What is almond peeling?

Almond peeling is considered to be one of the most effective and
safe cosmetic procedures for rejuvenation, cleansing and fight
with various skin imperfections. About beautiful and healthy skin
many girls dream. In achieving this goal, the best assistant
is a chemical face peel.


  • Composition and action
  • Features and benefits of application
  • Performance technique

Composition and action

Almond peeling is a type of chemical peeling.
peeling, the basis for the manufacture of which are fruit
acid. The source of almond (phenoxyglycolic) acid –
active substance peeling – are the fruits of bitter almond.
Almond acid as a strong keratolytic is capable of gently
exfoliate dead skin cells and fight inflammation. Behind
due to the increased size of mandelic acid molecules that are not
penetrate the skin too deeply and do not act aggressively
almond peeling copes with such problems
top layer like fine wrinkles, enlarged pores and blackheads.


Almond peeling is a surface chemical.
peeling. It affects the upper horny layer of the skin without reaching
vitreous layer. The composition of almond peeling mainly
includes almond (Mandelic Acid), 2-hydroxy-2-phenylacetic
acid or phenylglycolic, related to alpha hydroxy acids
(they are often called fruit acids), obtained by
hydrolysis of bitter almond extract.

Such a procedure can be done even on a sensitive, and
also thin skin without negative consequences and side
effects, which is a huge advantage.

Features and benefits of application

Chemical facial peeling, which is carried out using
Mandelic acid has several advantages:

  • avoid the irritation that may occur after
    similar procedures;
  • the possibility of carrying out procedures on sunny days without consequences
    in the form of pigment spots, while other types of peels, for example
    glycolic, during this period are not recommended;
  • suitable for all skin phototypes;
  • the effectiveness of this method in getting rid of acne, black
    points enlarged pores and in the correction of problem skin;
  • significant effect of rejuvenation, improvement of complexion;
  • not too long duration of procedures, often
    only 2-3 sessions are enough to achieve the expected
  • affordable price compared to mesotherapy and other
    expensive cosmetic procedures of this kind.

Indications for the application of the method of peeling almond acid
may be as follows:

  • acne;
  • black dots;
  • too oily skin;
  • excessive pigmentation;
  • irregularities of the skin relief;
  • deterioration of complexion;
  • mimic wrinkles.

Contraindications for almond peeling treatments
minimal because it acts much softer than, for example
glycolic, but they are worth paying attention to. Not worth doing
almond peeling during pregnancy, with allergies, if on the skin
there are wounds or abrasions, as well as in certain diseases and
severe inflammatory processes.

Performance technique

It should be noted that doing almond peeling at home
conditions undesirable. First of all, a cosmetologist should
determine indications for such procedures and carefully
control the process.


Almond peeling is suitable for people with different skin types,
including very sensitive thin, and it is also possible
use in the summer because the risk of development
hyperpigmentation after the procedure is minimal.

The peeling procedure itself includes several mandatory
stages on which the final result depends. First face
cleaned with milk containing 10% almond acid.
Then a special composition of acids is applied to the skin, which
helps to determine the presence of allergic reactions in humans. After
This massage is applied peeling itself, in which
contains at least 30% active ingredient. After 10 minutes
rinse off thoroughly with water. Ends the process
soothing mask and moisturizer. After the procedure,
about a week, the skin should be intensively moisturized, and before going to
street use sunscreen. The course can last from 6
up to 10 procedures, the interval between them should be no more than 10 days,
but the effect will be noticeable after the passage of the first sessions.

In the post-peeling period to avoid discomfort and prolong
effect effect, you need to use a variety of auxiliary
means which the cosmetologist will recommend.

These can be soothing masks, moisturizing and nourishing.
creams for home care.

It should be noted that almond peeling can cause some
complications that are easy to resolve with the right approach:

  1. Dryness and burning sensation that pass after application
  2. Redness is eliminated by moisturizers.
  3. The skin can flake off, which can be corrected with
    almond cream.
  4. More serious complications, very rarely occurring after such
    procedures, will help eliminate the beautician. Puffiness of the skin for example
    eliminate hormonal ointments. Indications for the application of these or
    other drugs must be coordinated with a specialist.

Almond peeling deservedly justifies its increasing with
every day popularity. There are many reviews about it.
successful application in cosmetology. Skin after peeling becomes
noticeably fresher and cleaner, softness and smoothness is felt. Is improving
complexion, pores taper and skin tone increases.

In addition, the use of almond peeling can not only
face, but also on the skin of the hands and in the decollete. This is one of the most
effective methods of dealing with age-related skin changes,
activating its update. It is proved that under the influence of
Mandelic acid stimulates the synthesis of its own collagen and
skin structure improves, which is why it has such
beneficial effects on mature skin.

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