What coloring is suitable for light brown hair

Almost every girl wanted something at least once in her life.
change in your appearance. Most often the choice in this question falls
on hair coloring but did you know that hair coloring
directly depends on their natural color?

Coloring blond hair

There is a lot of information that dark curls are very bad.
painted without a number of complex procedures, and light receive uneven
toning. But what happens when working with blond hair and what
Nuances need to be considered when they are stained? Below we will go exactly
about it.

What are brown hair and why girls want it
to paint?

The content of the article:

  • What are brown hair and why girls want it
    to paint?
  • When you can not dye your hair?
  • What colors dyed brown hair and how to choose the appropriate
  • Types of staining
  • What is balayazh and why do it?
  • How much is usually staining of blond hair?
  • How to care and alternative methods?
  • Video – What is hidden coloring and how to make it
  • Poll

Light brown hair color is very versatile. It has many shades and
analogies. Many believe that there are only light blond and
dark blond hair, but they are mistaken, forgetting about ashen,
golden, chestnut, copper and cold shades.

Blond hair is most often possessed by residents of countries such as
Ukraine and Russia. This color is often considered dull,
unremarkable and boring, so the owners of blond hair
most often resort to staining in order to make your
The image is more vivid and interesting.

There are two streams in staining:

  1. The first is the natural staining
    shades in which brown hair will play a new way if
    toned only a couple of strands, combined with the main color.
    After this procedure, the hair begins to shimmer in the sun and
    acquire their individuality.
  2. The second current – staining in bright poisonous
    colors. In this way, girls are trying to attract more
    attention from the side and make yourself brighter, more colorful and

When you can not dye your hair?

Unfortunately, there are situations when even with very strong
it is not desirable to dye your hair, in which cases
Is it worth postponing the procedure?

  1. It is not recommended to dye hair during
    menstrual cycle. Why? During this period, women
    hormonal background is constantly changing, which affects the skin, hair and
    well-being. The skin in this case can be very sensitive to
    chemicals in the paint, right up to
    burns and allergic reactions, but the hair itself can take
    heterogeneous color. If you live with a great desire to change
    your image immediately or right now free space
    to the best hairdresser of the city, in such a period is still worth
    postpone the transformation. It is unlikely that you want to go with the “leopard
    color “, instead of a beautiful and even tone of hair, and red
    spotty skin, right?
  2. Do not use this procedure for pregnant women.
    to girls. It can lead to baldness, poisoning.
    ammonia vapors from the coloring matter, uneven tone, causing
    harm to the embryo and other not very pleasant consequences. Even the most
    publicized, expensive and high-quality paint always has
    many hazardous chemical compounds and elements. Such
    preservatives are most dangerous in the early stages of pregnancy,
    when the fetus is still incompletely formed and receives for
    further growing mass of substances from the outside. These substances are often
    include both harmful and beneficial trace elements. During
    pregnancy skin of the girl is most sensitive and capable of much
    faster and in greater content to transport all that got to
    skin, into the blood. That is why the first trimester staining
    pregnancy is strictly prohibited! In case you still have
    a great desire to resort to changing hair color is better
    do second trimester using natural or non-ammonia
    dyes, be sure to check before the whole procedure
    skin sensitivity and response to the dye used.
    You can also use folk remedies, henna or basma.
    It is recommended to abandon self-staining and
    seek help from experts.
  3. You can not dye your hair after applying henna.
    Curls in this case can respond very unpredictably.
    Henna is a paint obtained from dried leaves. After her
    use there is a high probability that the hair will acquire
    unexpected color. At best, the coloring pigment remains
    completely invisible, and you just waste your time, money
    and strength. In another situation, hair may become greenish.
    or a reddish tint that does not suit every person, as well as
    You can very spoil the structure of the hair. If you recently
    resorted to hair dyeing with henna, it is best to refrain from
    chemical staining for 2 months.
  4. If you have recently done such a procedure as keratin
    straightening, it is best to wait at least 2 weeks.
    Dyeing hair does not make sense before, because the pigment simply does not
    able to penetrate the hair structure. Also it is necessary in order
    so as not to spoil the result of the straightening itself, because this procedure
    is quite expensive and capricious. Dye hair
    with its action can only be resorted to
  5. It is not recommended to dye hair extensions.
    The fact is that the hair of each person is enormously different in
    its structure and response to influences from
    the world around us and if you decide in such a situation after all
    dye it, as a result, natural hair can get
    shade significantly different from dyed extensible hair.
    They can also deteriorate badly and turn into a washcloth, become
    tough, split and brittle, that later it will be very difficult
    to fix. Asian, artificial and bleached hair
    it is impossible to paint at all, since they are specially processed,
    not intended for the subsequent coloring.
  6. Categorically it is impossible to dye hair with small or
    major abrasions and any skin lesions, even with
    using only natural ingredients. Substances
    paints contained in the chemical composition can cause burns
    infections and chemical reactions on damaged skin that later
    will be very hard and long to heal. It is necessary to wait
    complete healing of wounds and only then resort to some
    action on hair.
  7. It is also not recommended to carry out the staining procedure.
    with feeling unwell and high body temperature so
    as vapors emitted by the use of dyes can
    greatly harm health.

What colors dyed brown hair and how to choose the appropriate

When owners of blond hair still decide to hold
the staining procedure, the main question arises: “What color
choose? “. To answer this question a large
the number of individual features of the girl’s appearance. For example,
skin tone, eye color, facial shape and belonging to a specific


Most often girls choose coloring in “blond”. He fits
almost all owners of light brown hair, different light
skin of the face and blue or gray eyes. Of course, in choosing this
colors need to take into account the fact that the “blond” will fall well only
on light strands, otherwise you will have to use a preliminary
discoloration, the effects of which are often

The disadvantages of this choice are that it can often render yellow.
shade and requires special attention, care and constant
tinting darker regrown roots.

Ash color

A very popular modern trend has recently become
staining ashen hair, which is very similar
silver color. Unfortunately, this choice is not for everyone.
Ash hair will go to owners of sharp features,
protruding cheekbones, as well as gray or blue eyes.

People with such appearance are attributed to the type “Winter”. Girls with
the rounded shape of the face and the warm hues of skin and hair from nature we
We do not recommend staining in this color.


If you fit the last description of the girls, then do not rush
get upset because you can ideally come with caramel color
hair. This shade can not be called red. He is very interesting as well
while being in the sun, it shimmers and gives off in golden
shades. Coloring in caramel color will do.
almost all owners of blond hair, especially if they are
have brown eyes and belong to the type “Autumn”.

When choosing this color you do not have to use the highlight.
and later you can easily change the shade without applying
aggressive chemical procedures.


Close to caramel hair color is honey. Differs more
saturation and lighter shimmer.


Want a dark shade of hair? Then you can turn your attention
on chocolate colors and mocha tones.

The minus of such staining is that, as with staining in
“blond”, you will need to regularly tint the hair roots to
hair always seemed well-groomed and beautiful.

Bright (poisonous) tones

Brave and desperate owners of light brown hair can be offered
staining in unnatural poisonous colors. For example, red,
pink and even blue. Such a change of image has recently become
very popular, so the search for unusual paint will not be very
a long and laborious process.

You can also resort to staining in gold, beige and
light brown shades.

Types of staining

Types of dyeing blond hair recently appeared
a great many. Below I want to bring the most popular of
of them.

  1. The first kind with which every girl is familiar is the usual
    monochromatic dyeing of all hair. This is the most
    simple procedure of all types of staining that can be done
    even at home. Undoubtedly, good results are also required.
    certain experience. Coloring over the entire length of the hair is done with
    using brushes, hats, gloves and dyes.
  2. The second, rather old type of staining, is
    highlighting. For those who are not familiar with this
    the procedure, we explain, the result is the clarification of individual
    strands of hair along the entire length, after which the hairstyle acquires
    more interesting character and color. Highlighting with
    using a coloring or lightening agent and foil. For good
    result is recommended to contact the professionals.
  3. To a rather new type of staining can be attributed
    “Ombre Effect”. Ombre is the clarification of the tips
    hair. This procedure has recently received more
    spread among pop stars. It is also performed with
    using material such as foil.
  4. A more complex type of staining is called
    “Shatush”. It consists of alternating dark and
    light hair strands. Has the second name “effect burned out
  5. Also a very big development recently received
    balayazh, but we will talk about it a little later.

What is balayazh and why do it?

Balayazh is a rather complicated technique, the choice of which is better.
refer to a proven master. When balayazhe separate strands
hair at their ends are painted as close to
natural hair color shades, which makes the image more vivid and

This technique is very similar to the ombra, the only difference is that
balayazh looks more natural.

Is it possible to do balayaz at home?

If you still decide to ignore the advice to address
the master, there is pretty good news ahead. Balayazh can
do and at home. This procedure to perform is very
will be similar to highlighting, only foil with dyed hair
will not be at the very roots, but at the tips of the hair.

It is also necessary to apply the foil twice, combing the hair after
first application.

Tips for those who want to do balaage.

Before this procedure, it is better to get rid of split ends and
refuse to cut after her. Also staining recommended
hold no more than 2-3 times a year.

Types of balayazha for light brown hair color:

  1. Balajazh on copper hair will look more unusual if
    use strands of amber color.
  2. If the hair is light blond and curly, then strands can be successfully
    paint over lilac shades.
  3. If they are dark, you can add an ashen shade to them or
    make white strands.
  4. Braver owners of blond hair can make
    triple balayazh. Using 3 shades throughout the length of the hair.

How much is usually staining of blond hair?

The cost of this procedure usually depends on the salon, its
ratings and professionalism of specialists.

On average, full coloring in the salon, on medium length hair,
will cost 1500 rubles. Balayazh technique usually begins with
cost of 1200 rubles, as highlighting.

How to care and alternative methods?

Dyed hair requires careful care. Need regularly
tint regrown hair roots and wash them using
revitalizing and moisturizing masks, balms and shampoos. Can
resort to the course of salon restoration.

A safe alternative to experiment with your
appearance stands hair coloring special chalk.
The procedure can be easily done independently, and its consequences, in
In case of unsatisfactory results, they will wash off with the usual

Also used for coloring natural substances.
For example, henna, basma, chamomile decoction, onion peel, coffee and
pomegranate juice.

Video – What is hidden coloring and how to make it


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