What can tell waist circumference?

Among the many methods that detect the presence of extra pounds
human, the most popular is the calculation of body mass index. But
scientists and doctors, examining the state of health, more often consider
such indicator as waist circumference. This is due to the fact that BMI
does not indicate the distribution of fat in the body. But this particular
factor affects the risk of personal illness.


  • How to measure the circumference of the hoist: a WHO instruction
  • Waist circumference standards for men and women
  • Waist to hip ratio: an indicator of attractiveness and
  • Ratios that make women attractive
  • Why you need to monitor the size of the waist?

How to measure the circumference of the hoist: a WHO instruction

According to the protocol of the World Health Organization (WHO),
measure the waist circumference in the area between the bottom edge of the
lower rib and upper point of the pelvic bone – iliac crest.
Measurements require a standard measuring tape. With girth
“centimeter” should create pressure that is equivalent to 100
grams Using the same tool, determine the circumference
thighs – by wrapping the ribbon around the widest part of the buttocks.

An error in measuring the waist is fixation centimeter
ribbon at the navel. Numerous studies have shown that
This method gives not quite correct results: the waist can
get thinner than it really is.

Measuring the circumferences of both parts of the body provides
the need for the right person position. Need to remove excess
clothes, stand up straight, legs should be put together, hands apart
to the sides. Breathing should be calm. All measurements are recorded.
exhale and repeat twice. If the difference in measurements is
one centimeter, then average results are taken.

Waist circumference standards for men and women

In accordance with the recommendations of the World Organization
health, doctors distinguish three main categories of indicators
waist circumference (OT).

Under normal body weight, men’s waist circumference should be
less than 94 cm, and in women less than 80 cm.

About overweight says OT size of more than 94 cm and less than 101.9
cm in men, and from 80 to 87.9 cm in women.

A sign of abdominal obesity is waist circumference.
more than 102 cm in men and more than 88 cm in women.

It should be noted that with age there is an increase
waist circumference. And it depends on the height of the person: the higher
man, the increase in his waist. However, this phenomenon
observed up to 85 years. In people from 85 to 89 years old average
waist circumference is decreasing.

Waist to hip ratio: an indicator of attractiveness and

Under the ratio of waist and hips imply the ratio of length
waist circumference to the length of the circumference of the hips. This figure is pretty
popular in the west, where scientists have done a lot of research,
trying to figure out how it affects the attractiveness of a person and his
overall health. In English, it is denoted by the abbreviation
WHR (waist-to-hip ratio), in Russian – STB.

The ratio of waist and hips allows not only to establish
how perfect is the figure of a man or woman, but also to predict
health status for the future. The results of scientific research
show that women with an apple type (i.e. when
waist wider than hips) are more often at risk of developing problems with
health than the owners of the pear-shaped body (thighs wider
waist). This ratio is used to determine
central obesity that contributes to the occurrence of other
more serious diseases.

So, the following relations are considered the norm:

  • Окружность талии / Окружность бедер < 0,85 – у слабого
  • Окружность талии / Окружность бедер < 1,0 – у мужчин.

Fat content in the whole human body is determined by
waist to height ratio. The formula for calculating this ratio
is simple:

Waist to height ratio = (Waist circumference / Height) x

You can calculate the waist circumference by using the online


Мужчина Женщина


Ratios that make women attractive

Even in antiquity, ideal women were represented with TBS,
fluctuating in the range of 0.6-0.7. In other words, the wider the
women had hips in relation to the waist, the more beautiful she was
was considered. Most likely, such preferences of representatives
strong sex due to their subconscious understanding that
the chosen one with such forms is more likely to continue
kind of.

Modern studies have shown that today
waist and hips continues to be an important parameter of female
attractiveness for men. So, women with TBS equal to 0.7
estimated by the stronger sex from Indo-European cultures, as more
attractive. Tastes may vary depending on ethnicity.
accessories men. In this case, the ideal ratio of waist and
women’s thighs range from 0.6 (in South America, parts of
Africa, China) to 0.8 (in Tanzania and Cameroon).

Why do you need to monitor the size of the waist?

Recall that if the waist circumference in men is more than
102 cm, and in women over 88 cm, we have a picture of the abdominal
obesity. In the meantime, scientists have determined that this
type of obesity is one of the main components of metabolic
syndrome Abdominal or central obesity leads to the development of
coronary heart disease, as well as hypertension.

In addition, the painful fullness of this type is often accompanied by
development of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus 2nd
type Abdominal fat is the medium where the active flow
various metabolic processes. This is due to the high density
in the accumulation of receptors for catecholamines, sex steroids,
somatotropic hormone, thyroid hormones and minor
number of insulin receptors.

Low insulin activity in visceral fat leads to increased
products such as free fatty acids, which
entails the development of atherogenesis (permanent, escalating
from time to time the process of vascular damage). That’s why
the accumulation of excessive amounts of abdominal fat becomes
risk factor for cardiovascular disease
system, diabetes and a number of other diseases.

Nevertheless, the decrease in body weight even by 5-10% or a decrease
waist circumference of at least 4 cm with prolonged retention
results achieved can lead to an improvement in carbohydrate and
fat metabolism and, as a consequence, lower blood pressure.

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