What is coral peeling and how is it held

Coral face peeling is a kind of mechanical
peeling of the skin, which is based on not chemical, but
physical impact. It consists exclusively of
natural ingredients: algae, herbal extracts,
sea ​​salt and corals. In aesthetic salons, the procedure is carried out in
as an alternative to hard chemical peels. In this
This article will tell you what this procedure is and how
make coral peeling at home.


  • What is coral peeling
  • Indications and contraindications for the procedure
  • The degree of impact of coral peeling on the skin
  • How to carry out the procedure in the cabin and at home
  • Side effects and effects of the procedure
  • Rehabilitation period
  • Complications

What is coral peeling

Coral peeling is a cleansing of the skin with a scrub that
prepared from Dead Sea salts, crushed coral Red
seas, as well as essential oils and Brazilian plants. Peeling composition
provides not only peeling of the skin, but also its
effective recovery. Sharp grains of corals perform the role
abrasive particles that scrub the epidermis during active
impact by friction. They stick into the skin like
thousands of small spines and continue to exfoliate the epidermis during
following days, causing sensations like after contact with
glass wool.

Unlike mechanical peels, chemical based on different
acids penetrate the papillary (median) layer of the dermis, where
melanocytes that produce the pigment melanin are located. Acids
damage melanocytes, which leads to the appearance of pigment on the skin
stains that are very difficult to eliminate. For this reason the coral
peeling is much safer. In addition, it does not contribute to coagulation
protein, as happens with chemical peels, and thus
may be used by allergy sufferers. Also this type of peeling is not
causes burns and serious damage to the epidermis. This allows
solve many cosmetic problems associated with pigmentation,
premature wilting, acne and skin color.

Coral peeling procedure is suitable for people with different types.
skin, it can be done to patients of any age. More often
the procedure is carried out using professional Israeli
Rose de Mer cosmetics by Christin. During the manipulation occurs
exfoliation of the upper layer of the epidermis with resorption of subcutaneous
hemorrhage, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels, eliminates stagnant
phenomena, improves the complexion. Skin structures are saturated with beneficial.
elements of the Dead Sea, which strengthens them, makes them elastic and

Indications and contraindications for the procedure

The procedure is prescribed for those who need:

  • cure acne;
  • eliminate traces of post-acne (stagnation, scars, scars);
  • to prevent acne and acne;
  • narrow enlarged pores;
  • eliminate pigmentation of different origin;
  • rejuvenate the skin;
  • eliminate scars and stretch marks after pregnancy;
  • eliminate dryness and dehydration;
  • cope with the loss of elasticity;
  • eliminate keratosis after excessive ultraviolet
  • return skin tone and elasticity;
  • eliminate the first shallow wrinkles;
  • eliminate excessive oily skin;
  • rid sensitive skin of rosacea.

To carry out the procedure is contraindicated in:

  • very sensitive skin, it will be, firstly, very painful,
    secondly, it can be severely damaged and recover for a long time
  • the presence of inflamed acne and their large aggregation on the face;
  • the presence of wounds, scratches, redness, irritation, and
    other damage to the epidermis;
  • during menstruation because fluctuations in hormonal levels
    may give unpredictable results;
  • rosacea, this procedure is not able to remove the vascular grid,
    because the vessels are much deeper than coral grains
    can penetrate;
  • demodicosis, after manipulation, the skin becomes thin and loose,
    what is the perfect breeding ground for the tick;
  • acute herpes, only six months later with full
    Healing lesions can be manipulated;
  • pregnancy because hormonal background makes a woman
    vulnerable to interventions of any kind;
  • labile nervous system, such patients should be confident
    that they can tolerate the procedure, because they have a low pain
  • carry out the procedure in summer and spring, in hot weather with active
    skin will be restored by insolation longer, besides after
    procedures skin becomes thinner and more prone to the process
    photo aging.

The degree of impact of coral peeling on the skin

Since coral peeling consists of natural ingredients,
It affects the skin more gently and gently.

The degree of its impact is proportional to the technique of application:

  1. This peel is different from all other topics that consists of
    abrasive chips. This completely changes the mechanism of its effect on
    skin covering. All other peels are made of acids plus
  2. It contains almost no acid, and if it does, it is very
    low concentration.

Since it has a more mechanical effect on the skin
the cover, then the rehabilitation period is different from other peeling

How to carry out the procedure in the cabin and at home

No special preparation for the procedure is required. Per day
before the procedure, you can perform a mechanical cleaning, if the skin
pimples or acne, then they must go through, and
epidermis recover.

The procedure consists of several stages:

  1. The first stage is cleansing. The face must be cleaned of dirt,
    dust, sebum and decorative cosmetics. For deeper
    cleansing use any home scrub.
  2. The second stage is a dry powder, which is
    coral chips are poured, with a special solution for swelling. AT
    it is very difficult to find the right concentration at home
    peeling without the help of a professional cosmetologist, therefore
    medium composition is used, which can be purchased
    in specialized stores or pharmacies.
  3. The third stage – uniform application and distribution of the mixture on
    A face that is gently gently massaged and rubbed into
    epidermis. Let’s be honest, that this stage is very unpleasant and
    quite painful. Sharp coral particles stick in when
    every movement in the skin and scratch it, so the patient
    feels burning and pain.
  4. The epidermis is worked out about 2-5 minutes, and the duration
    Massage depends on what goals are pursued. After manipulation
    wipes are applied to the face to eliminate pain,
    soaked in ice water. Cold wipes also remove and
    redness of the epidermis .. You can change the wipes several times while
    relief is not felt. After removing acute pain on face
    cause a special compound that prevents infection
    integument and will allow to preserve longer particles
    coral in the skin. The longer corals remain in the skin, the better.
    it is updated.
  5. The fourth stage – applying a special cream. With
    using Christin’s Rose de Mer line in the cabin is applied
    special cream with natural ingredients Rose de Mer, which
    replaces the tonal substance. It contains healing clay,
    which has a natural body tone and warns
    development of purulent rash.
  6. At home, the degree of damage to the epidermis will be
    minimal, therefore, a moisturizer is applied to the face. Not
    It is recommended to go out on the day of the procedure, and
    also the next day.

After removing the acute pain, a special compound is applied to the face,
which prevents the infection of the skin and will allow more
it is long to keep parts of corals in the skin.

To carry out a quality procedure at home is difficult. After all
The cosmetologist has additional means for healing the skin.
but at home they are hard to find.

At first, pain will occur in any
touches: hair, hands, collar. They will appear when applied
cream on the face, if you want to lay your cheek on the pillow, and even
accidentally grazing the face with a hairbrush. Feelings are so strong as
as if thousands of small glass fragments dug into the skin and
stayed there forever. And they are really there, only
these are sharp grains of corals that continue to update the skin

When carrying out such painful sensations at home
will be observed as the procedure is more gentle and the woman herself
regulates the impact of coral grains.

This procedure is carried out 1 time in four weeks, because
recovery of the epidermis lasts almost another month. Not worth it
repeat the manipulation if not complete recovery
skin, such actions can only cause even more harm.

Side effects and effects of the procedure

Let’s just say a different level of pain threshold determines the strength
pain sensations. It may happen that on the first night the pain and burning
will not allow to fall asleep. Have to take painkillers
Analgin or Tempalgin, as well as calming drops of Valocordin. On
the second day the painful sensations will continue, but completely
will disappear on the fourth day.

Redness of the skin can also vary
expressiveness. It all depends on its sensitivity to damaging
factors and conditions at the time of the procedure. One more
An unpleasant symptom will make itself felt – the tightness of the skin.
It will appear even with a slight penetration of coral
crumbs. Tension will disappear after the appearance of peeling.

Peeling is what is expected in principle after
procedures. Different people will have different degrees
expressiveness. Some will have peeling scabs, while
others barely appear.

Rehabilitation period

It lasts about a month (some have more, others less). AT
the first days you can’t touch the skin at all and nothing on it
apply. At this time, it is better to avoid going to the gym, swimming pool and
sauna, taking a hot bath. These actions will strengthen
painful sensations as well as be able to cause a cutaneous infection

For this very reason, the first five days should be changed.
pillowcase every night before bed. As a precaution
iron it with a hot iron. On the third or fourth day you can
use a gentle gel for washing.

Until the end of the peeling can not use any fat
compounds: emulsions, serums and creams, as fats are capable
glue the peeling flakes and increase the process
rehabilitation. But you can use ampoule water concentrates,
which perfectly moisturize and prevent tightness

Important! It is strictly forbidden to remove the forming
crust, as it disrupts the formation of young skin.

Some salons offer the service of deep moisturizing and
exfoliation that quickly restores the epidermis and improves
his appearance. When peeling stops, you can use
fatty cosmetic products that perfectly moisturize, preserve
moisture and restore the water – fat mantle of the skin.


Unfortunately, after this procedure, the following may occur
side effects:


They appear as a result of:

  • the procedure in the presence of acne on the face;
  • violation of the technique leads to infection of the skin
    cover during manipulation;
  • weakening the body’s defenses in the patient leads to
    that he cannot deal with skin damage on his own;
  • impaired skin care in the rehabilitation period.

Helping the body deal with the effects of acne will help
creams Bepantin or Dexpanthenol- E.

Exacerbation of herpes

Occurs as a result of the procedure if
herpes patients. Carry out manipulations in this state
is strictly prohibited. Sometimes patients have no active form.
virus, but it is exacerbated after the procedure, as there is
favorable environment for its revitalization.

Enhanced pigmentation

Occurs as a result of exposure to the sun after the procedure without
sunscreen preparations. Sometimes it can be individual
reaction to skin injury. In this case, there may be
intolerance to any peeling.

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