What hairstyles were worn in ancient Egypt?

hairstyles of ancient EgyptVery many, thinking about
hairstyles of ancient Egypt, imagine the image of Queen Cleopatra:
parting in the middle along the crown, long straight bangs,
tight braids, decorated with golden ribbons, leather bandage
on the tips and, of course, open ears, about which Hollywood
filmmakers for some reason, always forget. These days hairstyles in
Egyptian style found its use not only on films with
films about tombs, pyramids and Egyptian rulers, but also in
modern hairstyles. For example, modern bob haircuts, very
popular today, tomorrow – less, but still never
going out of fashion.

It is essentially the same Egyptian hairstyle: almost every
the girl had to do the same long thick bangs, strict
elegant contours. Even outlines of this hairstyle are best.
look in dark color, as in the days of ancient Egypt, where
The main colors of hairstyles were black, dark chestnut, blue. But
the thought that the image of Cleopatra is the only representation
Egypt’s ancient hairstyles are not correct. After all, as evidenced
the images on the many murals in the tombs they were quite

Curly wigs instead of hair

In the sands of ancient Egypt do hairstyles to your masters
accounted for slave hairdressers, who for this case specifically
trained. However, as evidenced by the records on papyrus or
the walls of the tombs, as shown in the photo, one slave was trained only
one specific action. This allowed them to perform hairstyles
very high quality. Even then, over 3000 years BC. er., they
practiced both coloring and decoration with various decorative

One of the main elements of hairstyles in the ancient Egyptians
there was a wig. But it was rather used not so much.
decorative element, how many sign that testified about
the origin of man, his position in society. About social
status was not only the presence of a wig, but also its size and
the form. So, the biggest wigs were worn by Pharaoh and his entourage
people and family, and landowners, warriors and others are simple Egyptians –
small with a rounded shape.

hairstyles of the ancient EgyptiansTheir
preferred to do from different materials, depending on
social status of the person for whom the wig was created:
hair, wool, silk, rope, painted in dark colors. Often
they wore 2 wigs at once, because the layer between them saved the head from
sun rays. Slaves in ancient Egypt wore neither wigs nor
hair. And in order to somehow defend themselves from the scorching sun there, they
smeared their heads with oils.

The hairstyles of men and women of ancient Egypt were similar: both those and
others shaved their heads, the difference was only in length and complexity
hairstyles They had clear, strict lines, and their overall shape
resembled a regular geometric shape: trapezoid, oval, circle and
others. It was fashionable to wear a wig with a flattened dark area. More often
total wigs loved to do from strands that were wound on
wooden sticks. Coiled hair was covered with wet dirt
which fell off when it dried out.

Pigtails, quads and a fashion for own hair

But as you know, over time the world changes, as do the people in it,
like fashion. The same fate befell the Egyptians, whose taste
gradually changed too. Wigs, once the main in Egyptian
style, began to go into oblivion, and their own hair met
more often. But nevertheless wigs were dressed for various celebrations, only
they have changed too: instead of dense thick strands in the form of braids on
there were large curls. Women in Egypt began to wear
long hair, loved to braid them or make
Curl, cut yourself straight bangs.

Egyptian hair had a feature not only in pigtails and
various curlicues. They were soaked in different spirits or
aromatic oil.

Additions to hairstyles could be hats that
the Egyptians were big and outstanding, to see how big they were,
can be in the photo. Also hair, braided in pigtails, could decorate
ribbon, colorful bright threads, interesting bandage. Native
Pharaoh in childhood should have been worn on the temple bezel with
artificial pigtail. This addition to the hairstyle in children from
the family of the ruler of Egypt was obligatory and symbolized
childhood. All other children, regardless of origin, shaved
heads. Only if the parents of the child were not slaves, he was left
skein of hair on the temple. He was braided or tied up.

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