What bangs are fashionable in 2016?


  • Stylish hairstyles for short and medium hair
  • Stylish hairstyles for long hair
  • Variants of popular men’s hairstyles

Haircut – the easiest and most affordable way to emphasize and
add your style. The special trend of this season is fashion
bangs 2016. Choosing from the variety of suitable option, they
It is possible not only to add profitable styling of any length, but also
add some zest to the image.

Stylish hairstyles for short and medium hair

Of course, fashionable hairstyles are the most stylish styling.
2016 This option will be equally relevant for any
circumstances: as with outdoor recreation, and on business

The most popular among the fair sex
Got a square with a flat cropped bang that reaches
eyebrows. This style has gained its popularity during the era
Noir, and in 2016 it was slightly transformed and became again relevant
among the fair sex. She is able to give her
the owner of originality and sophistication.

However, before doing this styling, you must consider
a number of individual features:

  1. Completeness and shape of the face: this trendy car 2016 will be more suitable
    owners of an elongated face and pronounced cheekbones. Women with
    round face fashionable women’s haircuts of this type will not work, so
    how they add completeness.
  2. Curls density: strands are more suitable for such styling
    medium density. Too thick curls will give extra
    volume, while disrupting the shape of the hairstyle, and hair cut on thin hair
    will have an unkempt and overly smoothed appearance.
  3. The structure of the curls: this trendy four of 2016 will be more suitable
    owners of curls straight type. Women who have hair
    curl, will have to periodically resume the shape of hair
    curling iron

Also very popular is the asymmetrical four and bangs.
This style is widely known among the beautiful
sex called “bob”. Recently, it has become widely
be used as a haircut for medium hair with bangs.

To this fashionable caret 2016 for medium strands
It looked much more spectacular, you need to pick it up
appropriate bangs. The main criteria for which
it is necessary to rely in this case, – the type and shape of the face.

We list which bangs are suitable for laying of a similar length:

  • for a narrow face with thin features – straight and thick;
  • for a full face – slanting or torn.

Stylish hairstyles for long hair

fashion bangs 2016Trendy haircuts on
long hair always had wide popularity among
the fair sex. In 2016, the most popular
an option for this length is a cascade. This kind of haircut on
long hair with bangs suitable for absolutely any structure
hair. Such a set will be equally good both on the straight and on
curly hair. In order for this haircut to have a finished
character, professional stylists recommend supplementing her thick
long bang straight view.

Another type of haircut for long hair with bangs
is a graduated styling. Many mistakenly confuse this
a hairstyle with a cascade, however it differs from a cascade styling
sharp and clear transitions between the strands.

Before you make this version of the haircut with a bang 2016,
It is necessary to take into account a number of individual features. In this
The case takes into account the type and quality of hair. The owner
curls with a fine structure from such a change in the image is worth
refuse, as constant filing will make them even thinner.

For addition recommend using any variations
elongated oblique bangs. To prevent strands from interfering, they can be refilled.
behind the ear or braid. Especially popular this year enjoys
long bangs, woven into the side of the French braid.

Variants of popular men’s hairstyles

Recently, fashionable haircuts with bangs have received wide
Popularity and among men. They have become an obligatory attribute.
strong and confident gentleman.

In 2016, the following became famous
Fashionable men’s haircuts:

  1. Undercut – a popular styling with shaved temples and combed
    back curls;
  2. Side parting – hairstyle with hair brushed to the side. Fashion on
    a similar parting originated in the 60s and to this day does not lose
    its relevance.
  3. Canadian – hairstyle with the transition from long strands to more
    short The styling gained popularity due to the Canadian
    hockey players. However, these days this hairstyle has a wide
    fame not only among athletes, but also in the circle
    representatives of other professions.

It is known that hairstyle is the main indicator of success and strength.
men That is why men’s hair with bangs is necessary
pick up very carefully.

When choosing fashionable haircuts 2016 for men, it is important to consider
the following items:

  1. Lifestyle: creatives can not
    worry about the correct choice of hairstyle. Experiments in
    This case is only welcome. However, for those who choose more
    strict profession is inappropriate because the wrong choice
    hairstyle can have a negative impact on the image.
  2. Individual features: this item refers to the form
    face, hair structure and special preferences of men.

Despite its simplicity, all the 2016 haircuts
able to emphasize the refinement and wonderful sense of style
owner regardless of age, occupation and

All these styling require constant thorough care. but
the end result in the form of luxurious curls, of course, that
worth it.

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