What is better with gray hair – highlighting or staining

The first gray hairs, tempers on the temples or begin to lose
color of the roots is an inevitable sign of age. Most women do not
wish to reconcile with gray hair and paint over it – dramatically, throughout
length, or with the help of professional highlighting.

Pros and cons of procedures

The content of the article:

  • Pros and cons of procedures
  • Possible staining options

The main advantage of full staining, especially if the master
Perfectly picked up color – complete disguise of gray strands.

The main disadvantage is, especially if the curls turn gray from the base –
regular repetition of the procedure. Growing roots do not look easy
unkempt like young women. They are striking and aging
the owner is more than the lack of dye on the hair.

Highlighting also allows you to carefully hide the first gray strands,
while the hairstyle will look natural and growing roots –
with a smooth transition of color – will not be evident.

Possible staining options

Even strong gray hair can be accentuated by highlighting.
“salt pepper”. The master correctly selects a combination of light gray and
dark strands – thanks to this hairstyle looks very stylish and
naturally, without abrupt transitions.

For hair of medium length and short choose two

  • Hairbrush. The composition for highlighting is applied to professional
    comb with fine teeth. After that, the hairdresser gently
    “combing” the hair along the entire length. Suitable method for abundant
    gray hair
  • Foil. The method helps to paint the gray strands
    (for example, at the temples) along the entire length.

With full coloring it is important to choose the right shade. Than he
lighter – the less noticeable the roots will be during regrowth. Brunettes
you will often have to go to the hairdresser’s
less than once a month. Or drastically change the image and become
ashy brown hair.

Modern highlighting options for gray hair
preferable because they allow for a natural way to hide or
emphasize – at the request of the woman – strands that have lost color, while
without tearing hair with monthly procedures.

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