What are the types of hair: mixed, oily, normal, dry and how to identify them

Knowing your hair type allows you to choose the right one for them.
care. Only in this case they will grow healthy, shine
natural shine, cut and break less in length. It is important
not only for women, but also for men. After all, from the wrong care
dandruff appears, hair may fall out, become thin and
spoil the look. Types of hair for men and women

Types and types of hair

The content of the article:

  • Types and types of hair
  • Depending on race
  • By color range
  • By the activity of the sebaceous glands
  • By density
  • By elasticity
  • What are the types of hair – a general classification
  • How to determine your type
  • How to care for different types of hair
  • FAQ

The hair consists of keratin and water at 97% and 3%, respectively. But
despite this, they have many types and types.
They differ not only in color and density, but also in density,
elasticity, greasiness and race. Types of women's hair

To help determine the type and choose the right tools for
washing and care, will help the doctor-trichologist. Diagnostics is carried out on
special equipment that shows the condition of hair and skin
heads, what type they are and what they need to recover
their health.

Depending on race

In people of different races, hair varies in color, density and
structure. There are 3 main types:

  1. Slavic – the core is thin, the density is average.
    Color varies from light chestnut to blond. Prevails in
    European countries and Australia. Slavic
  2. Asian – thick, dense and thick, in
    most absolutely straightforward. Color from chestnut to black.
    Predominant in the countries of the East. Asian
  3. African – tough with small curly
    texture. Hue from dark chestnut to black. This type of hair
    occurs mainly in southern African countries. African

Today you can find not only pure hair types by racial
accessories, but mixed.

By color range

Each hair contains pigments that give it a unique
shade. Depending on which color accent prevails,
4 color types are separated. This classification also applies
skin tone and eyes.

Summer type

In the general color palette prevail cold
shades. Hair color is closer to ashen, maybe
chestnut or light blond with a neutral tint. Brown eyes
gray, blue. The skin is pink, when tanning becomes olive.
Type summer

Type autumn

In this color type bright warm shades prevail. Hair have
bright copper or red color, peach skin with a golden sheen.
Sunburn go well. Eyes are green, hazel or brown.
Type autumn

Type winter

Refers to the cold color type. Hair color
varies from chocolate to black, skin is pale, with
exposure to sunlight reddens, sunburn manifests itself poorly.
Eyes are blue, gray or brown. Type winter

Type spring

Warm color type. Hair has light brown or light brown color with
amber or caramel glitter. Skin is thin, porcelain with
lots of freckles. Eyes may be blue or green.
Type spring

Important. Knowing your color type helps correctly.
choose the color of hair, clothes or makeup to look like
fresh and harmonious. Do not mix cold and warm
color types, change the saturation of shades.

By the activity of the sebaceous glands

Depending on how the sebaceous glands of the scalp work,
hair is divided into dry, oily and normal:

  1. Dry – a large number of split ends,
    stiff to the touch, thin, very confused, poorly stacked,
    keep volume well due to increased porosity;
    dirty (up to 5-7 days), irritated and itchy scalp, dry
    dandruff. Dry
  2. Normal – soft, easy to comb, not
    confused, require washing every 3-4 days, shining all over the canvas,
    split ends appear 5-6 months after shearing.
  3. Fatty – the day after washing
    there is a shine on the roots, do not keep volume, oily seborrhea,
    unpleasant to the touch and untidy in appearance, the ends are glued together,
    there are almost no split ends. Fat

To solve the problems, trichologists advise choosing
shampoo as a scalp and use it only on the roots,
especially in the case of dry hair. Fatty recommended flushing
twice with natural ingredients that regulate
greasy exchange. Aggressive surfactants in the composition will dry out the skin and
fat will be produced even more abundantly.

Important. You need to wash your hair as often as they
require If you walk with a dirty head once or twice a day,
guaranteed itching and dandruff. Scalp type given
nature cannot be changed, so ignore the advice on
“retraining” hair.

By density

Each hair type has a different stem
thickness. Also hair can be thinned under the influence
improper care and other external factors. Therefore it is important
choose cosmetics that are suitable not only for the type of skin
head, but also hair. dense

Each person can have hair at the same time.
various thickness. The thinnest are in the temporal zone,
the thickest on the back of my head. At the same time, the rod may become thinner.
to the tip, and at the root to be thicker.


The diameter of the rod from 70 microns (millionth part from 1 meter) and
more. Hair is heavy and heavy, it dries long after washing.
They are difficult to curl or straighten. When exposed
heat or chemicals stay healthy for a long time. Thick


50-70 microns. Easy to lay. Dry naturally
in 60-90 minutes. Such hair is easy to style, with
using styling products they keep their hairstyle somewhat
hours Medium


Less than 50 microns. It is more common in blond hair. Easy
electrify, fuzz, usually dry and split. So not hair
there is enough nutrition and they need extra care to give
density. Thin

To increase the thickness of the hair in several ways:
paint in dark color, make a course of henna masks, use
sealing agents with silicones.

By elasticity

Straight and curly hair is inherited. Structure
depends on how many disulfide bonds are formed in
keratin layer of hair. If there are many, the strands will curl,
if not enough, stay straight.

Straight lines

Straight hair more than normal or oily type, if not
spoiled by dyeing and thermal devices. They are easy
combed and less flogged. Hair cuticle smooth,
brilliant canvas. Straight


Such hair has a dry type. The cuticle is more often open and
rod susceptible to damage. Hair is voluminous and bad
combed. Manufacturers of professional tools produce
line care specifically for curly hair. Curly

Important. It is impossible to change the hair structure. But
There are procedures that will help to do this for 3-6 months. it
keratin straightening or perm. But remember
that it hurts your hair. It is necessary to carry out procedures for their

What are the types of hair – a general classification

Hairdressers and trichologists when choosing care products for healthy
hair oriented to the general classification. It includes 4 types:
normal, dry, fat, combined.


For this type of shampoos and masks with natural herbs and
oils that add shine and elasticity to hair. To not
to break the sebaceous glands, you need to wash your hair with warm water, not
use thermometers more often 2 times a week. Normal


To avoid drying your hair even more, you need to choose shampoos with
soft cleansing ingredients (soap root, soap nuts). AT
The composition of the masks should be biotin, keratin, silicones and natural
oils. Drying such hair can only naturally
and laid without the influence of thermal devices. Dry


Oily skin is found in people with metabolic disorders.
or improper operation of the endocrine system. To care for
hair, you must choose a shampoo with natural tannic
components (nettle, burdock, calendula). They will help
regulate the sebaceous glands. Fatty

Mixed (combined)

It is characterized by fatty roots and dry
tips. Today, this type of hair is most common.
For the scalp it is necessary to choose shampoos for oily hair type,
and the length of the mask for power and recovery. Hair tips
must be protected with an indelible silicone.

How to determine your type

To know your hair type, you can consult with
trichologist. He will diagnose and give care tips.
The trichologist will tell not only what type your hair belongs to,
but also see the existing diseases, identify their cause and prescribe
treatment. How to find out your hair type yourself at home

If you are not worried about your scalp or
loss, you can do with the home method of determining the type
hair. Assess their general condition, how often they need
in washing and cutting, it is easy or hard to comb.

How to care for different types of hair

Experts recommend to adhere to the following rules for care
for hair:

  • wash your head with warm water – hot activates the work of sebaceous
    glands, and a cold narrow vessels and reduce the power of the roots;
  • any type of hair needs extra vitamins and
    microelements, zinc, vitamins of group B, are especially useful,
  • Thermometers harm hair structure, they become dry and
    brittle, so use professional thermal protection;
  • 2-4 times a month do oil wrap – for dry hair
    Argan oil, coconut, macadamia, shea, broccoli, for greasy hair
    olive, flaxen, almond, for normal hair – burdock,
  • For oily hair, masks or henna dye are useful, which
    dries and reduces greasiness;
  • do not forget to use a balm after each wash, and a mask
    1-2 times a week;
  • protect your hair from the sun and frost with headgear.


Every trichologist is confronted daily with the same
questions. If you are concerned about the health of your hair, then
they were probably also asked.

Why hair can change its type

Just a year ago, your hair was of a normal type, but lately
time more prone to dryness. Cause of impact
thermal instruments, hair dyes or lack of vitamins.
If, on the contrary, dry scalp has become oily, you need to turn to
a therapist to check hormonal or endocrine work
system. hair can change its type

How can I change hair color

This can be done with chemical or natural
dyes. This changes only the shade of the length of the hair, the roots
natural shade will grow. Do not forget that
after dyeing the hair requires nourishment and

What hair can not be changed

The most difficult in styling and coloring are gray
hair or asian type. They have the highest
density and dye pigments difficult to penetrate under the cuticle.
The opposite effect is porous hair. Their cuticle, on the contrary,
open, so the pigment does not linger in it. Color after
staining is washed out 2-3 times. This applies to bleached and
dry hair. Asian hair

Differences between male and female hair

Men are more likely to have thick and oily hair. Among women
medium or thin, dry or normal. This is due to the production
hormone testosterone. By the way, it affects the baldness by
male type.

How to find out your hair type by yourself at home

To determine your hair type without visiting the trichologist, select
suitable statements. You have dry hair if:

  • you wash your head once a week;
  • tips begin to split a month after shearing;
  • no shine;
  • there is electrification.


You have normal hair if:

  • you wash your head 2 times a week;
  • tips split 3-4 months after cutting;
  • there is brilliance along the entire length;
  • electrified in winter.

You have oily hair if:

  • you wash them 3 or more times a week;
  • the tips do not split even six months after shearing;
  • hair has shine;
  • do not electrify.

You have combined hair if:

  • you wash your hair more than 3 times in 7 days;
  • there is a shine at the roots;
  • length does not shine;
  • hair split 1-2 months after shearing.

Knowing what type of hair you are, you can improve their health.
and appearance. To do this, it is enough to choose a suitable shampoo,
mask and indelible means and follow the advice of trichologists.

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