What hairstyles were in fashion in the 60s?

hairstyles in the style of the 60sRecently again
gaining popularity hairstyles in the style of 60 h. At this time in fashion
there were two completely opposite types.

Fashion trends in the 60s

The first of them include lush hairstyles for long hair with
a large number of curls and curls, bouffant. Do them
quite difficult. Many women of fashion today are trying to make hairstyles
in the style of the 60s on their own, but not all
it turns out. In many ways, failure awaits those who do not know what they wore on
Actually, and what was just being done for photo in magazines.

The second trend in the 60s are short
haircuts with clear geometric shapes. Very popular were
haircuts that have elongated locks in front framing
cheeks. They curled beautiful curls. If the girl wanted
look more modest, it was enough to remove the hair behind the ears. AT
anyway they should have been lush. Both long and
short hairstyles went a huge amount of lacquer to fix them.

Various bows and ribbons were very popular,
who put on both loose hair and tails. So,
Among the high hairstyles, babette enjoyed great popularity,
which Brigitte Bardot wore. To create a volume in it were laid
all kinds of things: stockings, sponges. Babetta was even worn by women
which she did not go at all. Even today, sometimes you can meet
women aged with such a hairstyle.

It is worth noting that in the USSR the fashion for the style of the 60s in hairstyles
somewhat late. At first they were embarrassed to do, but already in
bouquets and curls could be found soon

How to pack your hair in this style?

You can put your hair in the style of the 60s on any
celebration. The owner of this hairstyle will look stylish and
spectacularly. Today, even many celebrities are so
hair styled to attend various ceremonies. To make
high hair just. For this you will need:

  1. hairbrush;
  2. elastic;
  3. large curlers;
  4. hair dryer;
  5. fixing agent;
  6. hairnet.

These simple devices are in the arsenal of almost every
women. It is desirable to have healthy thick hair and skillful
arms. The basis of the hairstyle is the tail. It is tied at the top and
Fits in different directions depending on your desire.
Strands of tail must be screwed on curlers. As a result, they should
be like flower petals hanging from all sides
heads. Dry your head and remove the curlers. У вас hairstyle in the form of a bowполучатся крупные локоны.
Now fix them with lacquer or wear a net.

High styling can be done with the help of a braid. She’s great
suitable for women with naughty hair. In this case also
tied tail at the crown. He braids and fits
around the head with hairpins. You can make a decoration in the form
bow. Owners of short hair can use the overhead

Short haircut and styling that will fit
listed trends can be done in almost any
hairdresser or beauty salon. It will not only be relevant to
holidays, but also in everyday life.

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