What is hot scissors haircut – the pros and cons of the procedure

Thermal shearing is performed with electric scissors with heated
blades whose temperature is adjustable depending on the type
hair. The thicker the hair, the higher the degree set to
thermostat, the thinner – the lower.

Note! Due to the high temperatures
the tip of the hair is soldered. It permanently prevents breakage and
cross section.

There are 2 varieties in total.

  • Caring for the tips – dry and
    split ends, while the length remains untouched. Held
    on dry and clean hair.
  • Full haircut – model haircut.
    It is carried out on wet strands.

History of

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  • Frequently asked Questions

Haircut hot scissors carried out in ancient Egypt.
Of course, in the absence of electricity, the process was more time consuming and
time consuming. The barber had to warm the blades over
open flame and then cut off with quick and precise movements
hairs. One procedure took several hours.

Used a similar method and in Ancient Russia – the girl
loosened her hair, twisted her tight flagella and cut off the sticking out
fluff, preheating the scissors blade on the stove. Exists
opinion that this procedure helped Russian beauties
to preserve the natural density and beauty of their curls.

Reference! The first real hot scissors were created.
by the German company Jaguar – it was a rather cumbersome electronic
device consisting of scissors, cord and power supply.

Over time, the device became more and more miniature and
comfortable to use, and thanks to the introduction of computer
Diagnostic temperature adjustment is greatly simplified.

Hot scissors cut pros and cons

The procedure has both positive aspects and
negative, consider them in more detail:


  • Makes hair thicker and stronger – if carried
    haircut regularly.
  • Stops hair loss – no wrinkles
    receive good nutrition and do not fall out.
  • The section is prevented – the tip is sealed and
    not stratified further.


  • It takes a lot of time – each strand
    processed by the master separately. It takes more than one hour to
    to remove all forked tips.
  • Expensive – the procedure is more expensive
    than a classic haircut.

What are hot scissors?

Hot scissors, it is an electrical appliance with heated
blades and a protective thermal pad on the handles. The device is safe as
for the hairdresser and for his client. Thanks to the temperature
impact is prevented by the cross section, and the protective layer is sealed

Cut hot scissors before and after

Even if you have naturally curly and porous hair prone to
after the first procedure, you will notice significant

  • Loss of fluff in length.
  • Bifurcated tips disappear.
  • Curls will become softer to the touch.
  • Solving the problem of confusion.

Features of operation

Hair rods are divided into 3 types – thin and
weakened, normal healthy, and thick and tough. AT
whichever type the client’s hair belongs to, master
selects the temperature mode.

  • For thin hair – from 80 to 110 degrees.
  • For normal – 130 to 150 degrees.
  • For thick and hard – 150 degrees.


The use of modern hot scissors completely eliminates
the likelihood of burns and scalp injuries. Absolute
safety is achieved thanks to a special edged protection
from heat-insulating materials – only cutting remains hot
the details.

Types of hot scissors

Thermowers can be divided into 2 types:

  1. Stationary – scissors on a flexible cord, length
    which does not exceed 3 meters. Simultaneously from the power supply
    Only one tool works – scissors, thinning or razor.
    Controlled by a button. Have 3 temperature conditions.
  2. Mobile – run on battery mode
    heating is set by a laptop computer. Simultaneously with the main
    tool, the shaver can be connected to the control unit and
    milled scissors.

Indications and contraindications

Hot haircut is indicated for the following hair problems:

  • The tendency to cut – most often it
    characteristic of porous, curly and dyed curls.
  • Brittleness and dehydration – the problem of painted
    and previously bleached hair.
  • Dropout – haircut can help prevent
    loss only if it is due to the wrong
    leaving. The first is to consult with the trichologist.
  • Dullness and weakness – numerous
    staining, kinks in length, washing with aggressive agents – everything
    this leads to leaching and muffling the color

Although the procedure is aimed at improving health
shag, it is not recommended if your hair:

  • Healthy and dense – you will not see big
    the difference between regular and hot haircut, but spend 2 times
    more money.
  • Lightened and not filled with pigment (not painted
    above) in this case, the procedure may give the opposite

Important! It is not necessary to cut hot scissors
on your own if you do not have this experience!

Hot shears technology

Thermal shearing procedure is carried out in several stages:

  1. Computer diagnostics – with the help
    computer barber determines the structure, thickness and extent
    damage to the hair shaft. This is necessary for more accurate
    temperature adjustments. In addition, knowing about the hair all the data
    the master will be able to choose for you the best care products.
  2. Harnesses – hairdresser carefully combing
    hair, sprinkles it with water (if it is a full haircut) and shears off
    protruding split ends.
  3. Hair styling – this step can be
    skip if you need to cut only the section.

Haircut hot scissors at home

If you have a few hours of free time and that thing
important work experience – you can try a haircut in
home conditions. To do this you will need:

  • electric scissors;
  • peignoir;
  • mirrors (if your hair does not reach the shoulder blades) – to
    control your actions from behind.
  • spray gun – for the implementation of a full haircut.

The actions are the same as in the barbershop:

  1. Heat the scissors to the required temperature.
    – As a rule, heating the blades takes no more than a minute.
  2. Comb your hair and divide it into sectors with
    gum – so it will be more convenient to control the course
  3. Select one strand and twist into a flagellum – you
    Immediately you will see bifurcated tips among the loose hairs.
    Cut them off. Then twist the harness in the opposite direction and repeat.
    act. After there are no split ends on the flagellum
    – go to the next order.
  4. Turn off the thermal shears – after
    cut is finished, turn off and then unplug the appliance from the outlet.
    Allow the blades to cool and store them in a box.
  5. Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and
    air conditioning, put in the usual way using
    thermal protection.

Note! Shorn hairs can
tingling skin and delivering discomfort, so always use
peignoir and take a shower after a haircut.

Cost of services in Moscow salons

On average in Moscow, the price tag for the service of hot haircuts
scissors starts from 1 thousand rubles.

The cost varies depending on the location of the cabin,
his reputation, qualifications barber and hair length.

Hair care after thermo sheathing

After thermostatic hair does not require any special care,
However, hairdressers advise to adhere to the following

  • Do not sleep with a wet head – it destroys
    natural protective layer of the hair, reveals scales and
    dehydrates. If you need to wash your hair at night – do
    it is a few hours before bedtime or dry your curls with a hair dryer on
    cold air mode.
  • Wash your head with filtered water only – than
    softer water, the longer the hair will remain strong and
  • Use cosmetics that suit your type.
  • Eat right – make sure that
    Your diet was enough foods rich in calcium. If a
    necessary – take nutritional supplements.

Similar procedures in beauty salons

By conditional analogues cutting hot scissors can

  • pyrophoresis (cutting hair);
  • hair polishing;
  • lamination and biolamination.


Several reviews from popular sites irecommend.ru and

Short video about the procedure

Frequently asked Questions

How long can the procedure last in the salon?

Thermal shearing takes from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the length,
density and condition of the hair. Therefore, be patient if
want to get a quality result.

How often do you need to cut the tips with hot scissors?

To achieve a sustainable effect, wizards recommend
a course of 2-3 treatments with an interval of 1 haircut per month. First
haircut can take from 1 to 3 hours, and each subsequent will be
take less and less time. With every haircut hair
will become more dense and heavier – respectively, and
intervals can also be increased to 1 time in 3-6 months.

How much is the effect of the procedure?

Depending on the initial state of the hair, the effect of
thermostips will delight you for 3 to 6 months. Do not trust
just for a haircut – do not forget about proper hair care and
watch your diet.

How many sessions will be required?

As mentioned earlier – to achieve sustainable
result you may need 2-3 procedures, with the length
far from always of paramount importance. Firstly
a specialist pays attention to the presence of such problems as a section,
fragility and dryness.

What is the best hot scissors or polished hair?

Polishing hair eliminates thermal effects and sealing
hair edge, however, this procedure takes 2 times less
time than cutting hot scissors. It is carried out with the help
clippers equipped with a special polishing attachment. This
procedure prefer girls who want to do their hair
a little neater without loss of length. The effect of polishing is not so
it is durable and in a month you have to go back to register in
hair salon.

If durability and recovery are important to you – give
preference cutting hot scissors. If priority
is the preservation of the length and quick result polishing – your

Cutting with hot scissors is a pleasant exception when
The thermometer has an extremely positive effect on hair.
Hair after thermo shearing becomes smooth, healthy and dense
– and this without the help of expensive cosmetics. Only
scissors, heat and skillful work of the hands of a professional.

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