What can make hair masks with burdock oiled

Burdock hair mask is the most popular
a remedy that is recommended for strengthening and restoring
shag Burdock oil helps hair growth, it is used in
cosmetology offices, and in traditional medicine. He has
A lot of vitamins, proteins, various trace elements.

Hair products with burdock oil are useful for stimulating them.
growth, nutritional support of the roots, for the purpose of skin healing
covers, getting rid of dandruff. Use of funds with
this component helps to smooth and restore the structure
hair in case of damage.


  • What is burdock oil
  • Ways to apply to hair
  • How to make hair masks at home
  • Recommendations for using the tool

What is burdock oil

Burdock oil – a healing tool that is in finished form
is a burdock root infusion made with
adding peach or olive oil. It can be no problem
buy in a pharmacy, but self-production is better not
practice – at home it is rarely possible to provide
process accuracy. Oil bought in a pharmacy,
it is rather easily washed off, hair after it will not be fat.

mask for hair with burdock oil

For blond hair, it is recommended to choose a yellowish oil
or almost transparent – the difference in degrees of purification. If in the facility
a greenish tinge is noticeable; on blond hair it is better not to
apply – it can turn out to be an ugly dirty shade.

The effect of this simple but effective means is to
next. During its application, metabolic processes are activated in
the upper layer of the skin, blood circulation at the capillary level is essential
is improving. The action of the oil also includes the nourishing and
antimicrobial effect, improves immune processes,
eliminates itchy skin.

Ways to apply to hair

Rub the oil into the hair can be in its pure form or as part of the masks.
It is recommended to apply it as follows:

  1. The oil is heated in a water bath to a temperature of 37-38 ° C.
    Rub warmed hair roots – the warmer it is, the higher will be
    therapeutic effect.
  2. Distribute the product gently with frequent scallops over the
    hair. Then wrap your head with plastic and old
    a towel. Hold for about an hour and wash your hair well with
    shampoo An approximate course of treatment is usually one and a half.
    It’s necessary to arrange the procedure once a month.
    7-10 days.
  3. We must remember that it is extremely rare to meet allergic
    reaction to this drug – at the very first signs of the procedure
    you need to immediately stop and switch to other means.

How to make hair masks at home

To enhance the healing effect of burdock oil to it
It is recommended to add reinforcing components – it can
be egg, honey, onion, brandy, mustard, yeast and even pepper

  1. Burdock mask can be prepared with
    honey – mix them in a ratio of 2: 1, rub into the hair roots.
    Hold for an hour, then wash your hair with warm water.
  2. Pepper hair mask: pepper tincture, burdock and
    Castor oil put together, the proportions should be
    the same Rub the resulting drug in the head. After 50-60
    min can be washed off.
  3. Mask against hair loss with nettles. Dried nettle leaves
    in the amount of 2 tbsp. l should be put in a small saucepan and
    boiling water – 200 ml, cover and put for
    insist. Strain the obtained drug and mix 100 ml with 1
    Art. l burdock oil. Use twice a week as masks,
    Duration of use – a month.
  4. Vitamin supplement with cocoa, normalizing level
    dry hair and helps to strengthen them, is prepared as follows.
    Burdock oil in the amount of 3 tbsp. l Mix with 2 egg yolks.
    There also need to put 1 tsp. cocoa, oil solution of vitamins A and
    E. Now mix everything until smooth and gently distribute
    over the entire length of the hair with a frequent comb. Wrap the top
    head with a piece of polyethylene, then with an old blanket or warm
    a towel. Hold the product on your head for about an hour, then
    wash with lemon juice and water solution. Water should be a little bit
  5. Burdock oil mixed with mustard gives excellent
    result. Mustard should be in powder form. For cooking
    mix in a suitable container 2 tbsp. l oil, the same mustard
    powder, one egg yolk, 2 tsp. Sahara. Add to the mass 2 tbsp.
    l warm water. After thorough mixing, take a brush and
    with its help, apply the resulting product to the hair. Head
    wrap well, after half an hour everything must be washed off with warm water
    shampoo This hair mask helps well in case of increased
    oily hair, significantly increases their growth.
  6. Egg and honey mask helps to improve the appearance of hair,
    make them shiny and strong. Egg should not be taken entirely –
    all you need is a yolk. 2 yolks, 3 tbsp. l oils, honey – 1 tbsp. l. all
    mix thoroughly and apply on hair. Wash off in an hour.
    Use once in 7 days.

Recommendations for using the tool

Using masks with burdock oil for hair loss or
baldness, to improve growth, strengthen or restore, it is necessary
stick to some rules.

It must be remembered that such treatments should be applied.
not one-time, but in the form of a course consisting of several procedures.

In advanced cases, hair recovery may require
special attention and more labor-intensive care.

If masks with this component are advised in cosmetology
study, you can get a good health effect only
when all recommendations are implemented strictly and in compliance with
certain conditions.

Do not wash off oil from hair with aggressive chemicals.
or formulations not intended for this purpose. To acquire
means it is necessary only from good manufacturers and carefully study
when buying expiration date.

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