What is actually better: laser or photoepilation?

Beauty salons offer a large variety of their
services. It is often very difficult to choose which is better: laser or
photoepilation There is no single answer to this question.

It is necessary to approach it in a complex, comparing and analyzing
various parameters of each of these techniques. What may come up
one person may be contraindicated to another. However we
Let’s try to understand this issue in more detail. Also you
You can get answers to many of your questions.


  • What is epilation?
  • Laser and photoepilation: the pros and cons
  • Brief conclusions

What is epilation?

Any epilation is a cosmetic procedure,
in which the hair follicle is destroyed, resulting in
hair stops growing forever.

Laser Hair Removal

Epilation – complete hair removal forever or for long
time, including the hair roots – follicle (laser
removal, photo and electrolysis).

The effectiveness of the procedure depends on many factors:

  • growth stage;
  • hair color;
  • skin color;
  • treated skin area;
  • lengths;
  • the number of completed complexes;
  • complications after the procedure;
  • time of the complex.

The most sustainable results can be expected from two
The main methods of hair removal: laser and photo epilation. Each
of them have both their positive and negative sides.
Beauticians often recommend their clients to combine these

For greater clarity, we present to your attention
comparative table, with which you can decide which
of the two treatments suits you more.

Laser and photoepilation: the pros and cons

What is better: laser or photo epilation? This question interests
many of the fair sex. What are the main differences and

Evaluation parameters Photoepilation procedure Laser hair removal
The main features of this method of hair removal The method of thermal effects on skin areas in which
hair removal occurs due to the destruction of stem cells,
responsible for their growth. The direction of the beam has a thermal effect
which evenly spreads over the entire length of the hair,
gradually destroying it, and over time it just falls out.
The method of exposure to a laser beam that penetrates into the depth
skin and destroys the scalp from the inside. Hair just lose
opportunity for further growth.
The effectiveness of the complex The result is not immediately observed. After the first session hair
fall out within 2-3 days. At best, using this
procedures can get rid of 60-70% of hair.
Similarly, with photoepilation, hair growth does not stop immediately.
After the first procedure, on the second day, significant
Effect. They gradually fall out, not forming new ones.
Hair color A very effective treatment for dark and black hair. Bright
red and gray do not contain melanin pigment, therefore completely their
destroy is not possible.
Laser hair removal is ideal for all types of hair. WITH
cope equally well with dark and light
hair, removing them in just a few complexes.
Color of the skin Ideal for people with fair skin and dark
Laser hair removal is ideal for all types and colors.
Recommended Photoepilation is used for men and women of any age,
which are contraindications or personal intolerance
laser hair removal or electrolysis.
Laser hair removal has no contraindications, except
cases of personal intolerance.
Body parts Photoepilation is ideal for all skin areas, for
excluding eyebrows and sensitive areas of the face. Tip,
used in the procedure is very large and cannot cope with
fine, almost jewelry work.
Laser hair removal is ideal for a small area.
work. Most often it is used for the face, neck, eyebrows and breasts.
Eyes during the procedure should be kept closed.
Complications after the procedure Redness, swelling, swelling and itching. Edema, hyperemia, swelling of areas and itching.
Recommended hair length The length must not exceed 1 mm. For this purpose, you need to shave
hair in the leg area for three days before hair removal. Bikini area – for
1-2 days before photoepilation.
The length must not exceed 2 mm. With the treated area hair
must be removed 3-4 days before the procedure.
Soreness of the complex Completely painless complex on any part of the body. Moderately painful complex for any part of the body.
The number of required procedures In order to remove 60-70% of unwanted hair
cover, it is necessary to conduct 6-10 mandatory sessions at intervals
1-2 months. Further, the number of procedures can be controlled as
hair sprouting.
To remove 80% of hair, at least 8-10 procedures are necessary with
interval of 1 month. Then you can repeat the course, but not
in less than 6 months.
The time of the full course of the complex. Depending on your chosen area, the procedure time
calculated in the following order:

  • feet – 40 minutes;
  • bikini area – 20 minutes;
  • armpit area – 10 minutes each.
Treatment of sensitive parts of the body:

  • eyebrows – for 15 minutes;
  • upper lip – 30 minutes;
  • feet – 30 minutes;
  • bikini area – 20 minutes.

Brief conclusions

No matter what method of hair removal you chose,
you need to get advice from a cosmetologist and a dermatologist.

In many ways, it all depends on the individuality of the device of the body.
Therefore, before deciding to remove hair, be sure to
use the advice of experts. You can also specify:
What is the difference between laser and photoepilation?

Subjectively, the differences between these two methods are insignificant.
Therefore, making a choice, you should consider the color of hair and skin, to know
contraindications and limitations of both methods. What procedure
better, every woman decides on her own!

After the complex will need to produce
additional skin care. In the first days after the complex
beauticians do not recommend using a bath, sauna or
by the pool.

The skin must be lubricated with a special oil designed for
your skin type. The oil will provide a gentle removal of the remaining hair and not
allow them to grow into the skin again. It will also moisturize and soften.
inflamed skin after a complex, relieve swelling and redness and not
allow the skin to itch.

With the help of specialists, it is necessary to select a complex
preparations for body care, face or intimate places. Each
of these types of hygiene is selected individually
order, depending on the complications arising after the procedure.
The choice – photoepilation or laser hair removal – is up to you.

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