the norm,
but if the burning is very strong, wash off the mask immediately, so
as it may be an allergic reaction.

Technique of using masks with essential components

The rules for using masks with essential oils are simple. Mixes
need to warm up in a water bath and applied to the hair.
The only difference is that some of the masks require clean
hair, and some can be applied to dirty.

In order to make the effect of the mask better, after applying it on
hair can be wrapped head plastic wrap to
create a thermal effect.

Remember that in no case should the essential oils be boiled
It is impossible, because from this they will lose their healing properties and not
will give no effect. Additionally worth noting the importance
systematic: if you observe regularity in the application
masks with essential oil, you can achieve much faster
the desired result.

The use of essential masks for the restoration and treatment of hair
justifies all hope for them. The cost of essential oils in pharmacies
quite affordable, and the cooking method is not expensive
of time. Most of the essential constituents are hypoallergenic and not
causes no skin reactions and effects. Use
oil masks for hair regularly – it will increase the stability of your
locks to the effects of adverse factors and give you
the hair that all Hollywood stars dream of.

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