What is gas-liquid peeling?

Gas-liquid peeling of the face and body can be carried out at any time.
years in order to rejuvenate, nourish and smooth fine wrinkles.
This procedure is contactless and painless. She is
carried out using compressed gas mixed with liquid from
therapeutic solutions. Gas-liquid peeling also allows you to enter
inside the skin useful vitamins or minerals. Besides,
This method has gained popularity also for the reason that with its
using, you can treat your skin with hyaluronic acid or


  • Gas-Peeling Technology
  • Indications for the procedure
  • Contraindications to the procedure

Gas-Peeling Technology

To date, gas-liquid peeling face and other
problem areas of the body is a big breakthrough in the field
cosmetology. The technology is designed with depth adjustment
jet impact. This allows you to handle defective places.
(scars, scars) as effectively as defect-free areas

Peeling procedure

Under the influence of a jet of gas and liquid occurs
opening and cleansing the pores of the skin on the face. Gas-liquid cleaning
suitable for people even with very sensitive and thin

During the procedure, the removal of cornified
epidermis, skin oxygenation and hydration. therefore
This procedure can be performed on the hair part of the skin.
heads. Gas-liquid peeling of the scalp eliminates excessive
dryness and flaking. After the procedure, the growth process is activated.

There are 2 types of peeling:

  1. Surface.
  2. Deep.

Most professionals are of the opinion that get
the desired and visible effect is only possible due to the deep
jet effect on the skin. This is because with deep
peeling medicinal substances get deep into the skin cells that
It has a beneficial effect on the sebaceous glands.

If gas-liquid peeling is performed on the face, then before
the beginning of the procedure, it is necessary to wash off the makeup and additionally
Treat face with degreasing lotion. Next cosmetologist
proceeds to peeling. From the narrow nozzle of the apparatus, inside which
there is a thin needle to form the force of the jet impact on
the skin is gas-liquid mixture. Air flow that
hits the skin, has a supersonic speed. In contact with
skin, it causes microscopic damage, after which
dead cells are rejected and removed.

In the event that the deep peeling procedure is performed with
the purpose of cleansing the skin from comedones, pre-imposed
thermomask. Eyes and nose are covered with special protective
caps that will prevent them from entering
fluid. The peeling duration is from 15 to 30 minutes.
The time of the procedure will depend on the size and problem of the worker.
plot. The depth of the impact of the jet will be adjusted by the doctor,
considering the individual characteristics of each patient. By the same
The criteria are assigned and the number of procedures. To achieve
the desired result may require from 4 to 10 procedures.

Indications for the procedure

The indications for the procedure of peeling gas-liquid jet can
to serve such reasons:

  • presence of mimic wrinkles;
  • flabbiness of the skin;
  • acne;
  • dark spots;
  • puffiness;
  • enlarged pores;
  • irregularities of the skin;
  • pale complexion;
  • dehydration loss of tone;
  • the initial stage of cellulite;
  • small scars, post-acne or stretch marks.

As for the other parts of the body, for each of them
developed its own method of gas-liquid peeling.

gas-liquid face peeling

Gas-liquid peeling of the scalp is recommended for those
whom there is abundant hair loss or insufficient
density. In addition, scalp peeling helps
cope with excessive dryness or oily skin.
This procedure is mainly performed using
surface exposure. Removal of dead cells, easy
massage, the introduction of nourishing serums in the hair roots, improvement
circulatory process – all this allows you to minimize
problems of the scalp and hairline. Some specialists
claim that gas-liquid peeling of the scalp has the same
effect, like mesotherapy. But unlike the latter, he
allows you to avoid painful injections.

This procedure is well established in the field of solutions
problems of rough skin on the feet.

Contraindications to the procedure

Like any other cosmetic procedure, gas-liquid
peeling has several limitations.

Almost all cosmetology clinics or salons
adhere to the rule not to conduct this procedure to persons not
come of age. But in some situations, such as
having a large amount of acne or spots against acne,
peeling can be carried out at an earlier age (with permission

gas-liquid cleaning

Gas-liquid peeling is the only type of peeling,
which has no seasonal restrictions. Moreover, do
gas-liquid peels are recommended before traveling to the sea for
ensuring a more even tan, after traveling – for rehabilitation
photodamaged, dry skin.

Contraindications for gas-liquid cleaning:

  1. Inflammation of the skin in need of
  2. Exacerbation of herpes.
  3. Skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema).
  4. The presence of open wounds.
  5. Violation of cerebral circulation.
  6. Anxiety and psychopathy.
  7. Neurological diseases of the facial nerve.
  8. Increased blood pressure.
  9. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  10. Oncological diseases.
  11. Having a cold or infectious disease
    in acute form.
  12. Pregnancy.
  13. Individual intolerance or hypersensitivity
    to injectable drugs.

As a rule, if all the contraindications were taken into account, then
complications after the procedure does not occur.

Immediately after peeling on the treated area is noted
redness of the skin that passes within an hour.

Gas-liquid peeling can be recommended as
preparatory procedure before fractional thermolysis, laser
peeling or mechanical dermabrasion.

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