What do the bites of underwear, head, wardrobe, pubic lice than cure and how long are itching

Types of lice and how their bites look, symptoms – photos.

The content of the article:

  • Types of lice and how their bites look, symptoms – photos.
  • Linen (bed) lice
  • Pubic lice
  • Head louse
  • What are dangerous lice bites and how to quickly relieve itching
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Lice are parasites that coexist with a very human
long and can be transmitted to people from various animals. Their
divided by species, based on habitat on:

  • clothes;
  • pubic;
  • head.

Pubic lice bites resemble allergies or
a symptom of any disease, as seen in the photo below.

Bed lice leave other traces of their
presence and they look like this.

Head lice are hardest to detect.
initially they leave red dots that when magnified
infections combine to form blue spots that do not disappear with
pressure. After curing lice, the spots will go through
some time. It usually takes about one week to heal.
if all parasites and their eggs have been completely removed from the surface

ATTENTION: These insects vary in size and
can be from 0.5 mm to 3 mm in size. Best viewed
suspected lesions using a magnifying glass so as not to miss
the parasite. During feeding, their transparent bodies acquire
reddish color that also helps to detect them. the main thing
start searching in bright light, ideally daylight.

Any type of louse leaves, among other things, traces of its
stay in the form of small brown dots on clothes or
bedding. Their number is greater, the more
lice lives on the body of the wearer.

Below are all types of lice in more detail, as are ways
struggle with them.

Linen (bed) lice

This species lives in folds and seams of bedding.
accessories, as well as in underwear. Bed lice
generally most different from their fellows, since
it doesn’t matter if there are hairs on the body and they don’t eat
they creep up to four times a day, preferring to dwell on

Infection usually occurs through immediate
contact with strangers or public things, usually in
trains or when using someone else’s clothes.

Getting rid of these parasites is quite simple, enough
treat bed linen with a special lice medicine
Why wash them in hot water. Further, things are dried fresh.
air and ironed. The body should be treated with an agent.
from pediculosis, as it could keep the lice nits.

Can lice bite the neck and shoulders


This parasite subspecies feeds on almost the entire surface.
body, especially noticeable in the following places:

  • Armpits
  • Back
  • Boca
  • Arms
  • Lower legs

Of course, there are cases of single bites in other places.
on the body, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

ATTENTION: In winter it is very easy to confuse
bites of bedbugs and lice, especially when it comes to head bites. Here
It is worth paying attention to the fact that bugs leave paired wounds,
which usually come in a line. Those parasites we are talking about
now leaving single points that are scattered haphazardly
affected area.

How many lice bites go through?


On average, after getting rid of lice, the wounds heal the same
term as normal skin lesions, usually for three to four
days If the infection was severe, the bites can heal and
longer, up to one week. Although, everything is purely individual and
depends on the characteristics of the organism.

WARNING: Earlier it was thought that lice is a “disease
poor people “because homeless people most often have problems with
opportunity to wash. As a result, they were the main hawkers.
this scourge. At the same time, the body gradually adapts to the bites and
The wounds are no longer itchy.

Pubic lice

This type of lice lives in the genital area. Usually female
clings to pubic hairs, then moves on and
attached to pubis, blending in color with the skin. Further,
if there is no treatment, these parasites first occupy the genital
organs and the area of ​​the anus, after which they move to
axillary hollows. This is the only type of lice that are not
take root on the head.

Bites look like bluish spots that do not fade when

IMPORTANT: Most often, these parasites are found in
men. The reason for this may be sexual intercourse with already infected
commercial sex workers and lack of sexual hygiene
organs. Although it is possible infection and when using someone else’s clothes
and even in the bath.

Home treatment is quite simple – you need to shave everything off.
hair in the affected areas, then take advantage
sulfur mercury ointment or xylene. There are many means, including
drugs that make the blood poisonous for these parasites.

Head louse

This is the most famous subspecies of this parasite, since
many have had a lot of pain. Bites are quite simple. First they
look like normal redness, but with the growth of the colony and eating
lice, they merge into bluish spots.


Usually bites can be found between the hair, as well as behind the ears.
and on the part of the neck where the hair ends. In men, lice can
dwell in the beard and mustache, if any. In some cases,
these parasites can even inhabit eyelashes or eyebrows, but such
cases are rather an exception and show that the infection is already very

Treatment methods are more diverse than pubic and
wage subspecies. But the main method is still
shaving hair from the head. If this method is not considered, then
You must purchase a special shampoo for lice and
to use him. Also, you need to comb hair frequently
comb to remove from them nits.

WARNING: When infected with any kind of lice need
inspect your roommates to eliminate them
infection, or to take timely treatment measures. Inspections
spend four times a month, every ten days.

How long do lice bite itch

Bites can itch up to three days, this is purely individual
an indicator depending on the body and skin condition, as well as
hygiene level. The main thing is not to comb the bites.

What are dangerous lice bites and how to quickly relieve itching

The problem with lice is not only in itching, but also in accompanying
the problems that this disease causes, namely:

  • Persistent itching causes irritability and negative
    affects the nervous system.
  • The deterioration of the hair, if we are talking about pediculosis.
  • Insomnia caused by itching. As a result, a person is constantly
    tired and unable to concentrate on work.
  • Scratches leave scratches that open the way for others
    diseases, as well as lead to other skin problems.
  • The substance that parasites are injected so that the blood does not clot.
    causes allergies.
  • Lice are carriers of many diseases, including
    typhoid fever.
  • We should also highlight pubic lice that can tolerate
    sexually transmitted diseases, including syphilis and gonorrhea, due to their
    constant contact with blood.

To relieve itching, wounds are recommended to be treated with alcohol and
special soothing ointment for bites. In a pinch, you can
use ordinary soap, preferably children. It will clear
bite site and slightly tighten the wound.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Lice and the effects of infection give rise to many myths and
questions that are not always easy to find the answer. Below
Presents answers to the most common questions.

Expert opinion Alexander ValerievnaVrach-Trichologist

The most common question people ask is whether they bite.

The answer is negative, since the nits are the larva
in tight cock. They cannot leave the cocoon and live exclusively
due to the already existing nutrients, until they hatch out. So
nits are not capable of moving independently and usually
attached with a special solution to the hair or fabrics where they will be
mature for several days before hatching.

What are the signs of pubic louse bites in men?

The bites of men are not much different from those of women. Other
the point is that they are harder to notice, since men are much less likely
shave pubic hair, and the vegetation in the groin area they have
much thicker. These factors prevent the detection of bite marks.
even at a strong stage of infection.

Can I get infected with lice in public transport?

Yes, it is unlikely, but still possible. Transfer lice,
especially headaches, most often occurs in public places where
a large crowd of people. Other potential risk areas
are dormitories, kindergartens, schools and other places where one way or
otherwise close contact between people is assumed.

Are there any precautions?

Do not wear someone else’s clothes, even if the person you are familiar with. Not
use someone else’s bedding. The exceptions are
perhaps freshly washed and originally packed
items of bed linen in trains Railways. Limit quantity
sexual contacts on the side, since there is no guarantee that
your partner has no lice, and there are no sexually transmitted diseases.

What could be the consequences of biting?

In addition to the already mentioned discomfort, the possible development of allergies
and diseases there is only one side effect. With long
infection, scars may appear at the site of bites, as the skin
the veil was broken for a long time. In most cases, scars
invisible because they are either under clothing or hidden
hair But, the elasticity of the skin in these places will be broken, so
same as its heat transfer.

Is it worth panicking?

Panic, in any case, not worth it. Take sick leave to
do not spread the infection further, after which proceed to treatment.
If you feel unwell, consult a doctor to avoid
possible allergic reaction and the appearance of diseases carried
lice. Basically, this parasite is harmless and easily expelled.

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