What causes oily hair in women – basic causes of high fat

Oily hair is a direct result of a malfunction.
sebaceous glands of the scalp. First of all they get fat
roots, and due to improper care, fat is recognized to the full
length Why do women so often suffer from this disease? how
rectify the situation? Let’s figure it out! girl with greasy hair

Oily hair characteristic

The content of the article:

  • Oily hair characteristic
  • The main causes of oily hair
  • Features of oily hair treatment
  • To which doctor to treat seborrhea?
  • Conclusion

Fatty hair stands out among others with the following characteristic
signs of:

  • untidy look;
  • greasiness;
  • unhealthy shine;
  • rapid contamination (several hours after washing);
  • do not hold styling;
  • absorb odors.

unkempt hair look

Often, oily hair has problems like
dandruff, fallout and problem skin

Reference! Mixed-type hair is greasy roots.
and dry, damaged tips.

The main causes of oily hair

Thyroid and hormones

The role of the thyroid gland is very large for the human body
– it is she who regulates all metabolic processes,
normalizes the nervous system, affects the condition of the bones,
skin hair and nails. Thyroid

Increased or insufficient fat formation on the scalp,
hair loss, dryness or cross section is a signal to the body that
that the thyroid gland is no longer producing properly
thyroid hormones.

A similar problem is common in adolescent individuals.
age, older men, pregnant and nursing mothers, and
menopausal women. During the hormonal period
adjustment the body produces an excess of hormones that affect
the work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp and because of this hair
become greasy and dirty in appearance. The establishment of hormonal
background, as a rule, completely eliminates this problem.

What tests to pass with oily hair?

Questions about the skin, including its hairy
sites on the head, a dermatologist. is he
conduct a visual inspection and give you a general analysis
blood, regardless of gender and age. In some cases
the doctor may refer you to blood biochemistry –
this analysis will give a more detailed picture of your condition
health.Not be superfluous and ultrasound examination
thyroid gland. dermatologist

If, in addition to oily scalp, you see hair loss –
a dermatologist will give you a referral for examination by a gynecologist and
endocrinologist. Expert Opinion Anastasia answers the hairdresser-makeup artist Ask
questionHelp! According to statistics, 75%
cases of scalp oiliness and hair loss are
due to hormonal failure.

Oily hair before menstruation – what to do?

About two weeks before the onset of menstruation occurs
ovulation. This period is accompanied by a jump in the level of estrogen and
increased production of luteinizing hormone – it activates
the work of sebaceous glands.

Women with a dry type of hair say that in this
period hair appear more lively and well-groomed.
Owners of fat curls, on the contrary, complain that
hair must be washed twice as often. it
natural process and you can correct the situation with
drying and absorbing cosmetics. monthly

Oily Seborrhea

This disease is common in adolescents during
puberty because it is then that happens
hormonal adjustment of the whole organism. Fat seborrhea

The level of estrogen in the blood rises, changing the composition of sebaceous
glands The skin becomes more susceptible to the effects
pathogens with a Latin name
“Pityrosporum ovale”. Breeding fungi
provoke itching, irritation and accelerated exfoliation of cornified
skin layer. The disease requires medical supervision and
in some cases – medical adjustment of hormonal


Scalp reaction to pregnancy in every woman
individual. Some people say that hair starts faster
grow and look very well groomed. Others are trying to cope with
fat content and cross section. As a rule, the situation stabilizes after
some time after the birth of the child. During pregnancy same
It is necessary to focus on vitamin-mineral intake.
complexes high in calcium and vitamins
B. Pregnancy

Postpartum period

About a year after childbirth hormonal background continues
stabilize. The hair may be excessively oily on the skin.
dandruff will appear on the head, and more will remain on the comb
strands. mother with child

Reference! Normally, a person loses from 80 to
100 hairs per day. In women in the postpartum period, this figure
may double.

In most cases, the situation stabilizes on its own,
if a woman watches over her diet and follows medical

Unbalanced nutrition

Abuse of fatty, salty, sharp or overly sweet
meals can cause the scalp to become greasy, and
painful acne will appear on the face. Unbalanced nutrition

To correct the situation, you do not need to go on a strict diet –
it is enough to exclude from the diet fast food, alcohol, smoking
and sweets. Adhering to the principles of healthy eating,
You can make yourself a full and not less tasty menu.

Illiterate care

Sometimes the problem of greasy hair lies on the surface and lies
in the wrong care. Illiterate care

Among the most common mistakes leading to fat,

  • Use unsuitable shampoo.
    Moisturizing, nourishing and restoring shampoos from
    mass-market often contain silicones and weighting oils. They
    good for dry and damaged curls, but not for fat
  • Abuse of masks and conditioners.
    The problem again is overloading the hair.
    silicones. Oily hair also needs care, but it should
    be aimed at cleansing and stabilization of sebaceous
  • Daily wash. Desire to wash your hair,
    which becomes dirty by the evening is quite natural, but
    don’t do it. Daily in contact with aggressive
    the skin is stressed and begins to produce
    twice as much sebum as needed. Wash your head no more than one
    every 2-3 days, and in the intervals between bath procedures, refresh
    hairstyle dry shampoo.
  • Abuse hot styling. High
    temperatures drain not only hair, but also skin, destroying it
    natural protective layer. The body, trying to protect the hairy
    part of the scalp from drying out, again, begins to produce
    too much fat. If you can not do without a hair dryer –
    switch it to cold air mode and keep it on
    a distance of at least 30 cm from the hair.
  • Frequent staining, discoloration. Ammonia,
    contained in most industrial hair dyes
    production, destroys the protective fatty layer on the hair and skin.
    When thinned, strands become more porous and more quickly absorb into
    yourself dirt, sweat and grease. Take a short break between
    staining, and then change the usual dye to
    more gentle.

Severe temperature drops

Ignoring the headgear in the cold season,
neglect of an umbrella or a hat in the sun, excessive love for
Sauna – all this also affects the condition of the hair and scalp.
In order not to expose your body to stress – dress according to
weather and do not forget about the hat for the sauna. Winter hair hats

Skin diseases

Seborrheic dermatitis is one of the most common causes.
increase the number and changes in the composition of sebum.

Reference! Seborrheic dermatitis is a disease
leading to the formation of dense scales on the skin, which
clog pores and block follicles access to oxygen.

Due to the fact that the bulbs do not have access to oxygen and do not
absorb nutrients from the care products, the hair begins
quickly get fat and fall out.

Seborrheic dermatitis – a frequent satellite
hormonal adjustment in women (in adolescence, with
pregnancy, postpartum, menopause). Also he can
occur while taking oral contraceptives and anabolic
steroids. As for the pathological conditions, the dermatitis
often develops on the background of diseases such as:

  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • tumors on the ovaries or adrenal glands;
  • diabetes;
  • Parkinson’s disease;
  • epilepsy;
  • immunodeficiency.

Features of oily hair treatment

To cure hair from excessive fat content you need to install
the root cause of the disease. Improve their condition or enhance the effect.
drug treatment can, by adjusting some household
habits. proper nutrition

  1. Eat regularly and properly.
    Adjust your diet so that it was
    enough protein and calcium. Ideally – be guided.
    principles of healthy eating and start taking
    vitamin and mineral nutritional supplements.
  2. Choose the best care products. Your
    The main task is deep cleansing of the skin and pores. pay attention to
    shampoos and conditioners labeled “for oily hair” or “for hair
    mixed type “. In their composition should be cleansing and refreshing
    herbal ingredients like peppermint
    mint, green tea, lemon extract and
    grapefruit, etc. Balsam and mask apply only on
    length, departing from the roots by a few centimeters.
  3. Give up the hot shower. Water temperature,
    which you wash your head should not exceed
    28 °.
  4. Rinse your hair after washing. You can
    rinse the scalp with cool water or make a special
    decoction of healing herbs: nettle, chamomile, mint, etc.
  5. Discard the styling products. Wax, gel,
    varnish and mousse for styling clog the pores on the head and glue
    hair scales due to the high content of silicones and heavy
  6. Do not touch the hair with your hands or scrub your head.
    Very often, these actions are carried out unconsciously.
    Get rid of the bad habit of straightening hair behind the ear,
    twist them on your finger and constantly remove from the face. On
    a lot of sickness accumulates throughout your day
    fungi and bacteria, and with this little gesture you transfer them to
  7. Get dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is
    powdered cosmetic product produced in the form of
    aerosol. Particles of dry shampoo absorb excess skin
    fat, and then easily removed by combing. Its convenient
    carry with you and use in emergency cases when needed
    put your hair in order, and there is no time to wash your hair.
  8. Once a year go through a full medical
    examination. Health monitoring is very important.
    Preventing any disease is much easier and more easily tolerated.
    body than its treatment.

To which doctor to treat seborrhea?

If you suspect you have oily seborrhea, get ready
visit several doctors at once:

  • dermatologist (first of all, the choice of
    subsequent doctors);
  • endocrinologist;
  • gynecologist;
  • a neurologist.


Remember, by letting the problem go by itself, you put yourself at risk
development of the following, more dangerous diseases:

  • Boils, folliculitis, pyoderma – like
    secondary bacterial infection.
  • Suppurations and long healing of injuries and
  • Pink coals or rosacea.
  • Seborrheic eczema.
  • Papillomas or senile

Important! Do not try to make a diagnosis and
choose the treatment yourself. Therapy should be
Based on medical recommendations! And you determined by
what reason do you have oily hair?


Oily hair is a fairly common problem, and, besides
external and internal factors can be inherited.
Protect yourself from the occurrence of the disease! Make yourself
Useful menus, adjust your lifestyle and find the right ones.
Care or pharmacy tools.

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