What are the ways to strengthen the enamel teeth?

Before modern dentistry, in addition to treatment and prosthetics,
often there is such a problem as strengthening the enamel of the teeth. After all
violation of the integrity of the enamel – a fairly common phenomenon.
This condition is manifested in the hypersensitivity of the teeth, and in
susceptibility to caries bacteria and a tendency to


  • What is enamel and why does it break?
  • Enamel strengthening methods
  • Restoration of enamel at home

What is enamel and why does it break?

Tooth enamel is a very hard substance that covers thin
layer the whole tooth. It performs a protective function – protects against
effects soft tissue of the tooth, nerves and blood vessels. Despite
on its solid structure, it is very susceptible to damage. With
violation of the integrity of the enamel the tooth begins to collapse, in it
a carious cavity is formed. Therefore, oral care is in
first of all, thorough cleansing it from food debris that
subsequently form a soft plaque.

Enamel teeth

Tooth enamel is the strongest and hardest part.
our tooth, despite the fact that it is rather thin and
transparent. It can not be erased instantly, usually it goes
about 10-15 years.

Among the reasons that lead to the thinning and destruction of enamel,

  • bad habits – smoking, alcohol;
  • the abuse of sweets;
  • poor oral hygiene;
  • love for drinks that contain a lot of acid;
  • sudden changes in food temperature;
  • injuries and overbite;
  • age changes.

If you suspect that the enamel has thinned or
damaged, you must immediately visit the dentist to take
urgent measures to restore it.

Since this substance cannot recover by itself,
There are several modern methods to strengthen tooth enamel.
Let us consider in more detail each of them.

Enamel strengthening methods

Perhaps the most commonly used recovery method.
The protective layer of the teeth is fluoridation. This method
lies in the fact that the surface is covered with special
preparations containing fluoride. Fluorine compounds penetrate enamel,
saturate it and thereby strengthen it.

This procedure is quite affordable, but for
sufficient effect has to be repeated several times.
Conduct it only in a dental clinic or office.
Despite the seeming simplicity of this manipulation, its own
it is strictly impossible to carry out. The fact is that fluorides trapped
on mucous membranes and in the respiratory system, can cause complications.


Fluoride teeth. Tooth Coating
fluorinated varnishes and solutions that are produced either
by brush or application method.

Another method that will help strengthen teeth –
remineralization. With the help of special preparations tooth enamel
saturated with various minerals, which makes it more resistant to
the impact of negative factors.

The drug used in this procedure
forms a peculiar film on the tooth surface. She in her own way
The composition is very similar to enamel. After this coating the teeth will be
less susceptible to various disruptions. Recommend to use
remineralization both as treatment and prophylaxis.

The most modern, innovative way to strengthen
The protective layer of the teeth is the implantation of enamel. It applies
to cover significant areas of the damaged tooth surface, and
also with cosmetic purposes. During the implantation dentist
causes on the teeth of the drug, which according to its characteristics
as close to enamel as possible. The composition is connected with
real enamel at the molecular level and for quite a long time
its protective functions.

Of course, this method is used only in the most modern
dental clinics. It is quite expensive in the first
all due to the high cost of the composition.

Restoration of enamel at home

Let’s talk about how to strengthen the tooth enamel at home.
In fact, to make it fully at home is impossible. Can only
suspend the demineralization process using special

Toothpaste to strengthen the enamel of the teeth

In order to strengthen the teeth at home, suitable
paste having a high fluorine content.

It should be kept in the mouth for a few minutes, then the effect
will be more noticeable.

Recently, caps and applications appeared on the market, which
contain gel to strengthen enamel. They can be used in
home conditions, however, it is still worth doing it only after
consultation with a doctor.

Due consideration should be given to nutrition. In the diet should be
many foods rich in calcium, vitamin D, fresh vegetables and
fruits, juices. Also solve this problem at home
You can, using folk remedies, strengthening teeth. there is
several effective recipes:

  1. Instead of chewing gum, chew a piece of propolis daily. This priceless
    a beekeeping product will help strengthen teeth.
  2. Prepare the following composition: 100 g of beeswax, 50 g of honey, 10
    lemon juice drops and 3 drops of mint essential oil. Melt on
    water bath until smooth. When the composition has cooled,
    you need to make small balls of it, which should be chewed 2-3
    times a day. The effectiveness of this tool is proven – it strengthens
    not only teeth, but also gums.
  3. Rinsing with ordinary sea salt is also a good method.
    Especially effective use of this tool at night. Proportions –
    1 tsp salt to a glass of warm water.

Beautiful smile, healthy and strong teeth – an indispensable attribute
successful person. Therefore, the issue of strengthening the enamel is so worried
of many people. The main thing in this business is to choose a suitable method and
trust a professional. Then success is guaranteed!

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