What is apple peeling

Apple peeling helps the skin to preserve beauty and health.
To conduct it is especially advised in the presence of problem and fat


  • Composition and use
  • Positive properties
  • Basic rules for peeling
  • How to cook
  • Preparation for peeling
  • Execution Procedure

Composition and use

Apple cider vinegar is one of the substances whose beneficial qualities
provide an opportunity to apply cosmetics,
made from apple to rejuvenate and cleanse the skin.

Apple vinegar

The most important thing is that they get apple
vinegar is an exceptionally natural way and without the use of any
chemical components.

It contains in huge quantities:

  • trace elements;
  • amino acids;
  • enzymes.

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent regulator of acidity. In the presence of
minor rashes and problem skin need every day
wash apple cider vinegar.

It helps to increase acidity. It helps
neutralize the effects of unhealthy bacteria and microorganisms,
which cause acne and blackheads. With
such problems with the skin can not use soap, in
which is present alkali.

After the apple peeling restoration of protective
the functions of the skin and its acid-base balance is accomplished by itself
as soon as possible.

Peeling apple cider vinegar has a weaker effect on
eliminate serious scars and wrinkles, but it has a number
significant advantages.

Positive properties

Apple cider vinegar, acting on the skin, dries it and soothes. is he
benefits and effect to people of different age categories,
which sensitive or problem skin. In apple peeling is not
contains grinding mechanical substances.

apple peeling

The composition of apples include various polyphenols, minerals,
many useful components that help keep
youth and health, improve appearance.

Thanks to apple peeling occurs:

  • elimination of redness, small inflammations and color smoothing
  • reduction of age spots and cosmetic defects;
  • smoothing small wrinkles;
  • increase elasticity and turgor.

The effect of this procedure is very significant. Using
peeling promotes excellent cleansing of the skin, which becomes
gentle and smooth.

Basic rules for peeling

There are rules to follow when performing
peeling procedures:

  1. Try not to pursue this method of cleansing the skin in the sun,
    very hot days. This will avoid the appearance of pigment
  2. It is necessary to make a test for an allergic reaction. For this on
    a few minutes the prepared composition is applied to the hand with
    inner side. In the absence of irritation, the mixture can
  3. In order to find out what type of cleaning is suitable, you need
    carefully examine your skin type. Only then can
    proceed with the selection of ingredients.

How to cook

Apple cider vinegar, which is prepared at home,
possesses the most optimum efficiency. Made like this
the tool serves as a guarantee for the presence in it:

  • natural antioxidant – beta-carotene, which neutralizes
    free radicals;
  • enzymes;
  • amino acids of pectins;
  • of vitamins.

You can make apple peeling yourself at home, there is
several recipes for its preparation. Prepare the tool
necessary immediately before application. In most recipes
it is not allowed to store the ready mix, because all is lost
her healing qualities.

Apple Cider Vinegar Peeling Recipes

Acetic peeling helps get rid of greasy congestion,
acne helps not only to clean the pores, but also to narrow them,
eliminate stretch marks and flabbiness on the skin of the legs, buttocks,

There is a method of cooking apple peeling with

  • fine salt – 1 tsp;
  • apple cider vinegar and honey – 1 tbsp. a spoon.

When mixing all components, the mixture can be immediately applied.
for the behavior of the procedure apple cider vinegar at home.

The following recipe for apple peeling, which is immediately suitable for
procedures consists of 2 tbsp. spoons of apple cider vinegar and 0.5 tbsp. spoons

This composition should be stored in a cold place. Apple divorced
vinegar in water 1: 8. There is added the color of lavender and carnation. This
the mixture is put on a week in a dark place, periodically
shaken up

Preparation for peeling

Starting the procedure for performing apple peeling, skin
Be sure to clean and free from makeup. For these purposes
used gel or foam for washing.

The next step is to degrease and tone the skin.
lotion suitable to a specific skin type. If peeling
conducted using apple cider vinegar at home,
then you can steam up your face. It should do so – attach to the face.
30 seconds soaked in hot water and a little squeezed soft
towel. The procedure is done until the skin is a bit

Execution Procedure

A large number of cosmetic companies produces apple
peels already ready for use. They add and different
excipients that improve performance
ongoing procedure.

In beauty salons, peeling is performed

In beauty salons most often use apple peeling, in
Other light fruit acids are present in the composition:

  • dairy;
  • almond

Using a fan brush, the peeling composition is applied on the face,
the neck. The exposure time is 10 minutes. After the end is washed off
water or special means.

At home, you can use this view
apple peeling, as gommage. This tool is applied the same
a thin layer on the face, neck, excluding the lips and eyes. Applied
peeling gommage along the massage lines up, starting with the area
chin up After 1-2 minutes the mixture will dry out and start it.
roll with weak movements in a circle. After removing the face
rubbed with warm water and tonic.

How to hold apple peeling

After the course of peeling procedures is leveled
relief and complexion, eliminated acne, decreases the number
age spots and wrinkles, dead cells dissolve,
cleaned pores.

You can perform the procedure of apple peeling by applying to the face
a napkin made of linen or cotton that is pre-moistened with
hand made apple peeling.

With normal skin, the duration of such peeling is
10-15 minutes. If the skin is porous or oily, the procedure is performed.
longer time, but sensitive and dry requires a minimum
of time.

After the procedure, the face is washed with warm water. Then light
With a towel, it is massaged so that the skin
free from dead cells.

Then again the face is rinsed with water, slightly wiped.
a towel, then it is necessary to apply a moisturizer.
A slight redness that appeared after apple peeling,
disappears in 20 minutes. The course is 10-15 procedures.

Procedures are carried out several times a week with different
frequency, which depends on skin type, with:

  • normal and fat – 2 times;
  • sensitive and dry – 1.

In home cosmetology apple cider vinegar has long been used. Him
use will help preserve the beauty and health of the skin, smooth
wrinkles, eliminate oily shine. However, with many
positive qualities should be used with caution.
There are also a number of contraindications, such as pregnancy,
skin diseases and others.

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