What can and cannot be done with hair when pregnancy?

hair during pregnancyEvery woman who has ever experienced
imagine the state of pregnancy, we know how special it is
time. Many new sensations, expectations, fears and various
every expectant mother experiences a kind of excitement. She worries and
becoming more susceptible to even the most diverse
superstitions related to pregnancy. The massive part of these
preconceptions associated with the appearance of a woman, so that she can
during this period and what not.

Can pregnant women cut their hair, can they be dyed, dried
hair dryer, straighten and curl? All these questions are of great concern to young people.
mummies, and we will try to figure them out.

Cut or not cut?

The question of whether pregnant women can cut their hair, stood in front of women
at all times. And before, many clearly answered – no, it is impossible,
in no case! But what is the reason for this categorical? And all
the fact is that people were confident that if you cut your hair during
pregnancy can thereby shorten the life of the future baby.
It was also believed that in the hair lies the vitality of a person
it’s not just before people – both women and men – almost
never cut your hair. And since the force in the hair, then, trimming
their pregnant women deprive themselves of such necessary during this period
will and stamina.

Ask the doctor

But these are all the guesses of people, what does he think about this
modern medicine? If you turn to any specialist,
related to this question, whether it is a gynecologist, obstetrician or trichologist
(a doctor specializing in hair health), you will meet the same
unambiguous, but opposite in the sense of the answer. Yes, of course you can!
And not only possible, but necessary, especially if your hair
pregnancy thinned, spoiled their appearance. After all, haircut
hair perfectly helps to improve the hair, and pregnancy this
no problem.

Psychological aspect

From the point of view of psychology, this issue can be considered
in two ways. If you are a very suspicious and superstitious person,
and all these stories about how bad your baby will be if you
trim your hair, you are very depressed, then you cut the hair
just contraindicated. It has long been known how strong we are.
we can mentally program ourselves. Well, if you just lightly
doubt whether it is worth doing or not, but strongly about this
don’t worry, go ahead! Haircut will be useful to you from all
parties: first, you will improve the condition of the hair, and secondly, you
raise your mood, because nothing improves your mood
a woman like her own beautiful look!

To paint or not to paint?

Women ask this question not so long ago. But also the answer to it
over time also changed. Used to when hair dye
just started appearing on store shelves and in showrooms
beauty, they were very toxic, and thus unsafe.
That is why it was not recommended to dye hair pregnant.
Today, a lot of safe paints without ammonia and
other harmful substances. It is also possible to apply paint not
directly to the hair roots, and a little lower, then the paint contact with
skin will be minimal, and the risk, respectively, too.

Other hair manipulations

hair during pregnancySo,
figured out about haircut and dyeing, what about the other types
Impact on hair? Here, as such, it will not, perhaps only
recommendations. Firstly, with regard to perm.
Of course, there are a variety of ways to perm with the help of chemistry,
down to the most benign. But whatever sparing components are,
they are still chemical, volatile, that is, they can get into the respiratory
of the way. So if a pregnant girl wants to curl her hair, she’s better
still choose other, safer ways to do it,
for example, using curlers or curlers.

Secondly, blow-drying or straightening hair. These two
Impacts are not fatal and dangerous to health.
pregnant women, but they can weaken the hair. And if you take in
attention is the fact that during pregnancy hair
weaken, it becomes clear why to dry your hair with a hairdryer and
straightening them is not recommended too often in a particular

Whatever it was, listen to your feelings, because women
possess strong intuition, and pregnant women all the more. And your body
he himself will tell you what you can do, and what is better to refrain from
some time.

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