What is hair reservation – photo before and after for short, medium and long hair, cost, reviews

Fashionable staining technology called brondirovanie gives
opportunity to combine the advantages of light and dark hair, to refresh
image, make it more vivid. Depending on the features
staining and its effect brondirovanie divided into many
species. Thus, each girl can choose the best
for yourself option. Booking

What is hair brondirovanie

The content of the article:

  • What is hair brondirovanie
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Types of brondirovaniya hair
  • Depending on hair color
  • TOP best colors and shades of brondirovaniya
  • Bronding hair at home: detailed
  • Photos before and after
  • Suitable hairstyles
  • Cost of
  • Reviews
  • Hair care after bronding
  • Frequently asked Questions

The term “booking” is derived from the words brown (“brown”) and
blond (“blond”) and means a smooth combination of light and dark
shades in one painting. This type of staining combines light and
dark shades and allows you to refresh the image without changing it
dramatically. What is hair brondirovanie

The peculiarity of the technology is that the roots remain natural
shade, and bright highlights are applied to the inside of the hair and
visible only in the dynamics. Reservation simulates the effect
natural hair burnout and adds hairstyle

REFERENCE. Booking is a great option for those
who wants to gradually go from dark color to blond.

Advantages and disadvantages

Such coloring has many advantages:

  • Brondirovanie makes hair color more vibrant and dynamic.
  • This is a gentle coloring that does not change color radically, but
    the hairstyle as a result looks more interesting.
  • The technique can be used on any length and structure.
  • There is no need to constantly tint the roots
  • The technique makes it possible to combine countless
    light and dark tones, resulting in natural and
    beautiful playings.


The disadvantages include the complexity of the technology. To
perform such staining correctly, will require certain
skills. In addition, booking is not suitable for ultrashort.
haircuts, as well as the presence of gray hair – it will still have
periodically tint. Do you like booking
hair? Yes

Types of brondirovaniya hair

Depending on the features of the technology
divided into several types.


This booking is reminiscent of shatush, because strands look like
faded in the sun. Copacabana involves the separation of small
pryadok over the entire surface of the hair and lightening. With their
mixing with dark creates light glare and play. Usually
warm shades are applied: honey, wheat, golden and so
Further. They allow to achieve naturalness and effect.
burnout. Copacabana

Transitions should be shaded so that the boundaries are
blurred. Technique, in turn, is divided into several

  • Copacabana chic. In this case, it becomes smooth
    the transition from dark roots to light ends that mimics
    natural burning of hair in the sun. Print
  • Copacabana breeze. It is a soft
    highlighting, suggesting the clarification of small strands in the upper
    parts of the head. Copacabana Breeze
  • Copacabana latino. Here are the diagonal
    contrasts on the original dark color of the strands. This makes it possible
    create additional volume. Copacabana Latino
  • Copacabana is a sunny cocktail. Uneasy
    technique, which involves the creation of a multifaceted graduation.
    Thanks to a combination of several strands of colors similar to each other
    very beautiful shine and shimmer. Copacabana Sunny Cocktail


Hollywood or California reservation implies
highlighting by open method, without using foil.
The effect is very natural, the borders are almost invisible.
The roots remain dark, and the length of the hair smoothly brightens to
tips Hollywood


California Booking is another name for Hollywood and
it is performed as described above. As a basis usually
brown, chocolate, coffee tones are used, and to the tips
strands become light. This coloring looks
very natural and eliminates the need to constantly tint
the roots. Californian


Brazilian reservation requires staining
small strands of hair along the entire length. They are mixed with
dark, so that beautiful overflows are created. Brazilian


With this look, on the contrary, dark hairs are made
glare. Thus, the staining looks very
Natural and suitable for blondes. Mirror


In this case, only one zone is allocated, most often the area
crown. Only the selected area is lightened. The roots
remain in the native color, and the tips can be darkened. Still
One option – the allocation of strands from the face. Zonal


Popular technique in which the hair is divided into several
approximately equal layers, and in the process of dyeing done neat
transitions between colors to maximize results
natural. Multitonal


It is the same as zone reservation. WITH
With this technique you can correct certain shortcomings.
and add volume to the required plots. Partial

Supernatural Bronde

Looking at the hair dyed in such a technique, you can not
understand that they are generally painted. Usually used
shades very close to the original color, usually by 1-2 tones
lighter. There are strands framing the face. Also possible
lightening along the contour of the haircut. Supernatural Brond


It assumes the creation of maximum smooth transitions from one
tones to another. English


The difference of this technology in a deep shade at the roots of the hair. She is
performed in an open way, like California highlighting, and
makes it possible to create beautiful highlights on the strands. Colorants
the closest shades are applied to the hair with sharp strokes.
Especially carefully painted over the tips, and the roots are usually
remain in original color. Radical


Classic brondirovanie done on dark hair and
suggests natural transitions. Usually apply 2-3
shade of dyes, which makes it possible to add volume to the hairstyle and
get an unusual color in the end. Classic


Strands in this case are divided into sections. In one of them, to
For example, several light tones are used, in another
one that is darker than the original. As a result, the owner
hairstyles become both brunette and blonde at the same time. The roots
hair, if desired, can also be lightened. Highlight

Ombre or Shatush effect

Of all booking options for this type
typical smooth transitions. Tips can
to be completely dark, for example, chocolate or coffee, and in
the result is an attractive radiant effect. Ombre or Shatush effect

Depending on hair color

Classic booking is done on dark hair, but
A variety of techniques allows you to choose the appropriate option outside
depending on the original color.

On dark hair

Depending on whether the shade of dark hair is warm or
cool, select the appropriate light tone. Roots in this
the case is not affected, and the most light curls will be
tips. On dark hair

On blonde hair

For coloring light curls shades are chosen that differ
from the main to 1-2 tones. You can, on the contrary, add dark strands.
On blonde hair

For blondes

Blondes can pay attention to the technique
supernatural blond. Advantage is that the strands are not
require prior clarification. You can use caramel
and honey shades, or platinum and other cool tones.
For blondes

On light brown hair

On blond curls looks beautiful staining using
several close to the original colors. Chaotic
staining strands allows you to create beautiful playings.
On blond hair

On dark brown hair

You can use shades on dark blond hair.
ashen, platinum, silver. If the original of them
shade – warm, it is better to choose golden and honey tones.
On dark blond hair

On black hair for brunettes

Most often, black hair lightened to brown, and already
then a reservation is made. But this is not mandatory.
the rule is that they can be highlights in suitable shades of a cold range.
On black hair for brunettes

For red hair

Red-haired girls should use only warm colors:
nutty, honey, copper, reddish, burgundy. For red hair

For gray hair

On gray hair, you can use shades of silver and
cold blond. Mingling with the main color, the strands will distract
attention from gray hair and refresh the image. For gray hair

On brown hair

On the chestnut curls look beautiful classic technique,
such as california booking. Lights are lightened
along the length and at the end they turn into a warm light shade. On brown hair

TOP best colors and shades of brondirovaniya

List of shades that can be used for
reservation is very wide. The following looks beautiful


Chocolate shades are beautifully combined with warm tones of blond.
Due to the multi-faceted transitions, the hair looks voluminous and
shining. Chocolate


With such brondirovanie shades usually differ by no more than
1-2 tones, and the result is very natural. Blond


Suitable for girls with a cold color type. With
ashy brondirovanie curls first lighten and then
toning they give the desired shade. Ash


Caramel reservation, on the contrary, goes to the owners of warm
color types. It looks good on the original blonde and on such
tones like chocolate and chestnut. Caramel

Light booking

Due to partial clarification, you can refresh the image without
resorting to dramatic changes. Strands can
processed along the entire length or in certain areas.
Light booking


Also goes to girls with a warm color type. Looks winning
applying shades of red, copper, red-violet.

Bronding hair at home: detailed

The technique of booking is quite complicated, and the best
entrust it to a professional. But you can try to make it
and at home, adhering to the instructions. at home detailed instructions

Technique: Walkthrough

To embody the booking technique at home,
would need:

  • two or more types of dye;
  • 2 non-metallic containers;
  • a sheet of foil, cut into pieces with a diagonal of 10-15 cm;
  • 2-3 brushes (depending on the number of used
  • scallop with frequent teeth;
  • gloves;
  • clips and hair ties.

The staining procedure is as follows:

  • Dyes are diluted in separate bowls according to
    with instructions.
  • Strands are carefully combed and divided into 6 equal
  • Coloring starts at the nape and ends.
  • First applied first, darker.
    dye. It is put on the middle of the taken strand, retreating
    2-3 cm from the roots and 3-5 cm from the tips. Paint should not be applied
    clearly in a straight line, as you need to reach the maximum
  • The second brush on the tips and the raw previous
    the dye of the same strand is applied to another dye.
    Then the curl turns into foil.
  • The same is done with the rest of the strands.
    It is also worth remembering that a few steps must be left.
  • At the end of the process you need to remove the foil and turn it on.
    fantasy. The remaining strands are stained chaotically and
    arbitrarily, without symmetry. This makes it possible to achieve the effect
  • The paint is kept at the time indicated in the instructions and
    washed off with shampoo. Then you need to dry your hair and make

step by step

Suitable paints – TOP 3 best

To get a good result you need to choose the right one.
dye. The following paints have proven themselves well.

  • Gel L’oreal Casting Sunkiss. Gel from
    popular French manufacturer provides a smooth
    lightening and does not require rinsing. In the composition there is oil
    Camellia, beneficial effect on the structure of the hair. Cost of
    – about 350 rubles. L’oreal Casting Sunkiss Gel
  • Paint LoreaL Colorista Effect Bleach. Product
    from a similar manufacturer, allowing you to safely lighten
    strands. The kit includes a special brush that gives
    effortlessly get the effect of brondirovaniya. Price – from 400
    rubles. Paint LoreaL Colorista Effect Bleach
  • Paint Garnier Color Naturals. French
    producer Garnier also produces quality and inexpensive
    paints that can be used for home booking. Of
    benefits marked by a rich palette. Cost of
    starts from 120 rubles. Paint Garnier Color Naturals

Photos before and after

As you can see in the photo, booking is made for the owners
any hair length.

On short hair

For color transitions to be noticeable, hair length must
be at least 10 cm. Looks nice on the
bob and bob cut haircuts. On short hair

Medium length hair

Medium hairstyles help to emphasize the dynamics
staining. Booking makes them more voluminous. On medium hair

For long

It is on long hair that beauty is revealed as much as possible.
booking. In addition, it solves the problem of many
long-haired girls – lack of volume. For long

Straight hair

The technique allows you to revive straight strands and give them
brightness. Painted in such a way, the hair is beautiful
look and loose, and with different hairstyles. On straight hair

On curly hair

On wavy curls, glare is made easier and becomes
more noticeable. The only negative is that they are harder to
staining, so it is better to entrust it to the master. On curly hair

Suitable hairstyles

Reservation looks good on almost any
long and short haircuts. It goes well with
graduated and layered hairstyles, haircuts with bangs, and
also perfectly complements all variations of the caret.


Coloring looks good on a classic car and
bob car. Soft transitions add strand thickening and
refresh the image. Many girls emit only strands from the face.

Long caret

Successful solution – long-stay reservation
kare. In this case, you can emphasize the side strands,
add chaotic highlights over the entire surface of the hair or use
zonal staining. Long caret

Cost of

The cost of salon brondirovaniya depends on the length of the hair,
the amount of dye used and the level of the master.
The average price of painting – 3 500-5 000.

Source: zoon.ru


Reviews from the popular resource http: //irecommend.ru:

Hair care after bronding

To maintain beautiful color and healthy hair, you need to ensure
them the right care. Its rules are standard:

  • Wash your head with warm, not hot water, and not too much.
  • Use professional dyed care products.
  • Make nourishing and regenerating masks.
  • You can use special tools for blondes,
    aimed at maintaining the color and elimination of yellowness.
  • Brush cut tips regularly.


Frequently asked Questions

Expert Opinion Anastasia answers the hairdresser-makeup artist Ask

Booking has many similar techniques and differences.
between them are not understood by everyone. Consider the differences
popular dyeing methods.

Shatush and reservation: what is the difference?

When coloring shatush also imitates the effect of natural
burnout, but the dye is selectively applied to individual strands.
Most pryadok selected from the face. With
brondirovaniya strands are painted over the entire surface of the hair. With
This uses several different shades, which creates beautiful

What is the difference between highlighting and brondirovanie?

In classic highlighting, individual strands become discolored.
rather aggressive dyes, and the transitions are not
smooth and sharp. The difference in brondirovaniya maximum softness
borders between colors.

What is the difference between brondirovanie and coloring?

These techniques are similar in many ways, but they are created when booking.
natural effect as similar shades and smooth are used
transitions. When coloring can be used contrast
tones, in view of which the image is bright and bold.

Reservation allows you to achieve a very beautiful natural
result. Consider that make it at home
quite difficult. If possible, still better
entrust the procedure to a qualified master.

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