What is a lymphatic massage faces

Lymphatic facial massage in Japan has already been applied.
long. The founder of the technique of this massage was Yukuko Tanaka.
This technology was brought to Russia by Linea Butter and gave it a name.
“Asahi massage”, which is translated from Japanese as “Morning
the sun”.

The use of such a massage technique allows you to see the results
after the second session. Wrinkles are smoothed out, and the face becomes
younger Massage movements affect the bones of the skull, returning
them the correct position. In addition, its action is aimed at
deep facial muscles and connective tissue, reviving it and
contributing to the awakening of the body’s energy forces, discovering and
cleaning channels. After carrying out lymphatic massage improves
skin structure, and it looks younger by 7 years. People with
the parties may scare the techniques of lymphomassage they have seen, and
it seems that after it wrinkles will become even more. But it is far
not this way. It is believed that aging muscles can lead to a tone
exactly such movements, and the skin is smoothed just because
muscle tone returns. This technique is called “Dzogan”.
Its use does not cause any pain, but
aimed at the use of force that does not injure the face.
Dzogan techniques allow you to work on the deep layers of the skin of the face and
muscle, so you can get a lifting effect.


  • Contraindications to the use of the procedure
  • Properties of lymphatic massage
  • Rules for performing lymphatic self-massage
  • Japanese Combido Massage

Contraindications to the use of the procedure

Such massage treatments are not shown to everyone, there is
quite a lot of diseases in which to take advantage of such
procedure without damage to health is impossible. Since the massage techniques
affect the lymphatic system, it can not be used when
following states:

Pro-indications for lymph massage of the face

Indications for this procedure are not only
age-related changes, but also cosmetic defects, based on
there are accumulations of fluid in the subcutaneous region

  1. In diseases of the lymphatic system, as by acting on
    it can be provoked by a worsening of the course of the disease.
  2. Diseases of the ear, nose and throat, with particular danger
    represents the inflammation of the tonsils.
  3. Skin diseases of the face. When carrying out massage on such skin
    This procedure will deliver not only pain and
    discomfort, but will also contribute to more injury and
    without that damaged skin and there is a risk of skin exposure
  4. If you feel unwell, suspicion of any
    inflammation of the massage should be abandoned. Otherwise
    activation of the lymphatic system, infection and inflammation
    spread throughout the body and cause severe reactions.
  5. Lymphatic massage should be used with caution if
    the face is thin and has a small subcutaneous fat layer.
  6. It is forbidden to apply lymphatic massage to people with
    cancer as this may affect
    development of new tumors.
  7. Tuberculosis, viral and infectious diseases.

For any ailments, suspicion of any
disease should not do lymphatic massage.

Properties of lymphatic massage

Lymph is a cellular fluid that protects.
body, nourishes it and carries cleansing. Compared to blood,
lymph flow is a very slow process, its speed is only 4mm in
give me a sec. The rate of fluid flow depends on the work of the muscles,
aperture and so on. Outflow is very bad
lymphatic fluid in people who are sedentary
living and eating poorly. Due to the poor lymph outflow develop
conditions such as cellulite, tissue swelling, the accumulation of excess
body fluids and its stagnation.

Lymphatic massage promotes the opening of lymphatic
duct, it accelerates its flow and causes lymph flow to that
the place that is affected, while simultaneously
improving and blood circulation.

Lymphatic massage has the following properties:

  • helps to improve memory;
  • boosts immune function;
  • eliminates acne;
  • cleans not only superficial, but also deep layers of skin;
  • removes cellulite;
  • reduces the fat layer on the face;
  • smooths the face.

Japanese lymphatic facial massage Tanako has such
merits like:

  • improved blood flow;
  • improvement in complexion;
  • elimination of toxins;
  • increased vitality;
  • elimination of fatty nasolabial folds on the chin and
  • face lift

This massage is effective for eliminating postoperative edema,
for example, when after lifting a face becomes swollen.

Rules for performing lymphatic self-massage

Before you start self-massage you must remove all
makeup and clean it. During the massage you can use
essential oils. There are several techniques for applying lymphatic
massage, each of them solves the tasks of a particular area of ​​the face and
depends on the degree of skill of the masseur. Here is the most simple
Japanese lymphatic massage, which will be able to hold any

  1. Face area forehead. Middle fingers should be applied to the center of the forehead.
    and breed to the sides. Such movements are repeated up to 10 times.
  2. Nose bridge. It is believed that massaging this point contributes to
    withdrawal of toxins. To perform massage movements fingers
    set on the nose and at the same time lead them up and down.
    Exercise is done 5 times.
  3. To tighten the chin perform movements of the fingers from
    its center to the temples. That the movements were the most effective
    it is necessary that while the corners of the lips rose up. In japanese
    Massage culture is believed that these points are responsible for
    rejuvenation. Perform 10 such movements.
  4. The cheek area is considered the most important, it is she who recovers
    first and causes changes in facial contours. To fix it
    situation, you need two fingers from the corners of the mouth to lift the skin to
    temples. It is necessary to perform movements actively, weakening them a little near
    temples. Exercise lasts 30 seconds.
  5. Apples cheeks. At the corners of the mouth put two fingers and, performing
    circular movements lead them to the temples. Duration 1
  6. To care for the skin around the eyes, the fingers are placed on the base.
    eyebrows and contouring movements encircle the eye sockets. Pressing
    should be moderate, but with a feeling of pressure. This is a reception
    contributes to the disappearance of circles under the eyes, makes the skin elastic,
    and look healthy and fresh. It is especially good to use this technique with
    in the morning when you need to look rested and vigorous.

Rules of massage with lymphatic drainage effect

Manual lymphatic drainage massage technique has
stunning effect if the skin is not running. Moreover, this method is not
so complex that it is not possible to master it
on their own. And then every day for 10 minutes a day you can give
yourself moments of self-care.

Such a massage with regular performance will allow you to look
5 or 7 years younger than his age. Facial muscles will always be in
toned, face fit and fresh. The main thing to do these techniques
regularly and exactly as instructed.

Japanese Combido Massage

This massage is a traditional point technique, which
used to restore vital energy. He has
anti-aging effect and can be done at home. But first you need
follow a few rules:

  • steam your face;
  • clean;
  • moisten;
  • do a massage.

The best time for a massage this morning, since after it
the body is energized and the face has a fresh look.

You can steam your face just above the water bath. Steam out face
neck and decollete zone. After steaming, the face is cleansed. Not
It is worth using for this chemical means, better apply
salt water or chamomile decoction. Then the skin must be moisturized,
for this you need to choose a cream that contains the greatest amount
natural ingredients. Then you can start a massage.

  1. Index fingers put in the center of the chin and perform
    movements in different directions.
  2. Put fingers over lips and perform horizontal movements.
    from the center to the edges.
  3. Put fingers over eyebrows, perform movements in different
  4. To massage the skin around the eyes, you need to put your fingers on the area.
    under eyebrows and circular motions to massage around the eye

During the facial massage there should be no pain,
massaging of lymph nodes is excluded, movements should
performed in the direction of the lymph flow, that is, to the nearest
lymph nodes.

These techniques are simple to implement and include the necessary minimum
which can be performed daily at home. To master
Such self-massage technique is easy. Thanks to these procedures,
performed regularly, the skin will look young, taut,
fresh and will remain beautiful for long. Applying self-massage can
do without operations and braces.

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