What is a pump for lip augmentation and how is it use?

Many women think about lip augmentation.
beautiful sex. Lip pump, hyaluronic acid,
Botox, special cosmetics, tattoo and even
surgery – this is not a complete list
modern beauty beauties chasing
for fashion and beauty.

Voluminous, full lips, as is known, have long been considered more
attractive and seductive, and their owners never
were deprived of attention from the opposite sex. With the most
In ancient times, girls tried to increase the volume of their lips with the help
various oils, mixtures of snake venom and so on.


  • Lip augmentation methods
  • Mode of application
  • Specificity and precautionary measures

Lip augmentation methods

In modern conditions, ways to achieve the desired
the attractiveness and the fullness of the lips there is much

For a long time no one will be surprised by surgical operations on
creating gorgeous lips, as well as injections of Botox and gel.
Cosmetologists and surgeons from around the world do not actively stop
to invent more and more new, progressive and effective methods
allow women to meet the standards of beauty from the covers
fashion glossy magazines. But not all girls are ready to go on
so radical, and most importantly, costly measures. In this case
the best option is to use a vacuum pump for
lip augmentation This device will help give lips
seductive look without extra time and money at home
conditions. Using the pomp, you can achieve
the desired effect, as after salon procedures.

Big beautiful lips

Pomp for increase in lips – simple, safe and convenient in
using modern invention that is fast
is gaining popularity in the beauty industry. With its use
there are no difficulties, the procedure itself is very simple and not
takes a lot of time. The effect of plump lips is achieved by
increase blood flow to the tissues naturally. TO
The positive properties of the pump include:

  • security;
  • availability;
  • ease of use;
  • efficiency;
  • quick visual result.

Mode of application

This fixture is a small plastic
cap with rounded wide sides. This form provides
maximum respect for the lips. It is easy to use it:
after clearing the lips of makeup, you need to put them inside
pump and draw all the air out of it, then, after waiting a few
seconds (up to 30 seconds), it should be gently pulled back. With
If necessary, you can repeat the procedure. The result is noticeable immediately
and lasts a few hours. After the procedure it is recommended to apply on
lips moisturizing balm to avoid feeling dry and
discomfort. You can perform such manipulations up to several times.
in a day.

Pumps, or as they are called, plumpers can be different
forms. Thanks to this, you can pick up the ramper, given
individual features of the structure and shape of the lips. Depending on the
needs can be increased specific part of the lips or
directly lower or upper. For owners of thin lips
pump will be the best option. Can use it and those
girls who want to further increase on the nature of bulk
lips The effect will be awesome anyway. Worth paying
attention to the anti-aging properties of the pump. After all, enhanced
blood circulation in the tissues is known to accelerate
regeneration of the skin. The skin around the lips gradually
smoothes, eliminates small facial wrinkles.

Lip Pump

Vacuum pump for lip augmentation does not make lips
artificially inflated, and acts in a completely natural way,
because, thanks to her work, more

The compact size and stylish design of the flapper make it possible
use it at home or at a party or any other

Sponges will look very impressive if used
pump before the photo session. In any situation, being at hand,
This accessory will help you to look charming and irresistible.

Specificity and precautionary measures

Lip pump is absolutely safe with the right
using. Plamper is made from high quality
materials that do not cause allergic reactions. He also does not
has age restrictions. The possibility of negative
effects are reduced to a minimum if the instructions for
application. However, it is worth considering that you can get swelling if
tighten the procedure and overdo the pump on the lips. It is very important here
do not overdo it. Undesirable factors for the use of the plug
there may be mechanical damage to the skin of the lips, inflammatory
processes, herpes.

It is important when choosing such a pump to pay attention to the quality
the product itself. The surface must be smooth, without damage,
scratches, cracks or chips. Substandard fakes not only
will quickly fail, but can also be harmful to health, damaging
delicate and sensitive skin of the lips.


A huge number of positive reviews to the plamer
allows you to discard all doubts about the feasibility of it
purchases. Having tasted and felt its wonderful effect once,
refuse to use it will be impossible. Lip augmentation
without surgery, injections and cosmetics now become
by reality. Due to its revolutionary properties, this method
lip augmentation has gained a huge number of female fans around the world.
A pomp for lip augmentation will certainly become a favorite accessory for
every girl who dreams of tender, lush and seductive

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