What distinguishes highlighting from booking

The first difference is their time of appearance. If highlighting is known
all from the distant seventies, booking is a new technique,
the world heard about it only in 2008. The essence of the procedures is that
highlighting is a bleaching of selected strands
on a few tones all over the head. And booking is considered very
complex technique, a feature of which is to combine two at once
shade: light and dark.

Classic highlighting

Interestingly, the transitions between these tones are invisible and not
are evident. Hair shimmers and their overall shade changes
from root to tip. These procedures are suitable for almost any
a woman (the only exceptions are owners of a bright blond,
because the straightened strands will not be visible, and the point is
no staining), but highlighting specializes in lightening, and
when booking, preference is given to the most natural


The advantage of reservation is that it does not
requires frequent correction.

As for the harmful effects on the condition of your hair,
none of the techniques can be called 100% safe, however
Booking is relatively gentle, because
dyes used during dyeing
ammonia is not included when using highlighting
aggressive means to lighten strands as much as possible – sometimes
even 5-6 tones!

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