What is hair filing for?

Thinning curls helps to create a hairstyle with original

Milled hair

The essence of hairdressing reception is to cut the tips.
curls at different heights and under different directions.

  • 1 Types of filing and their purpose
    • 1.1 Battle for volume
    • 1.2 Objective – clear lines
    • 1.3 Victory over untidy tips
  • 2 When thinning is necessary
  • 3 Basic principles of long hair filing
  • 4 Principles of short hair filing
  • 5 Ways of filing along the entire length of hair
  • 6 Radical thinning
  • 7 Filirovki tips
  • 8 Fililiki bangs
  • 9 The specifics of thinning thin hair
  • 10 Specificity of thick hair filing
  • 11 The specifics of curling
  • 12 Thinning with a razor
  • 13 Pointing
  • 14 Point cut point
  • 15 Station
  • 16 harness
  • 17 Embedding Method
  • 18 sliding cut
  • 19 mush technique
  • 20 Graduation
  • 21 Thinning at home
  • 22 Fililirovki bangs at home
  • 23 How to fix thinning errors

Types of filing and their purpose

Everyone is familiar with the original haircuts, and what is needed
not many know about hair filling. This procedure is capable
create the effect of thick hair, adjust the shape
or form a unique shape of hair. Hairdressing masters
Arts use several filing options:

  1. Radical.
  2. Filigree hair along the entire length.
  3. Filiration tips.

Tip! To tips after the procedure is not
fluffed, you should avoid excessive heating of curls when
styling or use protective equipment.

Battle for volume

Radical thinning

At all times, thick and lush hair was considered the standard
beauty. But nature has endowed with such wealth far from all women.
An effective way to get a voluminous haircut –
radical thinning. Cropped strands do not allow curls to fall
and create the effect of voluminous hairstyle.

Tip! To run this option
thinning should choose an experienced master, otherwise you can get
haircut with protruding short hairs.

Objective – clear lines

Original haircuts can not be created without thinning.
Unique geometric shapes, “torn” strands – this is what
what gives filirovaniya. The method adds lightness to the hair,
which greatly simplifies everyday styling.

Victory over untidy tips

Filirovki tips of the hair – the most common version of this
procedures that can ensure smooth transitions of length.
Thinning helps to get rid of split ends.
tips, and gives well-groomed hair.

When thinning is necessary

Experienced craftsmen independently decide when to thin out
hair. When the type of hair changes dramatically, it is advisable
See examples of works – photos before and after filing.

Photos before and after filing

There are general guidelines for choosing haircuts with

  • owners of curly hair this method will help
    remove the weight of the hair and form obedient
  • round face will get the right shape;
  • accrued strands will look natural;
  • thick, thick hair after thinning easily lends itself

Attention! But there are situations when filing
can spoil the appearance of a woman. This applies to hair
stained with strong bleaching agents, and
artificial curls, resulting from a perm.

The basic principles of long hair thinning

Precision made long hair filing adds softness
and mobility of hair. Do not choose the root view
procedures so lost the beauty of thick

It is preferable to stay at a depth of 2 centimeters to
one-third of the hair length, depending on the silhouette of the hair.
It is permissible to perform cuts entirely on the length of the blade of scissors.

This video describes the features of hair filing.

Principles of short hair filing

Thinning is performed on dried curls at the end of the haircut. On
short strands make easy basing, which
will provide lush volume and ease the procedure
styling. Do not practice this technique on the damaged

Ways of filing along the entire length of the hair

Filirovka the entire length of the hair provides flexibility and plastic
shag For this thinning apply slicing,
Mush technique or cutting method. “Ripped” haircuts can
to perform tiling using sliced ​​elongated strands

Methods of filing

Radical thinning

To thin the haircut at the roots, it is necessary to raise the strands
comb with sparse teeth and partially trim the hairs 1 cm from
points of growth. The width of the clipped oblique strips is about 5
mm This technique is used for heavy hair.

Filirovki tips

Smooth contours are easy to get using modern technology.

  1. Vyschip – trimming the ends of the hair at different levels for
    natural hair styling.
  2. Pointkat – dot cuts for registration of geometrical forms
  3. Pointing – thinning with a serrated cut to a large
    depth of
  4. Picket – filing with teeth at an angle of 45 degrees.

Fililiki bangs

Milled bangs

Bangs profile to create a natural volume. Most
classic is considered a suitable way to bang bangs
Pointing, cut out the corners with the tips of scissors, like

For thinning the shortened bangs use the picket technique:
Raise comb tips and milled with special

The specifics of thinning thin hair

Hairdressers are unanimous in their opinion about
thinning thin hair. They do not recommend using this
type of processing haircuts. Filirovka does not help get lush

Tip! In extreme cases, perform easy
processing of the upper strands, without affecting the side and bottom

Specificity of thick hair filing

Radical thinning is ideal for heavy hair.
The owners of tight hair is recommended to use
thinning when creating a haircut of any type.


The specificity of curling

After the chemical treatment, wavy curls or curls have
pomp and gorgeous volume. Thinning curly curls
not recommended. There will be excess volume, which
will break the harmonious proportions, and the hairstyle will look

Razor thinning

Razor – a handy tool for creating volumetric hairstyles.
There are several tricks to do.
thinning hair with a razor

  1. Bracing. Used for maximum
    fit hard strands to the head. Tool held on the strands
    before the comb.
  2. Tumirovka. Razor is sent to the opposite
    side of the movement of the comb, which is located teeth
  3. Slip The machine gently moves on
    towards the ends of the hair.
  4. Bouffant method. The spinning is pulled under the straight
    angle to the head, a tool carried out from the tips to the roots, like
    I comb my hair

Filler with a shaving razor should be performed exclusively on
wet hair.

Thinning with a razor


The main purpose of this type of thinning is to create on
tips toothed contour. Filirovka held simultaneously with
trimming strands with simple scissors to a depth of 0.5 to
4 centimeters. The result is a spectacular design.
hairstyles with a smooth blend of hairs.

Type of thinning

Point cut point

The technique helps to create hairstyles with geometric shapes.
Thinning is carried out during shearing, and not after it.
The scissors are perpendicular to the strand, and
make a cut to a depth of 2 mm. Painstaking way but helps
achieve the perfect shape hairstyles.

Thinning during shearing


In short haircuts, the picketing method is claimed, which introduces
Necessary texture for a long hair. Comb moves against
hair growth. Speakers above her milled
scissors at an angle.


Such a filing of hair at home is easily doable.
It is necessary to grab a small strand, fingers scroll it into
harness, and the ends of the scissors to make shallow notches.

Plait of hair

Embedding method

A variety of classic pointers. The difference is that
scissors go into the order up to the bottom part, slightly
turn and make an incision. Deep filigree
gives the impression of an architectural haircut with a pronounced

Sliding cut

This thinning is done on slightly damp hair. Spinning
stretched with your fingers, slightly opened scissors move along it from
roots to the tips. Sliding creates an elongated
an oval in the section of the hair, and the curls easily fit into

Mush technique

Technique filing

This method can not only thin the curls, but also perform
all stages of haircuts. With the mush technique, the tips are slightly
twist up. Wide strands placed in ajar
scissors blades, tool ends looking down. Cutting spend
from top to bottom, along the trajectory of the crescent.


Widespread technique for creating smooth lines
haircuts When calibrating strands pulled under different
corners, and pruned. This creates a gradual transition between
curls of different lengths.

Attention! The cut is performed at an acute or obtuse angle to the surface.

Graduation is often called the “ladder”.

Thinning at home

Thinning your own hair

How to make your own thinning hair:

  • home should be hair filing scissors, straight
    scissors, clamp and thinning hairbrush;
  • It is better to perform the procedure before the pierum in order to be able to
    see the head from three sides;
  • spray bottle filled with warm water.

Tip! As a rule, milling hair at home
conditions are performed to add volume to the occiput or
changes in the contour of the hairstyle of the face. Pull thin strand,
cut to 5 mm in the direction from the root.

To obtain a “ragged” haircut thin out strands on
horizontal line “ladder” in increments of 5 mm.

Fililiki bangs at home

Filirovka bangs at home

Straight bangs are best punctured using the “harness” method, because
It is considered the easiest option. Hair is divided into
small strands of equal thickness. Every twist in
tight harness, and slide on it with slightly parted scissors.

For straight bangs you need a horizontal position of the scissors, and
for ragged – at an angle. Notch each harness in the middle, then on
a quarter of the length and at the very tip.

How to fix thinning errors

There are cases when the master does not know how to do it correctly.
sophisticated hairstyle or self-cutting
led to a disastrous result. Disadvantages can
correct by cutting curls over all profiled

Tip! If a woman does not want to shorten her hair,
then you can use the overhead strands or perform the procedure
building up.

The girl washes her hair

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