What clay is better to use to get rid of for acne?

Clay acne is quite effective
cosmetic subject to the correct choice of composition and
application. Facial mask for acne from natural
natural product allows you to cleanse the face of grease,
eliminate inflammation. Due to the different chemical composition of clay
There is a different shade. The most popular in cosmetology
considered clay white, blue, black and green shades.
To find out which clay is best for each face.
case, you need to learn more about each of


  • Cosmetic types of clay
  • Rules for making clay masks
  • Recipes for making clay masks against acne
    • Making a clay mask for oily skin with acne

Cosmetic types of clay

The clay composition is diverse, it includes calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus,
magnesium, iron, potassium, mineral salts and other trace elements. Have
clay of each shade its own unique chemical composition, which is
affects the properties. Therefore, the result from the use of this or
different types of clay will be different.

Black clay acne is considered a kind that has no equal.
Egyptian women were the first to begin to mask her. Black clay
became famous because it is successfully used in the fight against cellulite
and to strengthen hair. Applicable to any skin type. Eliminates
dead cell layer. Penetrating deep into the pores, contributes to their
cleaning and pulling out toxic substances from them, tightens pores. Her
The effect is similar to the scrub effect.

White clay from acne is known as kaolin. Found a wide
application in medicine and cosmetology. More fine fit,
sensitive, flaccid skin. Contains a large amount of
trace elements. It is an excellent antiseptic. Her action
soft, and therefore recommended for use for
sensitive skin. Drying pores, makes
more expressively the facial contour, increases blood flow, eliminates
inflammation, cleanses the pores, gives skin tone, fights black

Blue clay from acne is known to many. The composition is rich
minerals. Apply blue clay in different areas of medicine, including
including in oncology. Good antiseptic that is suitable for
eliminate inflammations on the skin of the face. Fights Acne, Promotes
skin regeneration, lightens it, smoothes mimic wrinkles,
promotes skin disinfection.

Green clay is considered to be the most drying, therefore it is not
used for dry skin type. Recognized as one of the best
anti-aging clay. It is combined with aromatic oils. Cleans and
moisturizes the skin, normalizes elasticity, removes puffiness,
straightens wrinkles, reduces skin porosity, leads to normal
skin hydrobalance, eliminates shine, has an effect
easy lifting.

Red clay is advisable to choose those women who have
there is a lack of iron in the body, as well as owners
dry and inflamed skin. Eliminates wrinkles, sharpens contour
faces, removes irritation and inflammation, has a mild

Rules for making clay masks

If the clay powder is not purchased at the pharmacy, then before
use the product carefully sifted. Perform testing
on determining the susceptibility of the skin to the product. For better
absorption of the skin components before applying the mixture

On average, the mask hold about 20 minutes. The face should
take a static expression, any facial expression is unacceptable. Mask not
wash off with soap and remove with soaked cotton pads or
wet wipes.

Recipes for making clay masks against acne

The important point is not only the choice of product in accordance
with color and skin type, but also taking into account the minor components
homemade cosmetic for

If you use not only clay as a base component
and water as a solvent, and add some other ingredients,
then the clay mask from acne will give a greater effect.

For example, for oily skin, it is recommended to use
plain water or mineral, decoctions of herbs (calendula, celandine,
chamomile, plantain), in a dry situation with warm milk,
when combined, it is better to take kefir.

The following is a list of effective clay masks for different
skin types that you can do yourself at home

Making a clay mask for oily skin with acne

Take 1 teaspoon of blue clay and kaolin, a teaspoon of juice
aloe or cucumber. Mixing, distribute a uniform layer on the face.
The mixture perfectly tones oily skin.

Black clay in the amount of 2 tbsp. spoons mixed with two drops
essential oil of wood tea and a tablespoon of water.

Take the clay of the desired color and green tea in equal proportions (1
Art. spoon), lemon juice (half 1 teaspoon). This means
perfectly fights inflammation.

Mix blue clay and cranberry juice (1 tbsp. Spoon).
Means promotes removal of oily shine.

The action of these masks improves the performance of sebaceous

How to make a clay mask for dry skin

The following types of clay masks are suitable for dry skin:

  1. In equal proportion (1 tbsp.) Combine green clay with
    mineral water, pour 1 teaspoon homemade cream and a half
    h. spoons of honey.
  2. Take the same amount of warm water and blue clay (1 each
    Art. spoon), 1 teaspoon of olive or linseed oil. Such a mixture
    perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
  3. Mix in equal parts kaolin and fruit juice, pressed from
    peach (1 tbsp. spoon). This mixture moisturizes the skin and improves
  4. Take clay to choose from and warm milk 1 tbsp. spoon one
    egg yolk.

As a result of adding minor components such masks
do not dry the skin, so it is permissible to keep them with dry skin
about 10-15 minutes

What are the compositions of clay mixtures for mixed skin types?

With this type of skin should not only fight fat
shine, but do not dry out the already dry areas on the face. For
This is intended for the following compounds:

  1. In equal proportion (1 tbsp. Spoon) mix the starch, kaolin
    and warm water. This composition softens and smoothes the face, eliminates
    irritation, dries inflammation.
  2. Blue clay (1 tbsp. Spoon) is combined with chopped vegetable or
    fruit (any), as needed topped up with some water. Carefully
  3. Take in equal parts (1 tbsp.) Green clay, water and
    cereals. Mix it up. This mask dries, tones and
  4. Yeast (a quarter of a bar) is mixed with warm milk (1 tbsp.
    spoon) and add black clay (1 tbsp. spoon). Everything

Use the gifts of nature wisely and be irresistible!

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