What distinguishes highlighting from toning

The most favorite way to change the appearance of the female half
population – this is an experiment with hair. But above all, it is worth
study all possible methods of painting and choose for yourself
the best way. The article will tell you how the highlighting differs.
from tinting hair.

Classic highlighting

Highlights – lightening hair with individual strands. Is created
ripple effect when strands of natural color are mixed with
clarified. Chemicals are used for coloring. Performed
procedure in two main ways:

  • colored strands are separated from the rest of the hair and
    turn into foil
  • Perforated rubber cap is used through the holes
    which stretch the strands and only then painted.
    Many consider this method painful and not recommended.
    owners of long hair.

The cons of highlighting:

  • used chemical damages hair structure
    bleached strands seem lifeless
  • impossible to return to the original monochromatic color
  • procedure duration – more than 2 hours.


  • gentle staining method
  • the initial effect lasts for 3 months,
  • various highlighting techniques allow you to choose the ideal for
    you style
  • hides gray hair,
  • visually increases hair volume.

Toning is a harmless way to change hair color.
It is performed with the help of tint balms, which are not
ammonia is included.

Hair tinting

Cons toning:

  • color changes within 2-3 tones,
  • repeat staining should be every 2 weeks,
  • gray hair will remain in sight.


  • the structure of the hair is not damaged,
  • the active components of tonics strengthen the hair structure,
  • allowed pregnant, lactating women,
  • You can change the color at home.

The choice of staining method is yours.

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