What is hair mesotherapy for?

Under the influence of negative factors, hair becomes dull,
brittle and begin to fall out. Sometimes save them with
cosmetic products fail and need to resort to more
serious procedures, one of which is mesotherapy.

What is mesotherapy for hair? What is the procedure for?
recommended. In addition to your attention photos before and after
procedures, reviews and 1 video review, the cost of the procedure and much
another in our review article.

A girl is given an injection in the scalp, mesotherapy procedure

The content of the article:

  • How is the procedure and what it is
  • Indications for use or who recommended the procedure
  • Contraindications
  • Possible complications
  • Pros and cons of mesotherapy
  • Effect after the procedure
  • Photo Before and After
  • Types of mesotherapy for hair
  • How is the procedure performed?
  • Tools for the procedure
  • Mistakes during mesotherapy and possible
  • Post Session Care Tips
  • How many procedures are needed
  • The best preparations for hair mesotherapy, the composition of the cocktail
  • Mesotherapy for hair at home
  • What result to expect?
  • Where to do and how much are the procedures
  • Reviews
  • Video review of mesotherapy of the scalp, the results before and
  • Mesotherapy or plasma lifting – which is better for hair?
  • Poll

How is the procedure and what it is

Mesotherapy is not surgical,
cosmetic procedure. Thanks to her, the skin is saturated
minerals, vitamins, microelements and thiamines, which
have been lost by the body in the process of aging, disease or

Under the scalp inject injected active
drugs. The essence of the technique in the introduction into the head of the dermis special
formulations rich in vitamins and useful trace elements.

The procedure of hair mesotherapy is being conducted

The concentration of nutrients in the preparation should be quite
high, which increases the cost of ampoules for mesotherapy
compared to regular vitamins or lotions.

Nutrients are delivered directly to the hair
bulbs, which significantly increases their absorption by the body. |

! Important to know For the first time was applied in France,
by Dr. Michel Pistor, more than half a century ago and has been used
mainly to relieve pain.

Indications for use or who recommended the procedure

girl dissatisfied with her hair

This manipulation strengthens the hair, activates
blood circulation to the scalp and also has the following

  • hair growth damage;
  • loss and alopecia;
  • increased fragility, dryness, split ends;
  • itching, seborrhea, dandruff;
  • ringworm;
  • hair loss after childbirth and change in their structure;
  • early appearance of gray hair;
  • thinning hair;
  • deterioration in the appearance of hair due to frequent procedures
    dyeing, building or curling.



Mesotherapy has the following

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • gallstones;
  • chronic renal failure;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • viral infections and acute respiratory infections;
  • allergic to the components of the injected drug;
  • oncology;
  • the formation of keloid scars;
  • diabetes;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • reduced immunity;
  • menstruation;
  • blood diseases and impaired blood clotting;
  • inflammatory processes in the skin;
  • vascular pathologies;
  • endocrine system pathologies;
  • mental disorders (neurosis, epilepsy).

Possible complications

The procedure can lead to a number of complications:

  • the appearance of granulomas;
  • hematomas;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • scratches and minor scars;
  • redness of the skin.

Pros and cons of mesotherapy

Pros and cons of mesotherapy

Mesotherapy has the following advantages:

  • high efficiency;
  • minimum of complications;
  • suitable for people of different age groups;
  • the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin of the head,
    causing the hair to become healthy and thick;
  • Save time – the procedure takes 40 minutes and usually
    held 1-2 times a week, it is an indisputable advantage over
    external means that you must use each
  • Additional stimulation of the skin.

There is a procedure and | cons:

  • soreness which intensity may vary in
    depending on the depth of introduction of the cocktail;
  • unwarranted efficacy, as mesotherapy may not
    give the expected result or it will be unstable.

Effect after the procedure

With the help of mesotherapy, the following effect is achieved:

  • hair follicles become strong;
  • blood circulation and hair structure improves;
  • the emergence of new hairs.

If we compare the strands before and after mesotherapy, it is noticeable that after
the course of treatment they become more brilliant, thick and

Photo Before and After

Types of mesotherapy for hair

The following types of mesotherapy are available:

  • Allopathic (classical) – this option
    Mesotherapy is indicated for baldness and other serious disorders.
    work hair follicles. May consist of a different kind
    vitamin, amino acids, lipolytics, antioxidants that
    are selected individually for each patient. An example of drugs
    which can be applied: | Fusion Mesotherary, | BCN Scalp, | Dietbel:
    DERM – 36. |
  • Homeopathic – | assigned in order
    prevention and for the general strengthening of hair. From allopathic
    differs in lower concentration of active substances.
    Normalizes the sebaceous glands and improves the appearance of the hair.
    Eliminates the addictiveness of the body, no side effects and
    allergic reactions. Can be used drugs such brands
    like: | Rivitacare (France), | Mesopecia (USA) and | Dr. Corman
  • Trace element – are composed of various
    kind of trace elements: iron (Fe), copper (Cu), magnesium (Mg), zinc (Zn).
    The composition of the cocktail is determined after spectral analysis of hair and
    passing the relevant tests.
  • Multicomponent – part of the complex
    combination of vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and plant
    extracts. It has a wide range of actions and is used for
    various hair problems.
  • Oxygen (non-injection) – thin
    high pressure oxygen jet (2 atmospheres) being sent
    on the skin and penetrates deep into, nourishing hair

How is the procedure performed?

How is the mesotherapy for hair done?

2 days before the manipulation, you must refuse to receive
drugs that reduce blood clotting. Injections are held
in compliance with the rules of antisepsis and asepsis, the doctor conducts a test for
identification of allergic reactions. Use disposable syringes,
needles and medical gloves.


  1. The skin of the head is treated with an antiseptic.
  2. Mix the cocktail right before its introduction.
    client, so that he could check that he was going
  3. The resulting preparation is administered by microinjection at a distance
    1.5-2 cm apart.
  4. To reduce pain, you can ask a specialist
    change the needle on the syringe, because the sharper it is, the less pronounced
    there will be discomfort.
  5. After the procedure, the scalp is reprocessed

The duration of the procedure is 30-40 minutes.
When all manipulations are completed, the client can immediately
return to their usual affairs.

! Interesting For mesotherapy will involve
special disposable needles, whose thickness is 0.3 mm, they
found on sale marked “for mesotherapy”. Most
occipital and lateral parts of the head are sensitive to pain.

Tools for the procedure

hair mesotherapy tools

Mesotherapy can be carried out not only by injection
needles, consider all possible options:

  • Needles – the classic way to administer the drug
    using the finest needles, is considered the most painless. Injection
    can be done not only in the scalp, but also in the neck or
    upper back.
  • Meso injector – drugs are injected with
    special manual apparatus equipped with a roller with thin
    needles. The doctor holds a roller over the skin of the head, making many
    micro-punches, after which the vitamin is applied to the skin
  • Pistol – procedure performed using
    special device in the form of a pistol, physiotherapy passes
    faster and less painful than mesoinjector.

Mistakes during mesotherapy and possible

injection for hair mesotherapy

Following manipulations are possible.

  • swelling of the skin of the head;
  • pain in the places of the introduction of the cocktail;
  • minor bruising in places where they were injured
    small vessels of the dermis;
  • crust at the site of puncture of the dermis;
  • itching that occurs immediately after the procedure and lasts for
    2 days.

Post Session Care Tips

Hair Care Tips

After performing wellness sessions, you must
adhere to the following guidelines for

  1. For 2 days you can not be under the direct
    sunlight and not to visit the solarium;
  2. Do not take a bath for 8-10 hours
  3. Do not use for a week
    hair care;
  4. You can not do | massage of the head for 3-4
  5. It is not recommended to comb the scalp;
  6. After mesotherapy 2-3 days can not be washed
  7. Within 3 days it is necessary to refrain from
    drinking alcohol. (alcohol dilates blood vessels and can
    affect the effectiveness of the procedure).

How many procedures are needed

To get the maximum result from the procedure, you must
complete a course of 10-12
manipulations. The course includes 4 sessions with a break in
1 week.

Positive effect persists for 10
months after the course.

The best preparations for hair mesotherapy, the composition of the cocktail

Mesotherapy cocktails should be prepared exclusively
cosmetologists before the procedure. To do this, can mix different
drugs, taking into account the problem.

The best preparations for hair mesotherapy

Most often, the drugs used for cosmetic procedures,
contain the following components:

  • animal and artificial origin – collagen, elastin,
    hyaluronic acid, stem cells;
  • vitamins of group B, E, P, C;
  • amino acids – are involved in the creation of keratin fibers and are
    building material for hair;
  • hyaluronic acid – nourishes and moisturizes the hair from the inside;
  • minerals: sulfur, phosphorus;
  • Coenzyme Q10;
  • copper and zinc peptides – accelerate hair growth;
  • glycolic and pyruvic acids;
  • plant extracts – artichoke, chamomile.

! Interesting sometimes in the composition of some
meso cocktails may include the melanin pigment, which inhibits
premature graying.

Ampoules for hair mesotherapy – TOP 8 best drugs

For the procedure using drugs such as:

  1. Mesoline Skin Solutions. In its composition
    growth factors, copper peptide, hyaluronic acid and
    Coenzyme Q10. Mesoline Skin Solutions
  2. F-Hair from Fusion Mesotherapy. In its composition
    B vitamins, zinc, gingo plant extracts
    biloba and kantellyaziatskoy. F-Hair by Fusion Mesotherapy
  3. XL Hair Aesthetic Dermal. In its composition
    there are activators of metabolism at the cellular level, complexes
    multivitamins and blood flow stimulants. XL Hair Aesthetic Dermal
  4. Mesopecia complex. It is designed based on
    finesteride, pyrodoxin, D-panthenol, biotin.
  5. Hairloss Cocktails. When developing them
    used azelaic acid, which stimulates hair growth.
    Also present in the composition are zinc, D-panthenol, gingo extract,
    minoxidil. hair loss control
  6. Keractive. It is based on vitamins B,
    sulfur, amino acids and zinc. Keractive
  7. Meso Hair System. Designed to treat
    hair follicles. In the composition there are growth factors, coenzyme
    Q10, hyaluronic acid, copper peptide. Meso Hair System
  8. Cocktail Dermaheal HL. This remedy is effective.
    has proven itself in the treatment of hair loss, their thinning and
    violation of the structure. In addition to biomimetic peptides, they include
    nucleides, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and
    antioxidants. Cocktail Dermaheal HL

Mesotherapy for hair at home

Inject yourself into the scalp at home
contraindicated. The procedure is quite complicated and requires careful
selection of components, despite this procedure, do
possible. |



This is a handheld device, the equipment of which consists of a roller and
pens. It was fixed to the roller a lot of thin needles.
The principle of operation of the device is that first applied to the skin
a special preparation, and then many punctures are performed,
through which he penetrates inside. This procedure is painful, but

What result to expect?

This procedure is one of the most effective in combating
hair and to stimulate their growth. Pockets of hair loss instantly
overgrown, strands begin to grow rapidly, and their quality
improves. The following results were recorded:

  • Slowing hair loss;
  • Improving the appearance of hair;
  • The disappearance of split ends;
  • Acceleration of growth;
  • Improving blood circulation in the scalp;
  • Cleansing from dandruff;
  • Normalization of the sebaceous glands, reducing fat

The first results are noticeable after 3-10

Where to do and how much are the procedures

You can perform hair mesotherapy only in a specialized
the clinic, and should enter drugs

The cost of the procedure depends on the type of drugs used.
The price of one session will be 1500-4000 rubles. course consisting of 10
sessions, it will be worth 17000-50000 rubles.

To your attention are some screenshots with the names of clinics and

Source: Zoon.ru

Mesotherapy is an excellent solution to hair loss problems.
Both men and women can use this procedure.
Proper preparation and selected cocktail will allow in short
time to solve the problem with the hair and prevent complications.


A few reviews from popular resources:

Images can be enlarged by pressing ***

Sources: woman.ru

Video review of mesotherapy of the scalp, the results before and

Mesotherapy or plasma lifting – which is better for hair?


Plasma lifting is a cosmetic manipulation, in the process
which plasma injections are injected under the skin, artificially
platelet rich. It is based on the client’s own blood,
which must be taken right before the procedure. Then she
subjected to special purification and enrichment. In 2-3 minutes
after blood supply, the finished substance is ready for use.

Mesotherapy is the administration of a drug under the skin. AT
It is based on hyaluronic acid. Can apply clean
a substance that has a viscous consistency, as well as a diluted and
enriched with minerals, vitamins and organic acids.

The difference between the procedures in the substance that
allows you to eliminate problems such as dull, brittle,
damaged strands. Plasma lifting remains more effective
by manipulation, and, consequently, its cost is higher.

After the first plasma-lifting session, there is a noticeable
Effect. To fix it you need 2-3 procedures.
To feel the visible effect of mesotherapy, you must pass
at least 3 courses, and the effect of plasma lifting is maintained until
24 months, and from mesotherapy – 12

In addition, after plasma lifting, the likelihood of adverse events
the effects are lower because as an active component
not foreign compounds are used, but the client’s blood. In this way,
allergies and other rejections are minimized. The only thing that
can happen in the first hours after the manipulation – mild swelling,
redness and soreness.


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