What is highlighter, aylainer, kayal and how they are to use

Makeup articles are very common
English words – highlighter, aylainer and kayal. All of them
relate to eye makeup, but what exactly does each of these mean
and how to use them, we will tell in our review.

What is highlighter


  • What is highlighter
  • What is an A-Lineer?
  • What is kayal

What is highlighter

Highlighter for eyes (highlighter) is a pearl shade
white, light beige or light pink color, which
mainly used for special accent in make-up, in
particular coverage of individual sections. Highlighter applied in
small amount, neat strokes and necessarily

  • If the eyes are narrow, small or deep set, enough
    apply a mid-century highlight
    radiant, and eyes visually increase.
  • To “raise” the eyebrows, you should put a highlighter under the eyebrows at
  • You can experiment with the highlighter to make
    makeup more expressive.

What is an A-Lineer?

Eylainer (eyeliner) – is a cosmetic that
superficially resembles a marker with a thin rod or a thin brush.
Ailiner is used as a liquid eyeliner that helps
hold a thin line at the very edge of the century. So thin and
a neat line makes the eye visually larger, and eyelashes – thick.
Ailayner should be used only for the upper eyelid, because
in the lower eyelid, it will look too rough, better here
use a pencil or shadow. Classic color aylaner –
black, but there are also gray, brown, green or blue.
Colored alaneries look especially beautiful if the shadows are matched.
under the color of the iris, and ailiner – contrast

  • The eyeliner is layered with an overlay of shadows. A brush should
    put it to the middle of the century and gently bring the line to the outside
    corner of the eye, and then draw the remaining lines starting from
    inner corner of the eye.
  • To draw an ailineer thin and neat line, you should
    practice a few times, but later to use it so
    as easy to get used to as a marker. If nevertheless such eyeliner
    turned out uneven, it can be removed with a cotton swab dipped
    makeup remover, and try again.

What is kayal

Kayal (kajal) is a soft eyeliner
as a slate pencil, therefore the eyeliner with a kayal looks soft and natural.
Most often, black, brown and brown kayals are used in eye makeup.
gray flowers. Kayal is perfect for eyeliner lower eyelid,
but sometimes it is used for the top.

  • The eyeliner can be applied with a kayal both over the shadows and under them, in
    whichever effect you want to achieve. If done
    eyeliner with a kayal and put shadows of the same color on top, then
    the contour will look more expressive, but the liner itself will not
    it will be seen.
  • The technique of the kayal liner is the same as the a-liner – that’s
    mid century. To bring the lower eyelid, it should be slightly
    pull down with your finger and hold smooth over the base of the eyelashes
    moving the line and then close your eyes tightly so that the line
    imprinted on the upper eyelid.
  • An interesting effect is obtained if the kayal is not solid.
    eyeliner line, and put tiny dots between eyelashes. Then
    makeup will look natural, and eyelashes – bulk.


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