What is Chinese massage for? faces?

Chinese facial massage – a procedure that today
offer many beauty salons. This massage not only has
healing properties for the skin of the face, but also heals the entire
an organism. This species is distinguished by its safety and
painless, unlike massage other parts of the body. Under
with the hands of a specialist a person relaxes, and more
calm nerves, for a massage you can relax well, how much
whatever he lasted, and stand up full of energy and vitality.


  • Basics of the procedure
  • Types of massage
  • Useful tips

Basics of the procedure

Chinese facial massage for rejuvenation is based on the eastern
an approach that is scientifically based. The bottom line is that there is a face
points, each of which is responsible for a particular body. If a
Acupressure is done by a professional, not only can
rejuvenate the skin, but also slow down the aging of the whole body and improve
general well-being. If constantly for a certain time
do this procedure, then you can notice such biochemical

Basics of massage for rejuvenation

Chinese facial massage not only improves the condition
skin, actively fighting age-related changes, but also strengthens
health, positively affecting the work of various internal

  • tissue repair;
  • intensive collagen production;
  • effects on the nerve endings of the face, ears, eyes;
  • cleansing the skin of toxins;
  • improvement of blood circulation.

Chinese acupressure has its indications to
for example, it has a good effect on the skin in case of acne or
acne, with a second chin, wrinkles and age
changes, swelling and bags under the eyes.

There are contraindications, like any other medical
procedures. These include skin diseases, oncology,
infections, fever, bronchial asthma, etc.
In the presence of such diseases it is necessary to wait for complete
recovery and only after that start the procedure of massage,
otherwise, complications or side effects may occur. Already after
The fifth procedure can see certain effects, such as
smoothing wrinkles, smoothed chin, skin
gets elasticity, bags and dark circles under the eyes
getting smaller, and then disappear altogether. Taper pores that
important for oily and problem skin.

Types of massage

Chinese acupressure has several techniques.
This includes Taoist facial massage for rejuvenation, facial massage.
Guasha and massage with spoons.

Each type has its own peculiarities of the procedure.

Taoist massage went from monks, he is more than 5000 years old.
A distinctive feature is the concentration in the hands of life
healing power, which during the procedure is transferred to the skin of the face and all
to the body. This type of procedure not only rejuvenates the skin and fights
with wrinkles, but also increase skin tone, improves visual acuity,
treats for insomnia. This effect can be achieved only when
regular procedure.

An interesting technique is the massage lodges, also known as facial massage.
against wrinkles. It alternates the effects on the skin of hot and cold
spoons. Muscles relax, improve skin tone. If a
give this massage half an hour every day, you can soon
observe elastic skin.

Gouache massage is known as a point face massage. Professional
the master performs the procedure using special plates made
from the horns of a buffalo or jade stone. Not only for
facial rejuvenation, but also to relieve headaches, as well as master
affects the diseased organs through special points, thanks
what is the recovery of the whole organism.

Session lasts about an hour. For an effective result, enough
10 procedures with a frequency of 1-2 times a week.

Varieties of Chinese Massage

Anti-aging Chinese facial massage based on
stimulation of various points located on the skin. Each of them
responsible for the work of a particular body.

It has a beneficial effect on the skin in cases of acne.
getting rid of scars and scars. With the help of additional
instruments natural cleansing of the skin. Face after row
The procedures look younger, and the skin just shines with energy. In ancient
Times facial massage was done with a simple coin. So
the device was used by poor people. The rich did special
scrapers made of natural stones and turtle shell. Master in
Massage time combines several types in it:
relaxing, plastic and lymphatic drainage.

Useful tips

Chinese acupressure has its own characteristics, therefore
you need to know some things that you just can’t do without.
Before performing the procedure, the master must put on the skin
special massage oil. 2 hours before and after the procedure
In no case should you smoke. Spoons in a special technique should be from
a certain metal – either silver or nickel silver. After
the end of the session, it is desirable for some time to lie down and
relax. On an empty stomach, as well as immediately after a meal do
The procedure is not recommended. It is contraindicated to do massage when
thrombosis and colds or viral diseases. To complete
Relaxation sounds relaxing quiet music.

Usually, specialists in the salons use not just massage.
oils, but also aromatic. Therefore, it is imperative that before a session
need to figure out which oil will be applied. This is necessary in order
to protect themselves from allergic reactions. Massage on
special lines without pulling the skin. Subject to all conditions
and the rules of the session can be obtained not only pleasure, but also
beautiful skin that will look younger by a few years.
Massage needs to learn for a long time, and to fully master
all technicians sometimes need to spend a decent segment on their studies
of life.

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