What distinguishes highlighting from coloring

The main difference between highlighting and coloring is that
that the last procedure is able to give a girl a natural
form. This is based on a number of small differences:

  • highlighting discolor, and coloring colors in
    various rich tones;
  • Highlighting technique is much simpler, it is more
    sparing in comparison;
  • Coloring implies contrasting strands that stand out from
    total shoals of hair, and highlighting is based on soft
  • the procedure of coloring is complicated due to the use
    several shades that need to be properly combined between
    by myself.

Classic highlighting


It is recommended to choose the bleaching process if necessary.
hide gray hair, visually rejuvenate and give the hair visible
volume If you want to stand out from the crowd and look bright you need
resort to more intense staining of individual sections.

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