What is highlighting – the most detailed manual on the right technique and color

Highlighting is a staining technique in which
not all the hair is processed, but only individually
strands. The sun glare effect makes the curls visually
more dense and well maintained. In this article we will talk about
varieties of this staining, and also learn how to do it in
home conditions.


Highlighting – what is it? History of creation

The content of the article:

  • Highlighting – what is it? History of creation
  • Who is highlighting suitable for? Indications and contraindications
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • What happens highlighting? Main types
  • Differences in application technique
  • Depending on the color of highlighting
  • Depending on the length of hair
  • How to prepare for the procedure?
  • Hair highlighting techniques
  • How to make highlighting at home?
  • Before and after pictures
  • Popular women’s haircuts with highlighting
  • How much is highlighting in a barbershop?
  • Alternative to highlighting
  • Care after highlighting
  • How to fix unsuccessful highlighting?
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Modern girls are often accused of unnatural and
excessive obsession with their appearance, but what is remarkable –
analogs of highlighting existed in the ancient
civilizations. For lightening hair used
natural and affordable products: cinnamon oil, lemon juice,
mustard powder and other.

In hairdressing, such a thing as highlighting
appeared at the beginning of the 20th century: it was invented
French color barber Jacques Dissange. According to the master, on
the creation of this technique was inspired by his vacation on the sunny coast.
He watched as day after day the hair of the beach beauties became
lighter, fading into the sun beautifully, and decided to recreate this
effect with dyes. As the first experimental, Jacques
engaged his spouse by experimenting with the chemical composition and
technique of applying the oxygenant. Who would know that after a few years
Hollywood celebrities will line up with him,
including Brigitte Bardot and Patricia Kaas.

Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte bardot

Patricia Kaas
Patricia Kaas

Reference! Highlighting for quite a long time was very
expensive procedure. Allow yourself such staining could
only wealthy people.

Now highlighting is available to each: it can be done in the cabin
beauty, an ordinary barber shop or even master
self-staining. Where do you want to highlight?

Who is highlighting suitable for? Indications and contraindications

A variety of techniques and methods of coloring allows any
women choose something suitable for themselves. However, the masters
recommend highlighting as an alternative to full staining in
following cases:

  • Gray hair If gray hair is less than 40%, then highlighting
    helps to hide the first signs of aging and visually rejuvenate
  • Multilayer haircuts. Straightened strands
    will create on the graduated hairstyle quite interesting
  • Unpainted curls. Unpainted curls
    much easier to lighten up, respectively, highlighting will help
    it is safe to leave the brunet or blond in the blond.
  • Asymmetrical haircut. By highlighting
    You can emphasize an interesting form of haircuts.
  • Hair is greasy at the roots. Oxigent dries
    scalp that allows the long hair to keep fresh and
    neat look.
  • Quickly growing roots. Highlighting will allow
    hide or smooth the transition from dark roots to light

However, this method of staining has contraindications:

  • Henna dyeing. Vegetable dyes
    origin tightly fixed under the cuticle of the hair. Because of this
    the clarifier may simply not work, or instead
    desired blond you get green / blue strands.
  • A large number of gray hairs from 70% and
  • Excessively dry or damaged hair.
  • The presence of inflammation on the scalp and open
  • Allergy or hypersensitivity to
    one of the components of paint.
  • Diseases of the respiratory system.

Is it possible to highlight during pregnancy?

There is an opinion that chemicals from paints can
affect the formation of the nervous system in the embryo. Worth
note that no serious medical research and
No experiments have been carried out. Direct relationship
The effect of paint on the fetus has not been established. However for
women in the “interesting position” there are very real reasons
wait with the decision to go to a beauty salon.

  1. Ammonia and perfume. As a rule,
    pregnant women the susceptibility to smells, and any sharp is aggravated
    the aroma can trigger an attack of toxemia.
  2. Unpredictable result. After conception,
    hormonal changes. This entails a lot of change,
    including which and the change in the lipid balance on the hairy
    parts of the scalp. Paint may lie unevenly, or
    the resulting color will be very different from that stated on

In our separate article we touch upon the issue in detail.
whether it is possible to highlight during pregnancy.

On dyed hair

highlighting on dyed hair

Can we highlight dyed hair? Like staining,
and highlighting – quite traumatic for hair rods.
So that the curls could restore their natural protective layer –
It is necessary to wait for the gap between the procedures for a period of
two weeks, up to one and a half months.

Note! During the period
restore double power and moisturize hair: conditioner,
mask and indelible emulsion must be mandatory steps
every shampooing.

If the hair was previously painted with henna or basma – then
You will have to wait at least six months without updating the color.

On thin and sparse hair

highlighting for thin and sparse hair

When hair is thin and sparse most girls fear
to do with them at least something in order not to lose the available density.
You should not be afraid of highlighting – unlike the classic
staining in one tone, it almost does not violate the natural
structure and does not cause serious harm to the health of the hair.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other beauty practice, highlighting has its own
advantages and disadvantages.

Consider the key points.


  • Versatility. Straight or curly, short
    or long, thick or liquid hair – highlighting lonely
    looks good on all types of hair.
  • Does not require frequent correction. Unlike
    full staining, regrown highlighting is not so noticeable.
  • Diversity. Many techniques allow
    each choose for themselves something suitable.


  • Harm. After highlighting the curls need
    especially careful care, additional food and moistening.
  • Cost Longer and thicker hair and more difficult
    staining technique – the more expensive the procedure will be.
  • Time-consuming process in the case of independent

What happens highlighting? Main types

Highlighting techniques vary according to the method of applying the coloring
substances, as well as the length and color of hair for which they can
be applied. Some are already traditional, others are
just gaining their popularity. Consider the main types
highlighting relevant at the moment.


Coloring strands of the same size, located one next to
friend at the same distance. Technique ordinary classic
highlighting is most often performed on short haircuts and hair
middle length.


Gentle staining to create an effect
burnt in the sun, chaotic strand. Wide range of colors
allows you to carry out the procedure of Californian highlighting as on
blond hair and light brown hair.


Venetian highlighting is a “dark” copy of California.
Ideal for owners of chestnut, dark brown and
black hair. Allows you to recreate the natural curls
golden honey and coffee play. When Venetian highlighting
the master applies paint with a brush, with chaotic strokes of different


Easy and sparing chaotic coloring performed by the dye
wax based. Allows you to recreate on blond hair
pearl, honey, nut and honey shades.

Important! French highlighting is
a gentle dyeing technique, which, due to its softness,
suitable only for light brown-haired women and blondes.


American highlighting is a direct analogue of California
only one exception. In addition to natural color irides,
the master can recreate the glare of non-standard shades on the head:
red, orange, purple.


When the master proposes to make a highlight, he
implies dyeing thin strands on the top layer of hair,
which, as a result, like a thin veil, will cover with themselves the whole
the rest of the hair. The result of staining looks very gentle,
naturally and unobtrusively.



Shatush is a universal procedure. With it you can hide
the first signs of gray hair, erase the boundary between the grown roots and
lightened hair and also simulate natural burnout
in the sun. What is remarkable, despite its
multifunctionality, the procedure takes no more than one hour.


Smooth transition from dark roots to brightened tips. Behind
this effect of the natural ombra gradient was loved by millions
women. It can be contrast, natural or extraordinary –
depending on the wishes of the client. Ombre is particularly advantageous
Looks on dark and slightly curly hair.


This coloring technique has a rather long history, which
originated in 1970. Its name is due to
to the specifics of the technique, since the French “balayage” translates
how to sweep. Master puts paint on the strand chaotic, as if
sweeping movements, resulting in an effect
burnt curls with a slight gradient from the roots to the tips.

Differences in application technique

The result of staining also depends on the technique and location.
applying the dye. It depends on the wishes and taste of the client, and
also recommendations of the master.

Radical highlighting

Radical highlighting is used when necessary
refresh the result of the previous coloring and hide the transition from
roots to the painted length. It can be both light and
on the contrary dark. Darkening the root zone allows for a long time
forget about the correction.


The name speaks for itself – only
part of the hair (no more than 40%). This may be the bangs area, the neck.
or tips. Due to this feature, partial highlighting
also called “zonal” and “gentle” staining.


Contrast highlighting using multiple pastels
shades. Shades the natural color of the hair, making it more
deep and multifaceted. Most often used on light blonde

Highlighting large strands

Highlighting large strands

Highlight straightening is performed when necessary
Make a contrast accent, or give a “highlight” to a haircut. TO
example, lighten, bangs, neck area, or lower part
hair. More about the procedure

Thin strands

Highlighting is ideal for those who want to
go from brunet to blond or hide the first signs of gray hair with
minimal “loss” in hair quality.

Frequent highlighting

Over 60% of the hair is exposed to color. Their thickness
it does not matter. In this case, the focus is on
straightened strands, and not on natural hair color. The effect is very
close to radical staining.


Less than 40% of the strands are colored. Between stroked curls
can be quite a long distance (for example, strands are affected
only at the temples). Such staining is done in order to arrange
accents on hair.

Depending on the color of highlighting

Next, we consider the most popular shades of highlighting.

Light highlighting (white)

Light or white locks can drastically change the image:
refresh the complexion, shade eyes, make hair more visually
thick and voluminous. Effectively looks blond and blonde.
Read more about highlighting on blonde hair


Ashy, gray or “gray” highlighting is the trend of the latter.
years old. It looks very impressive and bold. Great fit
girls cold color type with light eyes.

Dark strands

Dark strands

To make the color visually deeper and more expressive,
strands can not only lighten, but also darken a couple of shades.
Especially beautifully look darkened roots with brightened


Copper, red or orange shades rivet the eyes and
collect a lot of compliments. They can advantageously shade
natural red, brown or black hair in girls warm
color type.


Caramel highlighting

Warm light brown, beige, cream shades – this is
ideal option for the brown-haired women with the liquid hair deprived of volume.
Highlighted strands of soft shades make hair look like
silk canvas.



Unusual color solutions are also the trend of the latest
years old. Bright strands can be made as a noticeable accent of the image, and
hide on the back of the head under the bulk of the hair. Color highlighting
can be realized both on dark hair and on light hair, selecting
shades to their color type.


Purple highlights

Violet color, very deep and saturated. He is great
Shades black natural hair. Looks impressive on the ombre.


Deep pink, neon color, great for brunettes and
brown hair. Pastel, like cotton candy – to blondes and blond.
Highlighting with a pink tinge to the naughty character and
the nature of the girl.


Red highlighting

Red is a universal shade that suits girls with
any hair color and color type. Bright and bold color for personalities

Black and white

Coloring “zebra”, “salt and pepper” are all names
black and white coloring. Looks very catchy and

Depending on the length of hair

Despite the variety of highlighting techniques and the amount
auxiliary tools, not all highlighting techniques
are universal.

Below we will analyze the combination of length with the appropriate style and technique.

Highlights on short hair

Highlights on short hair

Short hair is most often colored through a classic hat.
method, but professionals sometimes use brushes and foil to
recreating color or veil highlighting.

Medium length hair

highlighting on medium length hair

Shoulder hair is perfect for demonstration.
results of any painting technique. Even beginners
master colorists prefer to practice on models with
head of hair no longer than the shoulder blades.

Long hair

highlighting for long hair

Long hair coloring is long, complex and painstaking.
a process that only professional can do. The best way –
open staining with a brush or foil. On long
curls looks great ombre, Venetian or Californian

How to prepare for the procedure?

There is no particular difficulty in preparing for highlighting, however, in order to
you are pleased with the result, you should observe the following rules:

  1. Health first. Porous and
    Split hair does not tolerate any kind of coloring. therefore
    Before staining, it is necessary to heal and treat the existing ones.
  2. The choice of color is a crucial step. Not enough
    choose the color you like on the package, it is important to choose a shade
    suitable for color type. If you doubt the choice –
    consult with a stylist-colorist.

Important! If you plan to paint
hair at home, listen to the advice of professionals:
choose a color no more than 2 shades lighter or darker than your
natural color.

Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting?

If you plan to paint the head in the cabin, then nothing to do with
no hair is needed – the master will wash your hair directly
before staining.

As for home highlighting, after the last
a hygienic procedure is worth waiting one day: it is necessary for
in order to preserve the natural protective layer. The only thing
The exception to the rule is the presence of styling products on the hair (gel,
varnish, mousse, etc.). You should not wait any longer, otherwise you will simply
unpleasant to work with greasy hair.

Hair highlighting techniques

In the shops of hairdressing supplies you can find many
various hairdressing tools. What equipment is needed for
Each of them? Let’s figure it out.

On foil


With the help of foil can be isolated dyed strands from
bulk, thereby providing a clean and stable result. Her
used in the following techniques:

  • balayazh;
  • booking;
  • ombre, etc.

Note! The dye is applied on
the matte side of the foil, the glossy side should remain outside.

In addition, the foil accelerates chemical reactions due to
heat exposure, so do not keep it on the hair
longer than the period specified by the manufacturer. Read more about Tomsk
correctly do highlighting on foil in stages, in our separate

On the hat

Highlighting hat

There are 2 types of hats for highlighting: disposable
and reusable. In the first case, the tool is
cellophane cap with many holes. In the second – a hat from
thick, washable rubber. It is convenient for classic highlighting.
on short haircuts and hair of medium length. Thanks to the cap with
even a novice can handle staining.


Comb for highlighting

Hairbrush is a professional hairdressing tool,
allows you to select strands of the desired size. With proper practice and
skill they can be mastered at home. Total exists
five varieties of combing:

  1. Classic. Small comb with fine and
    tapered down. Used in highlighting darning and
    Christmas tree.
  2. Stripper. Double-sided tool: with the front
    the sides are a comb for combing, from the inside – toothed
    nozzle for distribution, coloring (bleaching)
  3. Hooks. Auxiliary tool for
    highlighting on the foil. It is a comb with two rows
    hooked cloves. With them, you can pick up individual
    strands for further coloring.
  4. Spatula. The tool is shaped like
    Children’s scoop with cloves on the end. Passing a strand through it,
    the wizard separates thin strands for open highlighting.
  5. The fence. Named so, because the top
    the tool section resembles the top of a wooden fence.
    The perfect tool for recreating classic highlights in
    home conditions.

Step by step instructions for highlighting the comb at home

Hair dryer

Highlighting a hair dryer or “Airtouch” is a relatively new technique
staining implying blowing unsuitable for transfiguration
pryadok The fact is that porous, splitting and damaged hair
much easier healthy. With the help of a directed stream of air
master separates one from the other, and colors only healthy

As a result, the hair not only remains healthy, but also
acquire a deeper and more saturated color without contrast and
abrupt transitions.

How to make highlighting at home?

In any procedure, proper preparation is important. Homemade
hair highlighting is a crucial step, because with the final
the result will have to be tolerated until the next correction or at all
go to drastic measures and cut off damaged hair.

How to do highlighting at home? What technique
staining choose? What tools to stock up on? Than
toned bleached strands? These questions are baffling and
make confused to be washed near the windows of hairdressing shops.
Everything is not so difficult if you make out all the subtleties of home
staining step by step.

The most popular technique

Cap – a tool that fits hair no longer than 20
centimeters, comb – requires certain skills.
Accordingly, only the foil remains. She is versatile and pretty
easy to handle. You can highlight with foil
using the following instructions:

  1. Divide the hair into strands. Comb your hair
    and divide into 4-8 parts (depending on thickness) each part
    secure with a barrette or rubber band.
  2. Prepare the staining agent according to
  3. Start from the back of the head. Remove the gum from strands on
    nape, and select the first strand of the desired size. Apply on
    the matte side of the foil brightener, put a curl on it,
    blot hair. Form an envelope from foil.
  4. Repeat with the remaining strands. At first
    color the back of the head, then the temples and only last of all the area
    bangs and strands of the face.
  5. Leave the paint for impact. About
    after 10-15 minutes, check the condition of the strands, if the clarifier
    acted – proceed to the next step. If not – wait
    expiration of the period specified in the instructions.
  6. Wash off, just like stained – starting from
    nape and moving to the forehead. Unwrap and flush each
    strand separately and then apply a balm on the whole head or
    mask after staining.

Necessary tools and tools

For home highlighting, you
one desire is not enough – you need to stock up on the following
supporting materials:

  1. Highlighting kit or powder with
  2. Capacity for mixing dyes from plastic,
    glass or porcelain. Metal utensils can cause oxidation, and
    because not suitable for working with chemical reagents.
  3. A set of brushes for coloring. Narrow or
    wide – depending on the chosen technique.
  4. Comb with a narrow handle. For combing and
    dividing the hair into separate strands.
  5. Hairpins and elastic bands for fixing hair
    divided into strands.
  6. Peignoir or old clothes to protect the body from
    drops of paint.
  7. Oily cream to protect the skin of the face, neck and
  8. Towel to dry washed
  9. Shampoo, balm, mask. Recovery
    a protective layer of hair after dyeing.
  10. Cap, foil, or comb, depending on
    selected methods.

How to tint the hair after highlighting?

The choice of means for the final rendering directly depends on
desired final result.

  • Paint for highlighting. Means in “2 in 1”,
    suitable for beginners, as the procedure of highlighting and toning
    passes in one stage.
  • Toning shampoo / balsam. Often used
    to neutralize the yellowness and maintain color after
  • Ammonia-free paint / direct pigment.
    Gentle composition does not spoil bleached hair, but only fills
    hair scales and closes them.
  • Spray, mousse, foam, varnish, crayons. Means of these
    categories are suitable for “one-time” highlighting, for example, for
    events or photo shoots.

More about tinting hair after highlighting

Before and after pictures

On straight

Straight hair is the perfect canvas to experiment with.
staining. The only negative is the lack of visual depth and
volume This problem can be solved by highlighting.

On curly

Curly hair – look very voluminous and fluffy.
Highlighting perfectly underlines their spiral shape. A great
example: Venetian or Californian coloring.

On the dark

On dark hair, Venetian and
American highlights – natural play is appropriate for women
any age and status. In addition, dark hair is very profitable.
shade color and bright strands.

On light

Natural blonde hair is a rarity. But it does not mean,
that they cannot be made even more attractive. Also light
hair often lacks density. If you encounter this
problem, try the technique of mazhimesh and gossamer.

Light brown

Brown hair is, again, the ideal base for demonstration.
highlighting results. Color can be displayed both in blond and in
dark blond.

On redhead

Red hair perfectly harmonizes with honey, orange,
reddish and amber shades. Technique can be selected in
according to your desires.

On auburn

Chestnut hair is a fairly common hair color. WITH
You can also experiment with them. Good result gives
Venetian, American and Ombre staining.

Popular women’s haircuts with highlighting

In this section we will analyze the most popular and beautiful.
haircuts with highlighting.

On the square

Kare looks perfect on thick, heavy and straight hair. With
coloring help, you can emphasize the symmetry of the haircut, and
also visually refresh your face. More photos with highlights on

On the elongated car

The asymmetry of the elongated square will perfectly complement the partial
highlighting. With the help of color highlights can be accentuated
attention to elongated bangs or emphasize non-standard

On bob square

This classic haircut will perfectly complement the technique.
California, American or French highlighting.
Read more about highlighting on bob car


Cascade is the case when highlighting is necessary
by the way. Highlighted strands emphasize the multi-layered haircut and
give it a visual volume.

On pixie

Pixie – haircut for girls who can combine practicality with
convenience. Emphasize the mischievous temper and give the image a special charm
will help voivochny or airtach highlighting.

How much is highlighting in a barbershop?

Price for highlighting depends on the following

  • Used materials brand, composition and
    amount of coloring matter.
  • The length and thickness of the hair – the longer and thicker
    hair – the more time-consuming process of dyeing, and accordingly
    – higher price.
  • The chosen coloring technique is usually
    The cheapest and most affordable option is considered a classic.
  • Reputation master and beauty salon longer
    turn to the master – the more you pay for the
  • City, region, the larger the city – the more expensive
    there are beauty services.

Summing up, it is worth saying that the highlighting on the hair is medium
length and density can cost from 1500 to 5000 rubles.

Prices in salons in Moscow

We present you the prices for highlighting in Moscow salons
Beauty, the source zoon.ru.

Important! When choosing a master, rely on
his portfolio, customer reviews and salon reputation.

Alternative to highlighting

If for some reason the highlighting does not suit you, but you
If you want to get a similar result, then consider the following
Hairdressing procedures:

  • Temporary highlighting – using varnish, gel,
    spray, chalk, etc. Does not harm the hair, keeps on the hair from
    several hours to several days. As a rule, it is easily washed away
    using ordinary shampoo.
  • Build up colored strands with
    hairpins or felting. Its hair does not suffer, but as a result
    – The image looks much more interesting.
  • Lightening with natural dyes – lemon
    juice, cinnamon, mustard. And you can also consider the “color”
    henna and basma staining.

Care after highlighting

The highlighting procedure deprives the hair of their natural pigment,
structure, brilliance and strength. To fix the situation – hair
proper care is needed. The following tips will help you find
the right balance between beauty and health.


  • Do not forget about hydration. Shampoo balms
    and it is better to choose masks marked “for dry” or “for clarified
    hair “. Such shampoos contain an acidic environment and proteins,
    restoring a healthy hair shaft structure. And also in
    As a moistening and nutrition, you can use masks from
    natural vegetable oils.
  • Protect your hair from the sun. To curls not
    dried even harder – always wear a head
    hat in sunny weather and a hat in a hard frost.
  • Do not wash your hair with chlorinated water – it destroys
    natural protective layer. Put a water filter.
  • Do not brush wet curls. Wet hair
    become more elastic, which means you can stretch them and
  • Reduce the use of hair dryer and curling to
    possible minimum. Let your hair dry
    in a natural way. If you can not do without daily
    installation – reduce the temperature of the device.
  • Get rid of plastic combs and hairbrushes,
    replacing them with analogues from natural materials: wood, bristles,
  • Focus on the tips. Split Ends
    hair looks untidy and painful. Timely cut
    formed section, and do not forget about the indelible care
    (emulsions, oils).

More about hair care after highlighting

Reference! Cocoa butter and coconut are
very effective option for environmentally friendly care for damaged

How to fix unsuccessful highlighting?

Even the most experienced master hairdresser can happen
misfire: undesirable result, wrong color, deterioration
hair. Undoubtedly, the result needs to be corrected, but how?

  1. Curls badly or incorrectly stained. AT
    In this case, wait two weeks and repeat the procedure.
    re-staining, but another master or completely paint over
    hair in your “natural” color.
  2. Hair became dry, hard and brittle.
    The hair is in dire need of treatment and recovery. Restore
    a slight degree of damage is possible with the help of masks and balms,
    heavy – salon procedures or haircut.
  3. Yellow shade. Yellowness most often
    appears on dark bleached hair. Remove unwanted
    tint will help toning with cool purple hues.

How to paint?

If the result of highlighting is unsatisfactory, it can be
paint over This can be done in several ways:

  • Persistent dyes. Fill in unsuccessful
    highlighting can be any usual paint. However, between the first and
    the second procedure is better to wait at least 2 weeks.
  • Balsam tonic with anti-yellow effect.
    Purple pigment will help block the yellowness.
  • Bleaching. Most harmful to hair
    a procedure that has a lot of contraindications, including
    brittleness, dryness, toughness and dullness. If the hair is sick –
    discoloration will simply kill them. However, if you need to align
    color is the fastest and most efficient way.

Learn more about how to fix unsuccessful highlighting.

Important! On bleached hair can not
use an oxygenator with a concentration not higher than 3%.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Expert Opinion Anastasia answers the hairdresser-makeup artist Ask

How to remove yellow after highlighting?

A yellow tint may appear immediately on the basis of staining or
after the first shampooing. Most often this happens on dark
hair or after using the wrong / inappropriate
dye. You can fix this with the help of toning.
purple / blue color scheme. The color will be neutralized and will become more
cold and clean.

What is better with gray hair – highlighting or

The answer to this question depends on the percentage of gray hair.
If it is less than 40% – highlighting will hide unwanted silver on
curls. If it is more than 40%, it is better to use the full one.
color overlap.

Is it possible to do dyed hair

This can be done, but not earlier than two weeks after

Can I make highlights after keratin?

After keratin straightening can be done highlighting, but not
earlier than 2-3 weeks after application of keratin. The best
the solution is to perform the procedures in reverse order – first
highlighting, and then keratin. So you can quickly recover
hair and thereby preserve the result of dyeing for a long time.

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