What causes dandruff in men and her treatment?

Such a nuisance, like dandruff, can ruin the image of any
men Causes of dandruff in men can be different: from stress
to improperly selected shampoos. Dandruff – Disease
scalp entailing the appearance of exfoliated
skin particles. Most often, dandruff is only a display
main problem – seborrhea caused by disruption
sebaceous glands.

Dandruff may be of a different nature, be dry, oily or

  1. In dry seborrhea, reddening of the skin is often present.
    head, increased itching, hair becomes dull and fall out, and shoulders
    the men are full of dandruff.
  2. With oily seborrhea, the scalp becomes oily, hair quickly
    get dirty, shine, dandruff has a yellowish color and covers everything
  3. Mixed type combines the previous figures.

The nature of dandruff

The main causes of dandruff in men:

what causes dandruff in men

Dandruff is the cause of the disorder of many men, and to
get rid of it may have to change your

  1. As strange as it may seem, the key problem of the male
    dandruff is an unhealthy diet, especially its appearance threatens
    lovers of sweets. By eating fatty, fried foods,
    full of carbohydrates that slow down the digestion process, often
    disrupted the metabolism of the male body. A clear signal of such
    impairment serves the occurrence of dandruff on the head. In rare cases
    the appearance of dandruff in men, even with proper nutrition caused
    An allergic reaction of the body to certain products. For
    finding the cause must be tested.
  2. Severe nerve shocks and stress are often the cause
    the occurrence of dandruff on the head in men. Since the nervous system
    serves as a litmus test of the whole organism, it is immediately visible
    shocks. Moreover, men often endure all problems
    emotionally and keep everything inside, accumulating fatigue and pressure.
    If there is a pattern of “strong stress – dandruff”,
    you need to drink special sedatives and vitamins,
    stabilizing the work of the nervous system.
  3. The cause of dandruff for men can be a hormonal failure.
    This is a serious violation and for its treatment it is necessary to turn to
    to the doctor. Signals can be problems with the skin of the face and head, their
    high fat content. In such cases, the reason lies in the imbalance
    hormones. If you do not figure it out in time, for a man it can
    threaten diseases of the male reproductive system and even
  4. Dandruff often appears in cleanroot. With frequent shampooing on
    the skin is destroyed by a protective layer, and the sebaceous glands begin to work
    much more active in trying to make up for it. Therefore, men are
    refrain from washing your head too often or try
    use of special male shampoos. Taking care of the treatment
    dandruff, do not abuse the use of a hair dryer and
    hair styling because it contains ingredients that dry
  5. The cause of dandruff can be a fungus, as a rule, it is easy
    It is treated with a pharmacy shampoo.

Treatment methods

How to get rid of dandruff man prone to manifestations
seborrhea? First of all it is worth trying to establish the reason for it.
occurrence. It is necessary to change the approach to nutrition and start
eat a comprehensive and balanced diet, preferably foods with
rich in fiber.

For the maintenance and proper functioning of the sebaceous
glands need to use male dandruff shampoos.
These shampoos can be purchased at pharmacies, picking up by type of their

For the treatment of dandruff, you must apply lotions and creams,
week special scrub to update the cells of the scalp.

Homemade recipes

Folk remedies for dandruff are very effective and often not
inferior pharmaceutical drugs. Dandruff treatment is pretty

Avoid washing your head with hot water, try to use
warm and boiled. Since tap water is often
too tight.

Be sure to wear a hat in cold weather and protect your skin.
heads from hypothermia and overheating.

An excellent health remedy is sea buckthorn oil, its
should be rubbed into the scalp 2 times a week, and also used
decoction of the branches of sea buckthorn as an air conditioner. Sea buckthorn is not only
will help a man with dandruff, but also prevent loss

Dandruff in Aliens

The causes of seborrhea can be very much
among them – and unhealthy diet, and stress.

Onions – another effective tool. Need to rub
grate the head and squeeze the juice, rub the scalp, leave for 2
hours Rinse with lemon or lavender essential oil.
or rinse with vinegar to remove the smell

A decoction of the stone is often used to combat dandruff.

Dandruff treatment is well done with vinegar or lemon.
It is necessary to dilute 2 teaspoons of vinegar or lemon per liter of water and
rinse your head.

Nettle decoction. Ground nettle 100-150 grams poured
half a liter of vodka and vinegar, simmered for 30 minutes, then
after decanting rinse the head.

Good results can be achieved using castor oil.
It must be rubbed into the scalp 3 times a week and left on
20-30 minutes Then rinse thoroughly.

One of the most simple but effective ways is to add
ordinary tea tree essential oil shampoo. It is beautiful
fights fungus, often causing dandruff. Must add 5
drops in shampoo, foam, leave on the head for 5 minutes, and then
wash off in the usual way.

Egg mask. It is necessary to mix the egg with warm water, apply on
hair, leave for fifteen minutes, then rinse. Flush should
cool water, otherwise the egg can boil. This mask serves
excellent prevention of dandruff in men.

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