What is a modeling massage? faces?

To preserve and maintain beauty, many women prefer
modeling facial massage. This kind of skin work is
an excellent alternative to surgical interventions.


  • Specificity of modeling massage and its history
  • Execution technology
  • What is the effect of massage?
  • Contraindications

Specificity of modeling massage and its history

For the most obvious and lasting effect.
It is necessary to conduct a course of massage, which consists of 10
procedures. The effect will be noticed by the middle of the course and may
persist for quite a long time. No less than six months
You can repeat the sessions. It’s enough just to keep it up
result on the skin of the face.

The recommended age for a massage can begin.
from 25 years. In such cases, he will wear, rather,
preventive nature. If a woman’s age is more solid, then
the essence is reduced to the extermination of the mimic and age

face massage

The modeling facial massage accelerates the metabolic processes in
skin, helps to eliminate toxins and excess fluid, strengthens
facial muscles. Due to this, the facial contour is tightened, and the skin relief
becomes more even.

Modeling massage can be quite painful, since
The process affects rather deep layers of the skin. After session
skin and muscles are so heated that it is recommended not to go on
the street at least the next 30 minutes, as there is a chance
catch a cold

Initially, the technology of modeling massage developed Spaniard
Enrique Garcia Castells, so very often such
names like spanish or european massage. Main purpose
the doctor was to connect two completely different types of massage, namely
Eastern and European.

Modern European massage therapists most often based their
developments solely on biological factors and excellent
knowledge of human anatomy. Oriental specialists brought in
procedures spiritual sense and preferred for the basis of taking the doctrine of
life energy qi.

In the late eighties, Dr. Castells was able to achieve
perfect technique to perform the intended massage.

Execution technology

Spanish modeling facial massage is based on deep and
high-quality study of the muscles.

The task of the massage therapist is to get to those layers that are in life.
least involved, and therefore lose the fastest

This type of massage cannot be performed without premature
preparation, so you should not do it yourself
procedure. Hand movements should be strong enough
confident and at the same time not harm the skin.

Face should be clean, without makeup. For better slip
Base oil should be used depending on skin type. If a
no allergic reactions, then you can add 1-2 drops of essential
oils as desired.

The procedure starts with the neckline and gradually
move up. The basis of rolling movements, as well as
circular stroking. Basic movements should be guided.
from right to left, then the course of action changes in the opposite direction.
More than one hundred techniques that the master binds can be used.
between themselves. For the entire session should not repeat the same
reception Thus, the central nervous system does not have time
get used to certain actions.

It is necessary to carefully study the nasolabial folds, the surface
nose and cheeks. Circular muscle of the eye must be carefully, but very
gently massage and then complete the intake by pressing
thumb to the side of the temple.

The frontal part is processed with a fairly strong one.
movements in two directions. The final touch is
stroking the forehead in the direction of hair growth.

What is the effect of massage?

European modeling massage has several advantages over
their “brothers”. The tone rises and is partially corrected.
facial musculature. The face gets taut and youthful

Spanish modeling facial massage

The main thing to remember: never do such a massage
alone without prior training! All appliances
is the deepest effect on the muscles of the face, neck and
neckline. This means that you need to have perfect knowledge of

Appears blush and healthy complexion. Especially noticeable
the disappearance of the “crows feet” and other facial changes on

The earlier the woman begins to use modeling massage.
persons, the less obvious will be age manifestations in the future.
The skin begins to actively perform its basic functions.


As with any cosmetic procedure, this type of massage has its own
contraindications. First of all, it is skin cancer and diabetes. Also on
face should not be open wounds and inflammatory processes.
Severe acne is also a contraindication, so
how too strong movements can negatively affect acne and
aggravate the skin.

If a person has a predisposition to internal
bleeding, then this massage definitely can not be carried out.
Active pressure can leave bruises, if not
provoke bleeding.

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